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  1. so, because they said "we will make the best F-14 ever" we have 236 pages but if they said "we're going to make the best F-14 we can" all this would have been avoided and we would have, how much .... 12 pages?
  2. and add to tamiya 50 eur for kasl wings ... also for the very same starting position
  3. I don't disagree that models should get criticism. I disagree with the the way it was done. I am a modeller and would like to see some future releases from AMK (we would all I think) But I think that placing a lot of devaluing information based only on pictures from the internet and without any of us having the real kit can be very damaging to a company and people who gave a lot of effort to release the kit. And I don't mean only on discouraging them, but also it can lead to great financial impact. They made mistakes along that path, yes, but still no one can deny that a lot of effort is needed to bring out the kit. Failure of this project might lead to complete stop of the company, which probably was in problems even before this kit. I can not support those who contribute to that by throwing assumptions based on barely usable pictures. From that perspective I don't think it is fair to demolish the kit before it is even release cause, to be honest, all those lines and pictures are not the very best (read: awful) method to determine the facts, especially when you have pro and con pictures of the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we should buy faulty model only because someone invested a lot of money and effort in it, and especially I don't mean that such model shouldn't be criticized. Everyone will get the chance to decide weather to buy this kit or not. Soon some reviews based on the real kit will emerge and help us to decide. I can understand those who like to check and discuss such issues and participate in discussion like normal people. I understand that to some comparing the kit to the real thing is almost a hobby for itself. Even I am sometimes like that, with some kits, and some issues. But I don't think that they are the problem. Problem are some members, here and especially on facebook, who in my opinion, do not have very honest intentions. Some of those are simply trolls, while other probably do that for a living. Because, when I see what kind of pictures are drawn and what kind of facts these pictures should prove, there is no doubt in my mind. And after they see that there is no more room for trolling over on point, they quickly find another point (hips, vents, spine, panels etc etc - is it really possible that everything on this kit is off...).
  4. not strange at all. it's because AMK kit is the only kit that was exposed to such analysis and red green blue lines raping (sometimes purple joined gang bang), before it was even released. hope amk learned their lesson.
  5. No, but close. I would do such a thing (post a picture) if I had F-14 D in my backyard and AMK kit in my hand.
  6. Nooooo..... really? not the greeeeens thank god that the comparison pictures are perfect
  7. Maybe we don't 😅 I've just said that we can't tell yet, better to wait and then destroy it if it deserves 😆 Hey thanks, regarding my build! Not to make it completely offtopic I will repeat here that I need for that build AMK spread WINGS!! AMK included some details on the wing mechanism that are very useful for Kazan wing box detail set, and ofc, I have slats and flaps that will enhance the complexity of all that open panels.... I accept offers! 😄
  8. I bet that complainers are drooling over the pictures but don't want anybody to know the kit will be best seller!!!
  9. Even better deal if you sell me spread wings 😄 So if you are interested please let me know - you'll still be able to complete both I need them for my current project
  10. I guess you can't be satisfied with any kit on the market....
  11. exactly.. I personally like them wider but I wouldn't object if they are even wider than they are... But what impressed me a lot when I held the kit, were the ladders... like they were not from plastic, but from the best resin afermarkets
  12. Hello, I did post these pictures on FB on arc and I hope it is not considered spm these days if I post them here also 🙂 Anyhow, here are few more pictures of the progress... More or less, almost everything is included in Kazan set. But somehow some cables and pipes appeared to be too deep when you place the spine, while they should be almost touching the frame. So I've lengthened them a bit to appear a bit higher. I think that this is mostly because of me, because of the way I've decided to install the frame. Also, I've modified some of the resin parts, replaced some of them with scratchbuild parts and I've added some wiring. The spine looks very busy in real, and somehow if I did it straight from the box it would look a bit empty (but still complex). The frame is installed, and those three linkages in the center are just placed, not glued. Now the fun part - paint
  13. same mode you have with AMK obviously 🙂
  14. just saying we should be careful with judgments before the kit is released. not saying it is bad or good, just that is seems a bit unfair to judge on the photos, especially when I personally can't see from the pictures that there is any problem with the width of panel lines. I understand that AMK had this problem with some previous kits, but it looks like to me (FOR NOW OFC) that the lines on this kit are pretty good.... ALSO, I would like to point out that I had this kit in my hands on model competition in Hungary in april this year, and it looked very nice, especially panel lines. I doubt they made them wider in the meantime, but again, maybe, I will wait for my kit
  15. Well, to be honest, you're not waving with arguments either... 🙂
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