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  1. Pat Benatar's song pretty much sums it up for me!!! "It's a little too littleIt's a little too lateI'm a little too hurtAnd there's nothin' left that I've gotta sayYou can cry to me babyBut there's only so much I can takeAh, it's a little too littleIt's a little too late"
  2. modelingbob

    Fightertown Decals and the Tamiya Tomcat...

    I'm with Dave on this. I'm not interested in "partials". If I don't have the original sheet I'm hosed!
  3. modelingbob

    Tamiya Minimum Advertised Price controls?

    It will be interesting to see if Tamiya can make MAP succeed in the model world. A pretty common practice in other "niche" products markets. Ken Lawrence tried it at PCM and failed a few years ago. As a former retail fly shop owner I liked MAP (most all flyfishing products are MAP) because I didn't have to worry about setting a price. As a consumer I absolutely hated MAP because it drives up prices. Generally, MAP only works when you have a somewhat limited market where you only need to move a few thousand of an item to make a profit and demand doesn't increase greatly above that level. I don't think Tamiya can make it as a business moving only a few thousand, they need hundreds of thousands. Gonna be an interesting experiment! Personally for me, if it drives prices too high for Tamiya products, I won't buy them. Tamiya products (even with all the discounting currently going on) are still among the highest priced in the business already.
  4. modelingbob

    How to paint a laminated wooden propeller

    I've been itching to try this. Unfortunately, I've lost my WWI modeling vibe!
  5. Do you mean Hasegawa 1/48 AV-8B Harrier II "Desert Harrier" #09538? If yes, I've got one that I'm willing to trade. Hopefully, you're USA based (I am) otherwise postal costs will be a killer. PM me and lets talk trade bait.
  6. modelingbob

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Verrrrrry Interesting!!! HobbyEasy accepting pre-orders with a release date of 5-30-2018 Pre-sale price of $54.52 !!!! http://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/tare0bal4idjzfrztyrj.html
  7. modelingbob

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Sold X2!!!! I'm definitely buying this kit when it gets released!!!! And guess which scheme I'm doing it in????!!!!!
  8. modelingbob

    Tamiya 1/48 F-16C. Was it a sales disappointment?

    WORD!!!! Now, I might buy one F-16D (just because I don't have one), but that number pales in comparison to the number of F-16C's I have bought. Market size just ain't there for me for a "D" model and if I were a model producer I wouldn't do it!!!! I also think that Tamiya's F-16C does not represent a sales disappointment (I sure have a bunch of them!), and the fact there is no "D" has no relationship to Tamiya F-16C sales. It's all about market size and IMNSHO it ain't there for a "D".
  9. modelingbob

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    I do wish that it would come out quicker, but if it takes another two years I wouldn't mind one bit. If it's a great kit I'll buy it, regardless of how long it takes, and I'd rather they get it right and work out all the bugs. Besides at my present glacial build rate, I have enough kits in my stash to last me about another 100 years!!!! So yeah, I'm not in a real big hurry for it!!!
  10. modelingbob

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    If the AMK F-14 is as good as their MiG-31, I'll be buying it. Tamiya releasing theirs before AMK has no impact for me as I'll be buying both! Hopefully, AMK will take their time and do the F-14 up good, regardless if Tamiya releases theirs first.
  11. modelingbob

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

  12. modelingbob

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    I'll be buying the Tamiya F-14D. I'd really like a "bombcat" option!!! Please!!!!! I'll also be buying the AMK F-14 if it's as good as their MiG-31. It's irrelevant to me if the Tamiya kit comes out first, I'll still be buying the AMK one. Hopefully, AMK will not "rush" their kit to market before it's ready. I can wait if it's a good one.
  13. modelingbob

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/tamiyamodelmagazine/ Apparently not BS.
  14. modelingbob

    Hobbico goes Tango Uniform

    I got it also. It basically says Horizon Hobby bought out their business and that includes all customer info. You can opt out of your customer info going to Horizon by clicking a link at the bottom of the page. I opted out since I don't do RC, which is what Horizon does.