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  1. Lucky Model also has them available with free shipping. Dan
  2. Thanks a lot guys !! Awesome F-15 bodihsue ! Dan
  3. I seem to be having problems finding a way to buy on DXM.com. Could someone point me in the right direction for an email addy? Thanks a lot Dan
  4. That Dutch J-136 looks like it is in Cold Lake AFB for Maple Flag. A lot of my pictures are similar because of the changing light conditions. If you found the right exposure on a jet all you had to do was wait a few seconds and it would change as it made its way across the sky. I absolutely agree that you can not count on a picture to give you an exact colour. I have a picture of our Canadian BAE Hawks, 2 in the same picture, one slightly above the other and the dark blue colour of the jet looks different on both jets. On needs to dig farther than pictures if one wants exacting info. Dan
  5. Is there a problem with the paint being organic for long termprojects ? Since it is made for proofing does it have a life span ? ie will it break down over time ?
  6. Dave, On mine, once I laid the gear in place in the wheel well it creates a triangle with the top of the leg and the wheel well and then it sat fairly well in place. Once dried it was solid. Dan
  7. Great work Ken, looks great! I am no expert on Russian aircraft but there was a good article in Air International March 2010. They are claiming a wingspan of 14.0m and length of 19.8m. What have you decided to do about the wing fairings? Again, quoted, at 4.5m. Keep up the good work, your ingenious problemsolving is energizing. Dan
  8. I have started building the MQ-1 version of the Bronco Predator. I have been really impressed with it. Some of the parts are very small and one needs to be very careful. Needs a paint job and 2 hellfire missles (which are included). Dan
  9. Count me in for 2 sets as well !!
  10. Here is a link to the pictures I took of the F-4F fire at Maple Flag. It was a brake fire that erupted from over heating in the brake drum. He (38-10) was going up and down the runway lighting the afterburner then slowing down with the brakes then doing it again. This was after some mechanical work had been down on the engine. He was on his 3rd trip down the 13000'+ runway at Cold Lake when the fire started. The reason they were at the Open House on Sat. was they were still working on the jet. They decided not to write it off because it is one. if not the highest, houred F-4F and they
  11. lol that sounds awesome !! I love hearing first hand stories like that.
  12. Pinhead


    No, it was Crank doing work-ups for last year. Gave me a 1 on 1 performance, I was the only one watching at the viewing area anyway. Going back to Cold Lake tommorrow for a full tour of Maple Flag 2008. We get to go into the briefings as well. I am PUMPED !! Then back on the weekend for the Open House. Dan
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