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  1. But do we know what parts will be included in ZM's kit ? What do they mean with "Early" ? Unslatted wings of course, but will the Midas 4 gun muzzle be included ? Otherwise the options are limited... MB
  2. What I usually do in those circumstances is to separate the nose ring from both fuselage halves, using a fine razor saw, and glue these together to form the intake ring. It's then much easier to putty/sand/improve the nose ring. When the rest of fuselage is assembled, I then glue the nose ring as if it was a separate part, transferring the possible joints to the fuselage sides where these are much more easier to attend. MB
  3. OK then let's roll.. It's the old Tamiya F-15A 1/48 kit with the necessary mods (original wing tips, short airbrake, straight LE tailplane), decals from CD48150 "F-15 Eagle - The Early Years" (performed flawlessly), Mr Paint Air Superiority Blue and International Orange. I used a resin seat, and detailed the kit's exhausts. I don't claim 100% accuracy but I enjoyed building the model and I quite like the result. _MG_0624 by _MG_0620 by _MG_0628 by _MG_0617 by Marc
  4. Hello, Would it be OK to post here pictures of models using Caracal Decals ? MB
  5. But as the recently released Hunter F.4/F.5 kit already includes parts for a GA.11, I think it's a fair bet to say that Airfix will release a separate RN boxing. And as the GA.11 colour schemes are quite limited, perhaps it would be hazardous for Caracal to cover that variant ? And I'm sure XtraDecal/Hannants already have some artwork ready for it... MB
  6. Did Zoukei-Mura announce an 1/48 F-4B ??
  7. Neil, I wish you all the success in you new projects. As i'm always interested in seeing new kits of airliners in 1/72 scale, I'll be following your progress with interest. Perhaps my dream of seeing a Boeing 707-100/200 in 1/72 scale will one day become reality ;-) Marc-B
  8. Thank you Sir for the useful info. So the Academy kit would be better suited then ? Marc B
  9. Hello, Sorry for this basic question but I'm not too familiar with all the versions of the Black Hawk...would this kit be a good starting point for an US Customs and Border Protection UH-60L ? What would be the main differences ? Thanks Marc B
  10. Hello RCAF, You are probably aware that MDC also produce this conversion http://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/mall/productpage.cfm/ModelDesignConstruction/_CV48032/54287/Ju%2052%20Floatplane HTH Marc
  11. Thanks for the explanation. M
  12. Thanks gw When leaving the ramp, when would the wings be swept forward ? On the taxiway ? Before entering the runway ? Thanks M
  13. Hello all, What would be the Tomcat's wing angle when parked on a ramp (so NOT on an aircraft carrier) please ? Would the "oversweep" mode be used also on the ground ? I would like to model my kt with the wings swept back. Thanks Marc
  14. But but he doesn't look like Jacques Santi or Christian Marin !! Nice work MB
  15. ...as soon as you print the 1/24 B-29 that goes with it... MB
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