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  1. Haha, they call them shitty and they hoard them just the same. And under the same …roof 🤪
  2. Haha 😂 that’s when the Shitty hits the Fan! 😅
  3. Haha not me! While you were busy bashing them, I built ‘em 🤣
  4. What do you care? You guys used to call them Shitty Hawk , didn’t you?🤣
  5. Interestingly enough, everybody carefully avoids mentioning the rather excellent Revell 1/32 P-51D-5 Mustang. 😄 I’ll wait for the new Blackbird in confidence.
  6. Great build, Scorvi 👌. I like the NMF, simple but striking. The nose on my RF-101 is built straight from the kit with the simple addition of a few details. As you can see, there’s no kink like on the photo of the aftermarketer’s advert.
  7. I never cease to be amazed by the enterprising aftermarket manufacturers who persist in trying to correct mistakes that never were.😄
  8. Except that Norbert is not a sculptor, he’s a scanner. He wouldn’t be able to do what he’s doing a few years ago just because the machinery he’s relying on didn’t exist. It’s like comparing an painter artist painter and his brushes to an instagrammer with his gopro. The Hobby Fan figure with its issues has more soul than any figure done digitally. Until they invent a button called ‘human touch’ . 😜 Cheers, Quang
  9. It all depends on where you put the bar in your research. I need photographic evidence, not hearsay. I’ve seen doctored (photoshopped) allegedly VNAF photos. Some guys have all the time! 😬 Thank you for your interest.
  10. Hello anh LET, As a matter of fact, I met ‘Flying Dragon’ some years ago and asked him about his ZM build and the serial number of the plane. His reply was not conclusive. That is why I’m posting my enquiry on the forum. Thank you for your input, Cheers, Quang
  11. While researching for a new project, I stumbled on this colourful picture of a VNAF Skyraider. From the nose badge, I supposed that the plane belonged to the 520th Squadron Than Bao (Divine Panther) based at Binh Thuy, South Vietnam between 1965 and 1968. What’s unusual is the blue star-studded rudder reminiscent of the blue fuselage sash on VNAF A-37s. Incidentally the 520th Sqn converted to A-37 in 1968. Can you, Skyraider experts, tell me more about it ? What I’d need most is the serial number of this aircraft. I also remember having seen a picture of another
  12. So did Monogram, Revell, Tamiya,... and every kit manufacturer who dabbed their hands at scale modelling. Not you?
  13. Boy, this here thread is running on empty. All this to attain page 300 in the vague hope of winning an error-ridden yet FREE F-14 kit which apparently nobody wants. To sum it up, 3 things I leaned from this thread. 1- the AMK F-14 has fat hips 2- AMK has initiated one of the most amateurish, deceptive and masochistic advertising campaigns ever seen on the internet 3- The published sprue photos incited me to go and buy AMK’s Fouga Magister which turned out to be the most pleasurable build I had in months. Three things out of 300 pages ain’t bad. It
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