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  1. Aeronca1121

    NEW MIG -21SMT REVELL 1/48

    On second look it is no more a deal than the Profitpack offering . Dammit I want that model.
  2. Aeronca1121

    NEW MIG -21SMT REVELL 1/48

    But sounds interesting now that I find it's from Eduard. Thanks Gents, I knew you would come thru.
  3. Aeronca1121

    NEW MIG -21SMT REVELL 1/48

    Is this new tooling or someone elses stuff? I can't remember Revell releasing that particular model in 1\48th. Being sold on Hannets.
  4. Have one, 45+ shipping from 21903.Kit# 02222. Might trade for some Trumpy Russian stuff. RJ
  5. Aeronca1121

    Calling Formula 1 fan Bigassham . Rise up F1 Fans

    Yes, I am close to giving up on it. I have quit on over motor sports mainly because of rule changes I didn't care for. NHRA's 1000 ' rule. Indy Cars spec cars and the list goeson.
  6. Acquired this in a deal. Revell JU-88 to Frog BF-109F. I haven"t opened. Make offer up for a few days. + shipping.
  7. I mailed a gentlemen in Canada a set of decals 6-8 weeks ago from Maryland and he still has not got them. Is this a Canadian thing?
  8. Aeronca1121

    Hind 1:48 revell

    Those parts look amazing but, I have to wonder why AWC didn't just do the whole model and charge a fortune for it considering what the parts must cost.
  9. Aeronca1121

    SU-17 M4

    A real piece of art. Well done.
  10. Aeronca1121

    1/350 AMT Klingon Bird of Prey Review/Preview

    Same basic kit as the original release that was supposedly 1/535 give or take.
  11. Aeronca1121

    Mil Mi-24P “Hind-F” – Revell – 1:48

    What is the tool on page 1 labeled Platinum. Is it available?
  12. Aeronca1121

    1/24 Kinetic P-47 Razorback

    Recently I was given a small education on the plastic that is used in model kits. I think we have all noticed subtle differences in material that we have worked with. This nameless source states that some companies use a recycled matrix that is given little thought as it leaves the factory floor. That P-47 has issues that are not your fault and I can quess that it was quite expensive, so we must be wary. Nice build by the way. Sorry I got caught up in one of my pet peeves.
  13. Aeronca1121


    The Rat iz still the man
  14. Hi........

    I have checked the transport rates to the US using shipping rates and find that for the weight involved it would be so expensive relative to the value of the magazines.

    Thank you for enquiry.


    1. Aeronca1121


      OK. I thank you for your time.


  15. Aeronca1121

    2018 Thunder over Michigan Air Show, Aug 25-26

    Is this at YIP?