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  1. If there was a "like" button here I'd be hitting it right now!!!! But there's not, so you get this post instead!!! Very well said, and I agree 100%.
  2. modelingbob

    Fixing a hair in Future?

    That's what I do. Just be careful that you don't sand through the underlying paint. Sand slowly with fine grit and check often until you remove the offending object.
  3. modelingbob

    For Sale: Entire Scale Model Collection

    I guess they don't understand how Ebay & PayPal really works. Neither will support scammers. They hold distribution of your funds for a period of time, to make sure you ship, and if you don't ship they will shut you down pretty quickly.
  4. modelingbob

    Questions About The Bandai Star Wars Kits

    In my case, the plastic became more brittle probably due to oil based washes. In my case, large amounts of wash wicked into the gun opening and the opening fractured when I press fit the guns into place. That's why the guns are mounted reversed fore and aft on my build indicated above. In the future I will make sure that oil based washes do not wick into any openings to solve the issue. I had no issues any place enamel products did not wick into any openings and the regular external surfaces showed no cracking or other ill effects from enamel products.
  5. modelingbob

    Questions About The Bandai Star Wars Kits

    I've bought two Bandai Star wars kit, the Snow Speeder and AT-ST. The Snow Speeder I've finished and the AT-ST is in the build queue (pics are here: They are both fantastic and Tamiya could learn a thing or two from them about detail quality, engineering, and fit. They are both buildable as snap tight kits, but I used Tamiya Extra Thin to lock everything in place, just like a regular kit. I only have two somewhat negative things to say; 1) the decals have a "half-tone" type pattern on the solid colors, and 2) Bandai plastic is vulnerable to cracking using oil based washes. Otherwise I'm very impressed by the Bandai Star wars kits I have.
  6. modelingbob

    Parcel from China going to Canada instead of US

    A general warning that may or may not apply to your situation. Some Ebay sellers in Asian countries play a scam in that they never ship your products and give you a bogus tracking number to keep Ebay/PayPal off their back. And then the Ebay/PayPal claim period expires. This is especially prevalent in instances that they specify long delivery times. I'm not saying that this is what happened in your case, but make sure you keep under the Ebay/PayPal time limits for non-delivery claims.
  7. modelingbob

    For Sale: Entire Scale Model Collection

    Maybe they got burned by this guy and it finally motivated them to post something. Maybe they are "fishy" also. Who knows for sure?
  8. modelingbob

    GWH F-15E vs Eduard boxing of Academy kit 1:48

    I do NOT have the 1/48 GWH F-15E. I was really excited about buying it (it was on my must have list), until I started building the 1/48 GWH F-15C. And I now, will not be buying their F-15E. The F-15C and F-15E have the same basic construction sequence. A warning about the F-15C (which will also apply to the F-15E) is that you must build the fuselage, intakes, intake trunks, and wings in a complicated multi-step construction sequence, in which any errors will compound down the line and could prevent an easy assembly process. I could not get the intakes, intake trunks, and fuselage to line up correctly and to fix the many alignment issues I had to do some serious cutting with a razor saw, serious clamping, and much putty work to get things together. It is bad enough that I am going to buy intake covers and use them to hide all the alignment issues. So a general warning about the GWH 1/48 F-15 series is, it's a complicated assembly fraught with many perils, at least for me. As usual, YMMV.
  9. modelingbob

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    And there is a reason they have clammed up also!!! Criticism is a double edged sword, it can help you out in some situations and it could cut you very badly in other situations. I don't blame AMK one bit for going the clamming up route.
  10. modelingbob

    For Sale: Entire Scale Model Collection

    There are a lot of good traders here. But scammers are everywhere. If the seller requires PayPal Family & Friends as the method of payment, that is your first clue for a scammer. And if they are not a long time forum member, that's your second clue. And if they are a brand new member on another forum posting the same thing, that's your third clue. Personally, I pass if they require PayPal Family & Friends, but that's just me. Standard PayPal, no problem, I'll do it, even if I think you might be a scammer.
  11. modelingbob

    For Sale: Entire Scale Model Collection

    When a seller requires the buyer that they will only accept payment via PayPal Family & Friends, you need to be aware of scammers. PayPal Family & Friends does NOT offer any PayPal protections at all. None, nada, zip. Hopefully, a valuable lesson was learned from this.
  12. modelingbob

    Lacquer based paint supplies in Canada?

    I have the exact same issue! Both Mr Color and MRP are fantastic paints but tough to get. I get Mr Color (my preferred choice of paint because it's much cheaper than MRP) shipped direct to me from Hong Kong/Taiwan/China vendors and have not had any issues getting them shipped directly to me. Ebay is a great source for Mr Color. I've used this vendor also for Mr Color: http://www.sealmodel.com/products.php?category_id=84 Hobbyworld-USA will also ship internationally for both Mr Color and MRP. But he's a little more expensive than direct from Asia. http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_category=1003&controller=category
  13. modelingbob

    1/32 Revell P-51D-5NA Mustang

    Thanks. There are a few issues with this kit! 1) The kit canopy is very bad with tons of distortion molded in. All my sanding/polishing went for naught. I thought I could improve it, but alas, after further review, it's still bad. 2) The cockpit framing is too thick, and you need to thin it down by about 50% in thickness or the fuselage will not close correctly. And then you will have horrendous fit issues with the radiator intakes, canopy width, and top and bottom cowling. Get the fuselage closed correctly and all the fit problems will vanish and you won't need a drop of putty.