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  1. Well, this sucks. I realized amazon is doing the same 😞
  2. lol.. Their F-18 is better. Their Su-33 is great. If same level this will be great too.
  3. Hmmm: Turkey defies US as Russian S-400 missile defence arrives: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-48962885 video: https://www.rt.com/news/463986-turkey-s400-parts-delivered/
  4. Denied purchase??? Denied tech transfer. Two very different things.
  5. This is a new thing for me. I live in New England and this happened recently. I am talking about the same sellers I did business before. Ebay changed smt or there is a new policy by the government (fed or state level) :|
  6. I am gonna buy this !. It is the best F-14 !
  7. Their F-15s are the best.
  8. I realized Ebay started to apply a tax on shipments outside USA. Can they even do that? I reached out the seller and he said it is Ebay applying the tax and he cannot do anything. A new rules passed by Trump or smt?
  9. When double boosters lands simultaneously.. chillszzsz! In Elon we trust. He made both american cars and launch capability great! as an immigrant 😉
  10. Come on!!!!!!!!!! where is my GWH Su-27?? I want early, late, SM and -35 (canard one), -30 versions TOO!!!! Hurry!! -entitled modeler signs off.
  11. I drove a Model3 myself yesterday. It was great. My only concern supercharger network... With V3 supercharger I think it is game over for ICEs once the network is dense enough. It charges the whole batter with 300 miles range under an hour. From 10 to 90% around 35min. You can easily do almost any road trip you want. For daily use they are perfect anyway and they are probably better than regular cars since you actually never have to got to a "gas station" thanks to overnight charging. I am very close to buying one :| D
  12. hahahahahaaaa, now, that is funny.
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