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  1. I mean both. This kit quite expensive. Need to gather whatever available review before commit to buy.
  2. Can't find much review online. Has anybody build this kit? is this kit good? http://www.scalemates.com/products/product.php?id=211207
  3. Hi, Saw this finished model in the ARC gallery. After some search, unable to find any picture of the actual Israel F-16D block 40 in this marking. Just wonder, does anyone have any picture to share? Regards Sin
  4. Hi friend, I'm working on the 1/72 Bangladesh MIG-29 using the Caracal Decals. The instruction suggest 2 of the blue color are FS35183 & FS35052. Any suggestion if using Mr color, which paint will be require for the mixture of FS35183 and FS35052? Regards Sin
  5. sin

    1/72 F-5F

    Saw this manufacturer announced about the F-5F conversion kit. But till today have not seen it in the market. http://maquetasavm.blogspot.sg/search/label/F-5%20F%20Tigre%20III%20escala%201%2F72%20conversion%20AVM
  6. sin

    1/72 F-5F

    Hi, Just wonder, beside the 1/72 F-5F produced by Italeri (out of production), is there any other manufacturers made the F-5F in 1/72? (kit or conversion kit) Regards Sin
  7. Hi friends, Thanks for the tips. Will check them out. Thanks again Cheer Sin
  8. Hi, Looking for 1/72 Sea King 6-blade tail rotor replacement kit to replace the Fujimi and Revell kit which contains only the 5-blade tail rotor. Any idea is there any manufacturer produce the 1/72 Sea King 6-blade tail rotor? Cheer Sin
  9. Hi Guys Thanks for the information. But the way, what is the average cost of the 1/72 decal as it is not stated in the page. Regards Sin
  10. Does anyone have any ideas about the quality of the Three Stars Decals from Greece? http://www.threestarsdecals.com/ Regards Sin
  11. Hi, Need help. Just got the Felvo Decal 1/72 313 Squadron F-16A/B, F-16AM/BM. I am looking for a better picture of this Dutch F-16AM, J-624. Thank in advance. Regards Sin
  12. Hi, Any idea when will be the releasing date for the 1/72 Revell F-16C "Tiger Meet" 2003? Here the link; http://www.revell.de/index.php?id=210&KGKANR=0&KGKOGP=10&KGSCHL=2&L=1&page=2&sort=0&nc=1&searchactive=&q=&SWO=&ARMAS4=&PHPSESSID=0ee523e68c68d3757b6883caf9ac1a64&KZSLPG=&offset=15&cmd=show&ARARTN=04669&sp=1 Regards Sin
  13. Hi, Need help in the color on the Belgium F-16 Tigermeet 2009. In the Revell painting guide, it stated that the entire area is cover with gunship gray (FS36118) and small sector of the bottom is cover with light gray (from the front wheel door to the exhaust). Is this correct? In the picture of the actual aircraft, however it shows 3 type of gray instead of 2. What are the actual used on the plane? Front section Bottom view
  14. Hi, Any idea when the Revell going to release the 1/72 F-16 Mlu "Tigermeet 2009"? http://www.revell.de/en/products/model_kit...=04691&sp=1 Regards Sin
  15. sin

    Italian F-16

    Thanks SouthViper. i found the link by Mr. Paolo Maglio http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....58&hl=italy f-16 adf&st=0 Regards Sin
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