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  1. I think they share the same colors and basic pattern.
  2. I agree that Rogue 1 was great. It is my favorite Star Wars movie ever. Yes, I said it! :) I did not like force Awakens and now, I did not like Last Jedi trailer. I am really worried for my beloved Star Wars. I know this is a terrible thing to say but just hear me out. I think Kerry Fisher's lost might be a good thing for the story (I totally wished she was still alive I am just saying from story perspective). It is rumored that they were going to kill Luke in this movie and Leia was going to be predominant in 9. Now they do not have that option so Luke may be more predominant as he should have been as the most powerful Jedi. I just cannot accept the vibe I got from the trailer regarding Luke.
  3. It is great that no lives lost. What they are doing in Syria is very important, wish them all the best.
  4. The last trailer mad me very nervous. I feel like they are portraying Luke almost as a loser. He says there not 1 but 2 mega powerful force users out there. I am used defining Luke as the most powerful Jedi for more than 30 years. I am not ready for this. Hope they do not destroy Luke. Mark Hamil's interviews make me nervous he says Luke is nothing like he envisioned.
  5. Those look fantastic. After 8 years of break, this F-14 can be a nice start.
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