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  1. Another New Line of Paints

    I just tried ordering direct from MRP, and it is ridiculously expensive to order direct through them to the USA. Almost double the cost than from the US vendor (and MRP is already the most expensive paint out there!). Bummer. Looks like I'm gonna have to custom mix the colors. <<< Is it cheaper for US buyers through a US vendor?>>>
  2. Another New Line of Paints

    I've never ordered direct before. I haven't had to before because the US vendor always had what I wanted. But not this time, they only have 4/10 colors that I need. Thanks for the input on Canada. I guess I'll find out pretty soon because I can't wait much longer for the US vendor to get stock.
  3. Another New Line of Paints

    A LHS would likely not have the floorspace to stock every single paint brand made and I sure understand that. An on-line retailer does not have that same issue and can pick and choose which brands they stock since warehouse space is dirt cheap. Since I have well over 200 kits in my stash, I'm not buying many kits these days and most of my modeling budget is spent on consumable items like paint/glue/sanding/finishing items. So, if an on-line vendor wants a piece of my modeling budget, they better stock the items I need and buy. For example, I'm trying to buy some MRP right now and the sole US vendor is out of stock (and has been for some time) on the critical colors I need. So, I'm ordering direct from MRP and that US vendor just missed my $$$$$.
  4. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    You must have missed this evidently new policy of pre-paying for the Tomcat that was posted from AMK. And as of this morning, Victory Models was not listed as a potential vendor for the Tomcat. <<<f. Modelers are requested to make payment for the preorder. And therefore, we will charge our distributors.>>>
  5. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I'll be buying the AMK Tomcat if it ever materializes. I will NOT be paying for a pre-order up front since the word vaporware comes to mind.
  6. 1/48 Hasegawa F-18C

    Thanks to all for the kind words. The model was built with the Aires cockpit set so the seat/straps are from that. I folded the provided PE straps as you see on the seat and then painted them.
  7. Thanks! Check your PM's!
  8. Looking to buy AfterBurner Decals 1/48 F-15 Aggressor's 48-081 or 48-007. Cut sheet OK as long as one F-15C scheme is still present. Thanks.
  9. Another New Line of Paints

    I have to say I agree 100% with Joel & SWF. I don't understand the attraction of pre-thinned paint and I'd rather do it myself. After all, I can always add thinner to paint that's too thick, but I can't really make it thicker like I might want to for brush painting. I really like MRP for airbrushing, but I sure can't brush paint it very well.
  10. Another New Line of Paints

    MRP is a fantastic paint, no doubt about it. But here in the USA it's very expensive. And it also doesn't brush paint very well. So...................................... the perfect paint has still not yet been invented and there is still room for more/better paint brands!!!!
  11. Another New Line of Paints

    IMNSHO, the more paint choices we have, the better off we are as modelers. And there is always some need for a new brand of paint in specific colors. For example, I'm a big Mr Color fan, but they don't really offer any out of the bottle matches in some colors (for instance, Soviet AF). So, I need another paint brand to step in and produce that color. MRP stepped up and produced some killer Soviet colors so I purchased them. I don't expect every paint manufacturer to produce every color possible as that's unrealistic, so I'll shop around to find the colors I need. As far as vendors not stocking every brand, I also understand that reality. But, while I would like to purchase from specific vendors, if they choose not to stock that product that I need, I have no problems purchasing it from someone else. I'm all for more new lines of paints!
  12. Mr. Paint Question

    Yes, I just found out MRP has indeed released a "regular" acrylic paint. Here is the first review I've seen. http://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=1996
  13. Mr. Paint Question

    Since I have partial color blindness I'm probably not going to be very helpful with regards to color accuracy! That being said, MRP (Mr Paint) does offer good out of the bottle matches for most colors (near as I can tell!). MRP is an acrylic lacquer and does have a strong odor that some may find offensive. They do not offer a "regular" acrylic version of their paints. MRP airbrushes fantastically, so no worries on that front.