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  1. Just gonna parrot others... That is an incredible level of work! How are yo going to get the gear to retract after the 'fuse is closed up.
  2. Great metal work on the tail. Hope to have mine looking that good!
  3. Nice bit of work you did on them. They look great.
  4. I am boggled by the level of detail - and functionality! Very cool.
  5. Dashing in to take an available seat! Love the work in the 'pit!
  6. Wow, nice bit of destruction on that poor ship.
  7. That working landing gear got me good! Ho moley! Lovely job!
  8. Ikon

    FW-187A-0 3d model.

    Wow, that is one sleek twin-engine! I'd love to build that in /48.
  9. Wow, that is looking real good, Mad! I applaud your patience. Thom
  10. That's a neat idea. I'd like to see it made.
  11. Hello! I'm on the look-out for Academy's 1/72 B-17B kit. If you have one on the shelf with more dust than intention let me know! Thom
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