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  1. Who carries this jewel? I can not find it online.
  2. I clicked on aircraftdatafiles and was met by a spy ware alarm. could have been a ransom site
  3. What did we decide on the trade for the Mig-23. I think I poo-pooed that but you don't still have it do you?
  4. Made real progress on this model only to discover this was missing. EBAY! Will pay or trade for parts.
  5. I made real progress on this model then discovered I was missing this. EBAY! Will pay or trade for parts.
  6. I have some single piece canopies from the Pro modeler kits I think. Compatible?
  7. I am looking for part # 9 from Monograms P-51B Ding Hao & the Hardware pack from 21st Centurys Corsair. I will pay or trade some parts as I have a pretty good stash.
  8. Columbus Show this weekend. Have a beer?
  9. Several different usernames. I new it was sketchy but took a shot.
  10. Sent the 5 bucks for that scam on Ebay. Still interested in the kit though.
  11. On second look it is no more a deal than the Profitpack offering . Dammit I want that model.
  12. But sounds interesting now that I find it's from Eduard. Thanks Gents, I knew you would come thru.
  13. Is this new tooling or someone elses stuff? I can't remember Revell releasing that particular model in 1\48th. Being sold on Hannets.
  14. Have one, 45+ shipping from 21903.Kit# 02222. Might trade for some Trumpy Russian stuff. RJ
  15. Yes, I am close to giving up on it. I have quit on over motor sports mainly because of rule changes I didn't care for. NHRA's 1000 ' rule. Indy Cars spec cars and the list goeson.
  16. Acquired this in a deal. Revell JU-88 to Frog BF-109F. I haven"t opened. Make offer up for a few days. + shipping.
  17. I mailed a gentlemen in Canada a set of decals 6-8 weeks ago from Maryland and he still has not got them. Is this a Canadian thing?
  18. Those parts look amazing but, I have to wonder why AWC didn't just do the whole model and charge a fortune for it considering what the parts must cost.
  19. A real piece of art. Well done.
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