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  1. Thank you my friend. My friends from AA, will present to you all, fantastic new model kit. You all just need to be a little bit more patient. We can not talk to much about every step of our work, because you see how the project is attacked. But when head of team decide to show something you will know all about it. Thank you for understanding.
  2. My god have mercy on all of you!
  3. I dont see a reason to make me leaf...I would see your face in my place to be a Serb in his country when terrorist atack it and when they rape your sister of 12 years old and then tear hear skin offd ij feont of your eyees
  4. Mr.Matt... is this national discrimination???
  5. Right on my friend! Let them know! And tell them what I want from all of this project!
  6. Why all those things that bother you didnt you expose earlier? Why now? I am telling you people this is new model kit!
  7. Those people didn't stole anything from those guys! Belive me! And you will have word about model kit...and how do you know what is false of my bravado...it is not nice to say Mr.Matt...And About Serbs...All i was talking about it that we are very very much tortured nation, i don't want anyone of you anything bad ... i am telling that if someone is doing something bad, he is doing it to himself...not to anyone else...
  8. Why is it so hard to belive in that... why ????
  9. I belive, that it is hard to belive, that there are still modelers among us who are try to do something without material reword. All I wanted is to help and create great model kit and be a part of it... do you need something else...The biggest reword for me when some of my kids will build that model kit, and when they can read in instruction manual that their father or grandfather was part of creating it...Do you think that there is need to be some of contract for it???? Or better prize....???
  10. There is not a single word of nationalism in my sentence. I am talking you people that , I don't need those capitalistic "thoughts" with my friends, and contracts that is need to be shown to all of you...Those words mean that people who work with me, are in 100% truth base. I am sorry that some of you have bad expiriences, but that is not my fault, and not of those people who are in project. I am protecting it , like everybody of you would do that. I don't have a single dollar or euro of project. I am tired of that overpowered materialism. Why are you Mr.Matt have found yourself in any of my sentences? I was talking who I am ,not mention any of you. Those are words of my passion for this project, and my wish to finish it, because it was so many many many attacks on it.
  11. Dear friends,modelers, It is not important who will get how much money from some project and it is out of subject...It is only important that we will have new Su-33 in 1/48 scale and that is only important that we welcome its qualities.I hate when our hobby go in side of materialism...And how much people you know who have designed all your previous kits and how much get money from it...why it is so important.Everything will be known after the project is finished.And instead that we apriciate that we are all in this new times involved in new projects we talk who got money from it...Where is passion for waiting new model kit...etc... This new model and all people who are make it will be known after the model kit is in our hobby stores and on our work tables and in our shelfes.It will be exelent model kit.But wait and have patient.Nothing of those things can go overnight.
  12. Dear Martin, It is not metter did you or not heard about us...We will bring you full new Su-33 :-) Wish you all the best, Dragan.
  13. Martin...Martin...Martin...Are you sure what are you talking about?... I see here usurper of the project...
  14. Hello everybody, Can someone please tell does someone produce stencils for Arab Mig's (21,23...etc) which are on English, not Russian language, because they had English inscriptions all over fuselage? If there aren't any, wouldn't be nice that we have them, especially in 1/48 scale.
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