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  1. Yes, I've tried to get that feeling thanks I found one more close up from the other side and few pictures of seats that are inside, I've spend around 25-30 hours on the seats (a lot more than ZM kit deserves)
  2. Hi, thanks all, glad you like it 👍 Regarding the photography - The camera is Nikon Z5 with 50mm 1.8 I use tamiya photo studio. I use a lot of cheap very cold led lamps (5k or 6k, "white" light) all around the photo studio. If you do not have enough light should be a big problem. Simply make exposure a bit longer (you need to use stand). but very important is using focus stacking option on the camera - camera takes a lot of same pictures while on stand, only it moves focuses. And then I combine all these pictures into one
  3. Hi, few pictures, finished few weeks ago 🙂 [img][/img]
  4. thank you for the info. Tthey said in instructions that Chinese and Ukrainian UB should have the on the right, which seemed odd to me... thanks!
  5. Hi, just a quick question. GWH provides two front wheel bay. According to them, left one is for Russian Su-27, and right one is for Chinese and Ukrainian ones. Is this correct? I didn't know that Russian Su-27UB has so different wheel bay than theirs single seater. Thanks
  6. so, because they said "we will make the best F-14 ever" we have 236 pages but if they said "we're going to make the best F-14 we can" all this would have been avoided and we would have, how much .... 12 pages?
  7. and add to tamiya 50 eur for kasl wings ... also for the very same starting position
  8. I don't disagree that models should get criticism. I disagree with the the way it was done. I am a modeller and would like to see some future releases from AMK (we would all I think) But I think that placing a lot of devaluing information based only on pictures from the internet and without any of us having the real kit can be very damaging to a company and people who gave a lot of effort to release the kit. And I don't mean only on discouraging them, but also it can lead to great financial impact. They made mistakes along that path, yes, but still no one can deny that a lot of
  9. not strange at all. it's because AMK kit is the only kit that was exposed to such analysis and red green blue lines raping (sometimes purple joined gang bang), before it was even released. hope amk learned their lesson.
  10. No, but close. I would do such a thing (post a picture) if I had F-14 D in my backyard and AMK kit in my hand.
  11. Nooooo..... really? not the greeeeens thank god that the comparison pictures are perfect
  12. Maybe we don't 😅 I've just said that we can't tell yet, better to wait and then destroy it if it deserves 😆 Hey thanks, regarding my build! Not to make it completely offtopic I will repeat here that I need for that build AMK spread WINGS!! AMK included some details on the wing mechanism that are very useful for Kazan wing box detail set, and ofc, I have slats and flaps that will enhance the complexity of all that open panels.... I accept offers! 😄
  13. I bet that complainers are drooling over the pictures but don't want anybody to know the kit will be best seller!!!
  14. Even better deal if you sell me spread wings 😄 So if you are interested please let me know - you'll still be able to complete both I need them for my current project
  15. I guess you can't be satisfied with any kit on the market....
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