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  1. I have both and no contest, KA Models wins easily in a side-by-side comparison. On its own, GWH exhaust are very good too. They do have all actuator arms as a separate and rather smart single piece. They actually look very good on a finished model, the best of any F-15 model out there. However, the exhaust have an accuracy issue: they are a little bit too long, ~3-5mm.
  2. Su-47 Berkut!!!! 1/48, please! Then Mig 1.44 😄
  3. These ebay sellers are model shop owners in China so yes they probably know when they are going to receive the models so I am pretty confident when they know the date for he shipment. They put ebay listing up hence pretty confident they will deliver in a reasonable time frame. For me it never exceeded 1 month and most of the time the longest holdup is with USPS processing at the "border" which once was 3 weeks. Otherwise delivery to where I live in US takes 1-2 weeks. I just go to ebay, pick he cheapest option with more than 100 reviews and that is it :)
  4. I ordered all my great wall hobby kits on ebay directly from China because it is cheaper and so far so good. No problems in 5 kits, Mig-29, F-15s and Su-35s.
  5. Su-25 doesn't excite me 😜 Immediate follow up will be obviously the single seater. Then maybe early version with different tail etc. Mid term, I am hoping for canard flankers. I think there is an F-14 project, too, right? Long term, I would like to see 5th generation fighters. Any would do, J-20, Su-57, F-22, F-35C and my all time wish list leader Mig 1.44 😄
  6. Excellent! Only minor problem I have is those 4-piece exhausts... I don't get them. Why not smt like this??
  7. Because Tamiya is soooo superior and GWH is soooo backward. GWH cannot do anything.
  8. Any words about the decal options? Only Soviet/Russian examples or other countries, too?
  9. It is indeed essential from my perspective. Without my models, my mental health would have taken a serious hit.
  10. For my taste, it was certainly good enough. I prefer to spent the aftermarket budget on the exhausts.
  11. I suspect the opposite is possible because China (and Asia in general) is bouncing back to normal faster. This economic rebound together with stagnation in other countries will attract more business connections with China. Interesting times.
  12. Definitely in my shopping list. Mean looking machine.
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