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  1. Cleaning sprues

    Why do you need to clean them? There is nothing going into that injection mold but liquid plastic. The mold is buried in the machine, held in place firmly to resist the pressure of the injected plastic, and has water circulating inside it to keep it cool during the ongoing cycles of injected plastic, mold opening and extraction of the freshly made parts. it all happens quickly and pretty much automatically. At the rate I build a little soap and water in a bath, let them air dry and then do it again months or years later when i FINALLY actually get it started. Well, the real story is I don't wash anything. But I do use that now long gone Plastic Prep blasted thru my airbrush when I am ready to start painting. By then the parts a far dirtier than they were coming out of the box and actually do need a bath. Norm
  2. 48th scale B-36???

    Wrong scale and sure wrong price for me, but maybe can address the weight issue. I have an A model Tradewind kit with a fiberglass fuselage and it is as thin and about the same weight as it would be if done in plastic. But anything that big in resin and fiberglass is going to be a bit heavy. The amount of weight removed from you wallet will about equal the weight of the kit!! But it sure would not equal the divorce lawyer's fees. Norm
  3. Our Name

    Well, in the great scheme of things, neither is of any significance I guess. And it is not an either/or situation at all. The information in the post would probably be there no matter what appears in the upper left corner of the post. But the forum is labeled as a discussion or forum. In my opinion (and yeah, I know about those) I tend to pay more attention to posts that have a name associated with them. And again "Plastic Smasher", Glue sniffer" etc. are descriptions, not names. It is just common politeness. If we were all in somebody's home sitting around talking about models, I don't think this would be as issue at all. Why is it here? And security does not count. First name only is not a step toward compromising that. Norm
  4. Our Name

    Seems to me like if you are not comfortable enough with what you are saying to put your name under the statement then you probably shouldn't say it. Do you use some silly "handle" when you introduce yourself? Do you not reveal your name when asked in person? All the excuses why not to do it is just that-excuses. Stating your first name only compromises what? Norm
  5. Zinc Chromate yellow?

    Once again, Zinc Chromate is not a paint! It is a chemical process. Zinc powder, various color pigment and clear carrier is mixed to produce a corrosion resistant surface. While almost any color pigment can be used to produce whatever color is desired, in the a/c industry it is normally a light greenish yellow or an apple yellow. At Boeing, where I spent 28 years, the yellow was applied to surfaces that would not be exposed to the outside like wing fuel cells Surfaces that would be seen like flap cavities got a second coat of the green material. The only reason for the different colors was to indicate to the Q.C. inspectors that a second coat had actually been applied. The railroad industry used a dark red zinc chromate and other industries also use different colored pigment to produce different colors. In my early years as an engineer at Boeing the material was mixed in the production area as required and the results varied considerable in color. As production increased it became a purchased item and the color was consistent. I have been retired now for more than twenty years and I have no idea at all what they do today,
  6. John, What is your point here? The book is what it is. it was published ten years ago and is still the only published reference oh the H-21 that I am aware of. What you say is all true, but there are always the could have, should have, would have stuff that happens after something is done. I found it very helpful in my drawing efforts and modeling as well. I am not saying it is perfect, obviously it is not. But at something like $18 it will allow you to know far more than not buying it.
  7. I have a copy of the book and while I would agree that it could have been better, it does cover the subject in considerable detail and the photos are generally pretty decent. The spelling errors are always a problem with self published stuff like this. Yeah, a good editor sure would have helped, but they also add to the cost and time involved. Helicopter subjects don't sell like Mustangs and 109s so cost probably was a serious consideration for the authors. If your interested in this bird, then you should have this book. Norm
  8. Lockheed F-104

    Well, that is a horse on me. Just looked up the William Tell winners and guess what? Chris is right. I left the Air Force in 1960 and while I was there TAC could not play in the ADC competition. We always figured we were better than those ADC guys and maybe the win in '62 proves it. &>) Norm
  9. Lockheed F-104

    Chris, I really doubt if this bird won at William Tell. The pilot might have but not in that bird. The 479th TAC fighter Group was a Tactical Air Command organization and thus not eligible to participate in an ADC event. 914 was assigned to the 434th when I was at George. Another thing you might reconsider is the wing pylons did NOT carry AIM 9 Sidewinders. The only thing we carried there was tanks. Later in VN they used those pylons to carry dumb bombs. I would also take exception to the comments regarding fuel and range. With air-to-air refueling range wasn't a big issue. Like every other strike fighter in VN , tankers supported the strike both coming and going. Without those tankers nobody was going downtown. We flew about the same cycle with the F-104Cs as we had with the previous F-100C. Fuel is always in short supply no matter what you're flying. Probably the only guys that never worry about it are the tanker guys. Everybody else sweats the fuel as soon as he unplugs from the tanker. Norm Filer
  10. Monogram F-104

    And will add that 906 was originally a 434th (Red) bird. When the 476th was established it became one of their birds and sported the slightly metallic Blue trim. All the markings were removed in Spain during the winter of '59-60 when TAC headquarter mandated removal of all individual markings and added the TAC emblem and lightning bolts.
  11. Monogram F-104

    Don't know anything about the G models, they were after my time at George, But I can tell you that the anti glare panels on all the 479th birds were Green. Norm Filer
  12. New 1/72 Scale B-45 Kit in 2017

    Considering no one has ever seen the kit yet, how is one to answer this? The only other kit of the B-45 in 72nd is the terrible Much Twice thingy. Even a lame effort by Valom would be better than that. Norm
  13. F-104C Starfighter and AIM-9 missiles

    I was in the 479th from 1956-1960. The first two years with F-100Cs. We transitioned to the F-104C starting in Oct. '58 and were the only TAC outfit to fly that bird. While the AIM-9 center line pylon was capable of carrying two missiles,it was NOT USED. It was tried only once and not used again. When we deployed to Spain to fly air defense the belly pylons were not even included in the fly away kits. Until Viet Nam, the only thing the center line pylon was used for was nuclear shapes (Mk 28) and the practice bomb dispenser. The 479th did not have a nuclear mission assigned so we did not actually carry live nukes. In Spain, where we flew air defense during the day and in good weather only, we flew with AIM- 9Bs on the tip and no pylons on either the wing or fuselage. We also flew a lot of training missions during that time. Usually they were flown with tanks on both the wing tips and pylons. The refueling boom was almost always installed.
  14. Thunderbirds FS Color -

    Red FS11136 Gunze 327 White FS17875 Gunze 316 Blue FS15044 Gunze 326
  15. 1/48 CF-104 Starfighter LEM Decals #48.26

    Tony, If the bond between the paper and images has been broken, it won't make any difference what you do with them. The only solution is to rebond with something in the way of a clear coat. The advantage of the Microscale Clear Decal coating is it is quick, easy to apply and dries almost instantly. Yes, I think Dave (Leading Edge) was aware of the problem. I also am pretty sure he solved it with later products. But I don't think anybody but him knows which are good and which are not.