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  1. Sometimes separate sprues are being offered for sale on Ebay...I bought the non-slatted outer wings that way. MB
  2. Sometimes one is lucky...at the latest IPMS Antwerp show last month, I found an 1/32 HobbyCraft Sea Fury, priced at 40 Euros ($43). I know the kit has problem, but I thought at that price I'll have a go...Oh that box is heavier than I thought... Inside were : the Fisher cockpit, Fisher replacement wheels, Fisher replacement propeller and...the complete Fisher wing-fold set !!! ðŸĨģ Oh...and also the Fisher decal sheet was included ! All that for 40 Euros.. MB
  3. Hello Harold, Would it still be possible to put me on the list for one 48-01 sheet please ? Thank you Marc
  4. Superb..congratulations ! 😃
  5. Is it not the GPS dome that was fitted to the E and I models ? MB
  6. Yes please ! because they make early intakes as well..😀 MB
  7. Sorry Kursad but...now we need an F-111B sheet as well 😛 ðŸĪŠ MB
  8. Lovely !! Thanks for including the small sheet with rows of numbers and different low-viz insignas to allow the modeler to make any line jets...a feature I'd like to see included in other sheets. MB
  9. Ah OK didn't know that. Thanks for the explanation MB
  10. But most of the Danish F-16 DID receive the larger tailplanes at some point...
  11. Hello, Could anybody tell me the reason why some Danish F-16's are still flying with the small tailplane, even after MLU update ? TIA MarcB
  12. I know it's a long way from home for you but here maybe ? https://ak-interactive.com/product/rib-stitching-1-32/ HTH Marc
  13. https://scalespot.com/reviews/details/3dparts-gloria/review.htm yes...it's 1/48 !! MB
  14. Hello, I know it's for the MD-80, but perhaps a lot of these stencils could be used on a DC-9-15 ? https://www.authentic-airliner-decals.de/epages/17895661.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/17895661/Products/D72-D05-MD80D HTH Marc
  15. would be interesting to know if the mechanic is wearing "klompen" (clogs/wooden shoes) 😉
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