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  1. So did Monogram, Revell, Tamiya,... and every kit manufacturer who dabbed their hands at scale modelling. Not you?
  2. Boy, this here thread is running on empty. All this to attain page 300 in the vague hope of winning an error-ridden yet FREE F-14 kit which apparently nobody wants. To sum it up, 3 things I leaned from this thread. 1- the AMK F-14 has fat hips 2- AMK has initiated one of the most amateurish, deceptive and masochistic advertising campaigns ever seen on the internet 3- The published sprue photos incited me to go and buy AMK’s Fouga Magister which turned out to be the most pleasurable build I had in months. Three things out of 300 pages ain’t bad. It
  3. That is your opinion. Just permit me to have mine. Thanks. Quang That is your opinion. Just permit me to have mine. Thanks. Quang
  4. Indeed, we can always find something wrong when we look long enough. But let’s put things in perspective. We’re not dealing here with a scientific precision instrument. We’re dealing here with a toy, no matter how elaborate it could be. Of this hobby only 30% comes from the plastic. The remaining 70% comes from the time and skill the modeler puts into it. That is why this occupation is called a hobby. The above 280+ pages only deal with the plastic. What about the remaining 70%? Only my 2 cents, Quang
  5. Incidentally that is the very same photo that piqued my interest and turned me on AMK as a kit manufacturer. I was astounded by the new technology of plastic injection displayed in the photo and decided that it would be worth a try. As I have no interest in the F-14, I ordered AMK 1/48th Fouga Magister which turned out to be a fantastic kit and the most pleasurable build I had in years. Of note is the quality of the crystal-clear parts, thin, sparkling and without any distortion. Is it the molding technique or the composition of the plastic? I don’t know but the result is strikin
  6. I said ‘soothsayer’ because of what you said in your previous post. In Your own words: “Great Wall Hobbies is about to enter the market. They won't boast about their F-14D kit. They'll let the plastic do the talking, and if there are shape issues with the kit, then GWH will do what they did with their MiG-29, P-61, and F-15 - They'll fix it and make it perfect.“ The prediction makes you a soothsayer. I don’t even need to insult you. You provided the very stick to beat you. Now who’s ridiculous?
  7. I should have added ‘soothsayers’. 🤣
  8. May be the glaring flaws detected by prophets and experten prove not to be flaws after all? 😇
  9. What would you funny guys, do after the AMK F-14s finally hit the shops? Just wondering 😚
  10. Great idea. I built Monogram F-101B when it was first released. Never finished it. On the other hand the Kitty Hawk RF-101C is one of my most pleasurable builds. To each his own.
  11. A wee bright for my taste but nice workmanship and photography! Cheers, Quang
  12. Hi, I'm a newbie on this site and am contemplating building Hobby Boss F3H Demon. While I find Terry Hill/efd327's notes very instructive and helpful for my project, I'm curious to see photos of his Demon model. Can any of you give me some pointers? Thank you for your help, Quang
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