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  1. Piaggio Avanti - 1/72 scale Amodel kit

    Beautiful plane, beautiful model. I have had problems with some a model kits. How was this one ? They do offer a great selection of unique planes.
  2. 1/48 SU-17 M4 Kitty Hawk

    Kittyhawk, HobbyBoss ? Very nice, the colors are just outstanding. One of the best looking models I have ever seen.
  3. I lost the optional missiles part#D8. Will pay and be very appreciative.
  4. I seem to have lost the 6 missiles for the optional silos open stance. Will pay and be most appreciative. Part # D8 Thanks RJ
  5. F-15C Stabilator Question

    Identical Top toBottom.
  6. I called WB to replace a windscreen for my C-46 and spoke with Mr Dan Brett who sent my parts right out. We also had a lengthy conversation about the modeling business. He gave me a little education about plastic composition and problems ran into when certain corners are cut by some manufacturing methods used mainly for cost reduction. I urge you all to visit his site , He offers all the classic WB kits online. A friend to modeling indeed.
  7. $50+ shipping from 45066. Very nice kit but box is spent. Two sets of sails. Too much work for me at the moment.
  8. Heller kit. Complete but box is shot. Two sets of sails. really nice kit but not on my build list anytime this century. $50 + shipping from 45066.
  9. You just don't know what you don't know.