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  1. There's an old thread for postwar C-47's with loads of good ideas. Postwar C-47 ideas Even NASA had them until 1984, there's very attractive scheme from 1984 with a light blue undersurface & the NASA "worm" logo. Above pics from NASA website & happy modeling, Bryan
  2. You're not the only one who thought this kit would be a no-show... Good to know you're ready when Kitty Hawk is! & happy modeling, Bryan
  3. I'm thinking that the FJ-3 shouldn't be far behind. Maybe, you can enlarge your FJ-3 Fury sheets. I know I'll be buying! & happy modeling, Bryan
  4. Also, can't resist a wishlist... So, all of the following in Tamiya/Hasegawa quality, injection molded plastic. Preferably, with Steven's conditions met - maybe even the F-111 part! 😉 1/48 Lockheed P2V/P-2 Neptune 1/48 OV-10A/D 1/48 Northrop Gamma, “Polar Star” or “Sky Chief” 1/48 Ford Trimotor 1/48 Attack Super Tomcat 21 / ASF-14 Can think of so many more but these five are a good start. and Happy Modeling, Bryan
  5. How about some generic US Navy bureau numbers & type designations along generic USN fuselage & tail code letters & numbers in black & white for your Basics line. These would make it easier to create custom USN models. :cheers: and happy modeling, Bryan
  6. With any luck Kitty Hawk or someone else gets around to a 1/48 FJ-3 Fury and Kursad can scale them up! & happy modeling, Bryan
  7. In "mainstream" injection molded plastic, I'll second the requests for a 1/48 P2V / P-2 Neptune. I'd also love to see... 1/48 Northrop Gamma, "Polar Star" or "Sky Chief" 1/48 Wright Flyer 1/48 Ford Trimotor 1/48 NA FJ-3 Fury And maybe a few more modern, speculative kits... 1/48 Attack Super Tomcat 21 / ASF-14 1/48 A-6F Intruder 1/48 YA-7F Corsair II 1/48 Super Mirage 4000 all good for what-if modeling! & happy modeling, Bryan
  8. The ball turret is impressive, but I think the comedic effect of the yellow frowning ball was great! Almost as if it was worried about getting Hoovered on your vacuform box or falling through the ball turret hole! Keep up the great work. and happy modeling, Bryan
  9. Awful box art, cool subject. Always liked the glass-nosed versions of the Yak-28; they have a certain Buck Rogers, sci-fi look to them. and happy modeling, Bryan
  10. That's disappointing... I've been satisfied with the Kitty Hawk kits I've bought. I was looking forward to their FJ-2/3 Fury. Looks like I'm still waiting for a 1/48 FJ-2/3 Fury. 😒 and happy modeling, Bryan
  11. Any new news on this? I'm really looking forward to Kittyhawk's 1/48 FJ-2/3 Fury. Kittyhawk's website is down or gone. Kittyhawk's upcoming 1/48 kit releases are all gone on Cybermodeler kit release calendar and I don't have Facebook for professional reasons. and happy modeling, Bryan
  12. Very nice and well-executed Wiff. Most important , it's your model and you had fun! and happy modeling, Bryan
  13. It appears that Kitty Hawk will be doing a 1/48 FJ-2/3 Fury. You could get at least three different sheets out of this subject; 1) a sheet for Gloss Sea Blue FJ Fury's, 2) one for Gull Gray over White FJ Fury's and 3) one for natural metal FJ Fury's. Should be able to get three or four of the most colorful schemes or most famous squadrons per sheet. I think there is enough subject matter, that you could probably do two GSB Fury sheets and two Gray over White sheets. You'd have the market cornered with five different FJ-2/3 Fury sheets! and happy modeling, Bryan
  14. Definitely more fun, FJ-3 decals in 1/48! 🙂
  15. 1/48 Antarctic or Polar aircraft sheet(s) would be nice. It might best suited to a compilation sheet; a few LC-47s, a couple LC-130s, UH-1s, DHC Beavers & Otters. Lots of international orange/red and nose art. and happy modeling, Bryan
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