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  1. John Wolstenholme

    Eduard 1/48 Harrier GR.9:UPDATE : 8/18/18: DECALING UNDERWAY

    Good save Peter, we’ve all been there at some point. The comments you make about the short comings of the kit are so contradictory, not by you, but by the manufacturer. They could get details like the leading edge kink and the shape of the pylons over ailerons (and flaps I assume) actuator fairing, but make such glaring errors. Reminds me of another manufacturer whose name I just can’t recollect! John.
  2. John Wolstenholme

    1/48 Accurate Miniatures A-36 Apache ''Piggy III''

    Hello John. I suppose noticing the dive brakes with the long extension arms to the underside of the wing caught my attention, which then made me look at the top side. Regards John
  3. John Wolstenholme

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Hey Steve, that’s novel and most convincing using Wite Out (I assume what we call Tipex or Snopake) to simulate the thermal coating. Also, love the lateral thinking of being able to vary the loadout. But A-10 Loader, wouldn’t expect anything else. Are the awaited decals ones which got ‘overlooked’, or to replace? It’s going to be a stunner. John.
  4. John Wolstenholme

    1/48 Accurate Miniatures A-36 Apache ''Piggy III''

    Hi John, good to see you back in ‘action’, even if it’s not the A-7H . Is this to get you back into the swing of things? Cockpit and MG bays looking great. A very minor point if I may regarding the dive brakes. Not so obvious in the dark grey plastic, but when painted will it become so? The lengthways scribing to the back edges is a continuous line, rather than breaking for the ‘hinging arms’. Regards John
  5. John Wolstenholme

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Thanks as always to you taking the time to follow and comment. My eyes need a rest after making the NG door jack – it doesn’t always work out on the first go, or the second. In any event it gives me the opportunity to try and come up with something which looks remotely like the door up-locks. There is also more ‘conduit’ to be done to the stbd wall.
  6. John Wolstenholme

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Appreciate that, probably a (double) first in 12 years of WIPs. Progress is slow, I seem to spend as much time looking at photos than actually doing something productive, but at least it’s moving forward.
  7. John Wolstenholme

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    The kit ‘detail’ in the NG bay is somewhat lacking. Thinking will only take you so far, then you have to commit. To remove this and try to detail it meant one thing – surgery to enable access.
  8. John Wolstenholme

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    G’day Tommo. As you say I am not the best person to ask re 1:72. However, some thoughts: - what type of CA are you using, (super) thin or medium viscosity? Sometimes (super) thin is too thin and medium to thick, particularly if it is not new, and I will mix the two. - how are you applying it? I tend to use the edge of a scalpel blade (SM 10 or 10A), but you need to keep it clean. Otherwise you end up with more CA on the blade edge than you expect. - sometimes you see some excess at the edge(s), so I quickly use the edge of kitchen paper to wick it away – dwell and you have a problem! - if the part is not too small I will use a very narrow piece(s) of Tamiya tape to hold PE in position. - never tried it myself, but could you use Debonder on a Microbrush (Q-Tip) to remove excess? But, first have a go with some scrap PE on scrap plastic. HTH. John
  9. John Wolstenholme

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Gunny, go back some years and I would have said the same. Hi John, Joel and Peter, thanks for your continued interest and support. One piece at a time and it didn’t cost me a dime. Well a few actually. Onto the nose gear bay door. Removed everything except the 4 No. solid hinges. Whilst the Eduard P.E. may look good, they are too fragile with minimum gluing area for my liking. So I combined the two by opening up the kit solid semi-circular hinges and then slotting them to take the PE parts. They are beefier than they should be, but they are not going to drop off if I breathe on them! To be finished with pre-painted wires after painted white. Still thinking about the bay.
  10. John Wolstenholme

    Eduard 1/48 Harrier GR.9:UPDATE : 8/18/18: DECALING UNDERWAY

    *, a whole load of masking, including those secondary intakes Looking good Peter. Pity you had to fit the refuelling probe/housing due to fit issues. Probably going to be a pain spraying under port LERX. Regards John.
  11. John Wolstenholme

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Hi Peter. Opted to go for the plastic nose leg, rather than metal. The latter is obviously sturdier, but for what I had in mind I don’t think can be done with this, at least not by me. Essentially complete, but there are extra pre-painted wires still to be added, after the leg is painted. Still thinking about the bay. There's a mass of gubbins in there, some of it may be test equipment as the photos I’ve seen are of a former ED aircraft, now museum exhibit.
  12. John Wolstenholme

    1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk IXc, "Kicked Up A Notch"

    Aircraft Resource Chuck, welcome back. No getting away from it, that’s exquisite detailing going on here. Regards John.
  13. John Wolstenholme

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Still, not too bad. Hi Chuck, long time no ‘speak’, welcome back to the old stomping ground. After my 2014-16 lay-off I didn’t think the patience would come back. After 3 months finally got there. Now to think about the nose gear and MG bays, but not for a while!
  14. John Wolstenholme

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    That’s why I take high resolution photos 2592 x 1944. John, no problem with your English whatsoever. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AS32PLA Completion tomorrow. Yabberdaberdoooooooooooooooo………………………………..
  15. John Wolstenholme

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Charles, you mean your Reheat ones are readable! The Airscale sheet is AS32PLA and I would have thought it would be more a case of getting something which looks like it. Are the Reheat ones that much bigger, or just better quality? Hi John, Peter, Joel, MFAF’s. Finished trapezes fitted, with (what I assume are) flexible hose hydraulic lines ‘plumbed-in’. If I am not careful I may finish this very soon.