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  1. Good to see a Blackhawk that looks like the real thing
  2. Isnt that what you old guys learned to fly during flight school.... ducking for cover bwahahahahah
  3. Those things in front of the seats are to stop thing from falling down under the seats basically
  4. the feet will be usually on the outer edges of the pedals not on the pedals the rounded part is for the pedal trim system and we only put our feet on those when we want to reset the trim. in flight most pilots feet are on the floor or just on the outside edges of the pedals as stated
  5. Not all pilots carried M4s but most of the crewchiefs and medics did. Sometimes we put them up there so we could carry baggage and supplies and we used just cargo straps to hold them up. If we did carry a spine board it was just one and we put it anywhere we had room. yes that is the tool box I told you about for supplies and that is a heart shocker on top cant remember the name of it now hahah. and yes we did carry the old hoist just like the Huey
  6. I had my M-4 next to my seat and the CC and Medic had theirs next to their seats
  7. No carousel in our birds in Afghanistan, they were to heavy and affected performance. Ill find those pics and post them plus any other cool ones that you can use
  8. no carousels in Afghanistan we had two litters strapped to the floor a hoist and a tool chest cargo strapped to the back wall for medic supplies I have pics just got to dig them out
  9. Was there as well, got a lot more pics of this one. They were pretty tight about taking pics no shots of the cockpit though
  10. the depth is to the bottom of the fuselage there are ribs that the equipment sits on it really isnt boxed in at all.
  11. Couple of pics in Afghanistan, first one is at a LZ just after an ambush of an SF convoy, Taliban were in the hills all around why I had my weapon out to cover Medic. Other is an obligatory pose. More to follow
  12. Wow amazing work love them cant wait to get a lot of these
  13. UH-60A Medevac is more prevalent than L models. Most all Medevac helos have some form of weathering on them unless they just came out of the wash rack. If you want to weather concentrate on the tail boom aft of the exhausts and the upper fuselage, more sun and dust collects up there,I will see if I have some pics of my birds in Afghanistan and post here
  14. Yeah Ill grab a pic or two of all my stuff here
  15. No all I have is a basic kneeboard. All the stuff is on the MFD's in the M. I never flew with the strap on moving map computer. They have them at Lowe but I was already teaching in the M so never used it
  16. Finally someone who knows what a Blackhawk is supposed to look like. Looking good love what your doing very realistic keep it up
  17. I know its just sitting there but make sure the angle of the IP isnt to far up like in the pic,
  18. The Avionics F/A-18D cockpit can be converted with some work into a pretty decent version of the F if you add the ACS and fix the pilots front panel with some surgery.
  19. I believe I have a solution to the Hirss issue that I have been working on with my Sierra model and it looks like it is a easy fix and wont take alot of time to do and no additional parts. I am working on the tip right now and will publish it here in a few days. Erick
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