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  1. Thank you everyone for these inputs. Good info. And yes, let's keep the good info coming and keep the political BS out of it, please. Here is another good source for current data: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
  2. It is very easy to tint clear epoxy to any color you desire. No need for expensive specialized pigments (although they do work very nicely). Use any enamel or acrylic lacquer modeling paint that you desire, by putting in a drop or two of paint to get the color you need (not much paint is needed), mix it in with the uncured epoxy, shape to desired and let cure. Note: water based acrylic paints do not work very well as they do not mix well with epoxy.
  3. Yes, Solvaset can damage some acrylic gloss coats if you're not careful. Most every strong decal solvent that contains alcohol has the ability to damage some acrylic and acrylic lacquer clear coats. A tip to help prevent this is to not let the solvent "puddle" on the surface, and to gently wick away any puddles with a soft absorbent towel before they can damage the clear coat.
  4. Agree 100% with Shion. The thing I love the most about Mr Color (besides being a fantastic paint) is that it is 1/3 the cost of MRP for me.
  5. Google Internet Hobbies reviews and you'll find a plethora of complaints about their poor service. They also have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  6. WOWZERS!!!! The "big hips problem" was not a deal breaker for me, but this stuff sure is. Hopefully, there will be a few more WIP's posted to illustrate this, or if this builder had just made some mistakes. Right now, this kit is going from the "must buy" to the "maybe I'll pass" department for me!
  7. Yikes!!!! Those are nasty!!!! I'd file a complaint with Ebay. But the time elapsed may not work in your favor.
  8. My experiences with the acrylic lacquers is that you can intermix, MRP, Mr Color, Hataka, Akan, AK Real Colors, and Tamiya. In addition you can intermix the acrylic lacquers with the alcohol based acrylics like Tamiya and Gunze. Acrylic lacquers can NOT be intermixed with water based acrylics like Vallejo, AK, etc.
  9. My recent last two from LM (Hong Kong) to California, took 9 and 11 weeks. That's pretty average for me, in my best was 8 weeks and the worst took 16 weeks.
  10. I usually try to wait 24 hours before I start the weathering or decal process. X22/MCLT is usually dry to the touch in an hour (if not faster), but I still try to wait 24 hours.
  11. I use Mr Hobby Metal Primer a lot. It is not a very good primer for PE, and flakes off pretty easily, no matter the prior preparation. The only primer I've found that works well on PE is Duplicolor Van and Truck Primer from my local auto parts store. Your thinking of bending first, then painting, is a solid strategy that works.
  12. I have the Mr Hobby, Mr Airbrush Custom 0.18 (PS-770). It's essentially a clone of the Iwata Custom Micron at half the price. And I just love it! A great airbrush!
  13. Yep, thanks, I know the guns are mounted backwards. That brings up the only negative issue I had with the kit. Bandai plastic is vulnerable to mineral spirits based washes. I left the guns off until the end, after weathering extensively with enamel/mineral based spirits products. I pressed the guns to fit in the correct manner, and the socket in which they press fit into exploded. Upon further review, the socket caused a "pocket" for the enamel stuff to wick into saturating the opening. The only way the guns would fit in the repaired socket was to mount them backwards. Besides it's sci-fi and
  14. I'm really glad that Lucky Model is not offering the $2 surface shipping option to the USA any longer. My bank account balance thanks them!!!!
  15. First off, black basing isn't a "new" technique as it's nothing more than a variation of pre-shading which has been around forever. Here is a more recently developed weathering technique called "texturing" and is championed by Bera Karoly: https://www.google.com/search?q=bera+karoly+models&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj40d6V4sDhAhWVqp4KHSUuA1UQsAR6BAgIEAE&biw=1920&bih=937 There, now we have another technique to argue about!!!!
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