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  1. Wow, that is looking real good, Mad! I applaud your patience. Thom
  2. That's a neat idea. I'd like to see it made.
  3. Hello! I'm on the look-out for Academy's 1/72 B-17B kit. If you have one on the shelf with more dust than intention let me know! Thom
  4. That's alright, thanks anyway. I actually found some good images of the nose art and can print some home made when the time comes.
  5. Are there any plans for doing 'Bad Kitty' in 1/48?
  6. Is there any release date set? I'm not in any hurry, but certainly interested in getting one.
  7. Any news yet on a new Twin 'stang? I bought a couple for $10 each at the last model show I was at. There are a few PE sets and a correction vac-canopy set I'm been pondering spending some money on.
  8. She's a beautiful ship. I'd really hate for the Enterprise to destroy her...
  9. Good looking T-bolt. Real nice detail in the bays and on the gear.
  10. Hope everything is coming along all right. As to the build, that is one good looking seat!
  11. There's more modeling in that seat than there is in the whole stock kit! Well done.
  12. Master Class modeling going on here. Some great work on the belts and the seat.
  13. You did her up real well. Majestic as well as menacing!
  14. Looks so good. Great on the gear bays and legs.
  15. That panel is a thing of beauty! Such a great job, esp with the horizon.
  16. Wonderful gear legs and your bays are great! Another idea for the springs on the legs is guitar string.
  17. Nah, looks fine! She looks god all lit.
  18. Real nice! I love the coloring on it.
  19. Fantastic looking Andie! Once again, great lighting and detail. Would love to see the fleet display!
  20. Well, it has been a while... I was building this for a GB on Britmodeller and never finished it. Now another GB for float planes is gearing up soon, and I figured I'd get this one done before starting either the Machi MC 72 or the He-115. So, first shot of paint for the cockpit. I'll start detail painting it later. And then I jumped to the propeller. The kit part has a small shaft that goes into a hole in the nose, but the fit is really loose, and I want to be able to keep it off until after paint. So I raided my rod stash and found one the perfect size to fi
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