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  1. I havent been around for a while, some things change but one thing that hasnt is Tony Hayse's rep. He is one of the best deal with confidence, yours is on its way Tony as well as an email, hope to talk to you soon. John M.
  2. OK I'll start: "LOOK Bob!, we can wack another coupla tanks up here too!!!!!!!!"
  3. G'day all, i would like to know if anyone makes modern pilots, or pilot heads with NVG's in 1/48. Any help appreciated. thanks John.
  4. Send me another with your addy and I'll send you copy when i get some more blank cd's.
  5. Recieved a cd from a friend with a couple hundred shots, plus some vids. cheers John.
  6. Real nice pics, thanks for posting, got any more?
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