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  1. Mil Mi-24 “Hind-F” – Revell – 1:48

    What is the tool on page 1 labeled Platinum. Is it available?
  2. 1/24 Kinetic P-47 Razorback

    Recently I was given a small education on the plastic that is used in model kits. I think we have all noticed subtle differences in material that we have worked with. This nameless source states that some companies use a recycled matrix that is given little thought as it leaves the factory floor. That P-47 has issues that are not your fault and I can quess that it was quite expensive, so we must be wary. Nice build by the way. Sorry I got caught up in one of my pet peeves.

    The Rat iz still the man
  4. Hi........

    I have checked the transport rates to the US using shipping rates and find that for the weight involved it would be so expensive relative to the value of the magazines.

    Thank you for enquiry.


    1. Aeronca1121


      OK. I thank you for your time.


  5. 2018 Thunder over Michigan Air Show, Aug 25-26

    Is this at YIP?
  6. What'd ya see today???

  7. Wiser's is for wiseacres

    The Rat might be Da Man
  8. Dragon TR-1A

    I have always been puzzled by the lack of newer SR/YF kits given the huge fan base that they have. Any 15 year old that might not know much about aviation can point to a 71 and tell you what it is! I would like some recessed panel lined 1/48 kits to chew on, being the ones we have available are going on 40 years old.
  9. Wiser's is for wiseacres

    AAAAH! Totally funny...
  10. Hey Dutch, I think that all of those are great idea's. They do however require varying amounts of work on your part. All are a great legacy for your friend. Maybe a mixture of all of them. I saw a collection in a small private owned military museum in Germantown Ohio that was beautiful to behold.
  11. I know you follow F1 from my previous user name antics. I Just watched Qualifying from Bahrain and maybe you can comment on this. The new race announcers that have replaced Diffey, Hobbs, Matchett, and Buxton totally suck. Why ESPN has decided to go with the World feed and get these scabs that sounds like they have a mouthful of some type of balls is beyond me. The NBC/FOX team was great and you could clearly understand them and they added so much color and honest opinion. I can't understand a word this new bunch says. They sound like Mush Mouth from Fat Albert! I thought it was a mistake at Australia when the old crew wasn't there but now I see this is their first string Who do I call to vent my pain? RJ
  12. Dragon TR-1A

  13. You don't know what you don't know....

  14. Large Number AeroModeller Mags..Mint with Plans

    Would you consider an International deal?
  15. TF-30 Diameter at the compressor

    Janes 1971/1972 states 50.72 inches. Seems a little big to me but that's what the book says.