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  1. So do the other boxes not have them at all? The cheapest one I can find is the Swiss limited edition (bizarre as that is).
  2. I've searched the forums with no luck. Is there a thread somewhere that gives what parts are found in what boxings of the AFV Club 1/48 F-5E? I want to do an early build airplane with the original radome and the original LERXs. Tks!
  3. That's a fairly recent addition. They didn't have them for many years.
  4. It depends on the time period, as antenna fits could (can) vary. The F-15J lacks the DECM system of the US birds, so there is a skinny flutter weight on top of both vertical fins, vs. a counterweight on one and a big fat sausage on top of the other on all USAF birds. The basic airframe is the same. It's just small details that differentiate them. I'm not sure if the GWH kit comes with two counterweights or not. I know the Hasegawa kits do.
  5. I like the Zvezda F-2/F-4 (and probably the G-6) simply because it's not covered with rivets. Eduard's rivet detail is extremely fine, but IMHO in 1/48 it's still way overdone to be anything like accurate.
  6. Well, it's not like you're paying $58 for a set of props, now is it? There's a LOT of resin in that set, and it *dramatically* improves every aspect of the old Matchbox war horse.
  7. I see no reason to think they've cancelled it. Schedules often slip.
  8. B-24 props are not accurate for a Privateer. Get the Cobra Company set and be done with it.
  9. Nice! I've always liked that color combination on the Mirage.
  10. Air Superiority Blue was long gone by 1980. If you see an airplane in two-tone camouflage, it's the Light and Dark Ghost Gray. Photo reproduction (especially anything you see online) is always highly suspect. I've never seen an Eagle in anything besides standard LGG and DGG in service. It might *appear* more blue in some photos, but standard colors are standard because they're standard. I've not seen a single F-15A/B of that time period that wore anything else. The candy striped F-15s only existed for a very short time in the late 1970s at Luke AFB. The white tail codes and serials are
  11. I sure wish Eduard would do a PR.XI...
  12. Yep! And BTW, it was not N3029, it was P9495 :)
  13. I'd want to see a photograph proving the size and spacing of those red stripes around the aft fuselage as well. All I've seen are wider and closer spaced.
  14. Yes, they even use the same Boeing part numbers, and were originally built on the same production jigs. Paul Fisher has a really nice resin nose for the Minicraft KC-135 that corrects the shape nicely...
  15. What are you looking for that hasn't been done already? I can't think of much in the way of PR Spits that hasn't been done, or for which there isn't a kit (PR.XI!!!!!!!!!)
  16. Yes. The word is that I've drawn about 200 different KC/EC/RC/C/NKC-135s. Turning what I have into decal artwork is pretty pro-forma work, but I'm exceedingly occupied with graduate school through this December. In order to do justice to the '135 the way I want to do it, it's going to be a many months long project. And right now I simply don't have time to devote to a project like that at the moment. But we WILL be doing a MASSIVE '135 project, including airframe stencils, etc, etc, etc. It just isn't going to happen this year. But it WILL happen.
  17. Really NICE!! I saw one of the later SR chase birds in the Dryden hangar at Edwards in 1984, and have wanted to do a model of it ever since :) That's why we put it on the decal!
  18. Because about 80% of the time when you see a photo of a Spitfire from the Battle of Britain, it's DW-K. The problem is, the famous series of air to air photos of 610 Squadron machines you usually see aren't Battle of Britain. They were taken in late June 1940. :) There is probably more erroneous information out there about that airplane than almost any other Spitfire. I've seen at least three different serials attributed to it. :)
  19. It would, but this thread is about the Falcon 20. There are lots of other Su-27 threads...
  20. You must have walked up hill both ways, barefoot, through the snow to school, eh? :)
  21. Fündekals is pleased to announce our latest project - just about everything we’ve got on some really interesting and historic Spitfires! It covers the whole range of WWII era Spits, from some of the iconic Mk.Is of the Battle of Britain period right through the end of the war. In 1/72 and 1/48 you will get decals for all 12 aircraft INCLUDING complete roundels and fin flashes for all 12 on one sheet! In 1/32 the subjects are split onto two separate decals, with the early war aircraft on one, and the late war aircraft on the other. All in all, a really interesting bunch of Spits, most of
  22. Perception of an error, or an actual, documented, provable error? In the case of most of those you mentioned, there are documented, provable errors, some of which are pretty darn significant.
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