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  1. foxmulder_ms

    SpaceX - Falcon Heavy

    When double boosters lands simultaneously.. chillszzsz! In Elon we trust. He made both american cars and launch capability great! as an immigrant 😉
  2. foxmulder_ms

    Su-27 from Great Wall Hobby

    Come on!!!!!!!!!! where is my GWH Su-27?? I want early, late, SM and -35 (canard one), -30 versions TOO!!!! Hurry!! -entitled modeler signs off.
  3. foxmulder_ms

    Tesla, model 3

    I drove a Model3 myself yesterday. It was great. My only concern supercharger network... With V3 supercharger I think it is game over for ICEs once the network is dense enough. It charges the whole batter with 300 miles range under an hour. From 10 to 90% around 35min. You can easily do almost any road trip you want. For daily use they are perfect anyway and they are probably better than regular cars since you actually never have to got to a "gas station" thanks to overnight charging. I am very close to buying one :| D
  4. foxmulder_ms

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    hahahahahaaaa, now, that is funny.
  5. foxmulder_ms

    B-1B Builders

    Looks promising. I have one in the back burner. Wires included?
  6. foxmulder_ms

    391st Expeditionary Fighter Squadron F-15Es

    Looks amazing! Operational Inherent Resolve!! I am in 😄
  7. foxmulder_ms

    Tesla, model 3

    Anyone here has tesla? I experienced a friends new m3. I was thoroughly impressed. I am considering one. The acceleration with minimum noise was a captivating feeling. Pros, cons??
  8. foxmulder_ms

    Most Pleasurable Kits

    1/48 GWH F-15J 1/48 GWH Su-35 1/48 Tamiya F-16 1/48 AMK Mig-31
  9. foxmulder_ms

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    That is a **removable** piece. so the other option might be more of your taste :)
  10. foxmulder_ms

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    ? It does not stay sharp in the kit part either. It is very much curvy after the tail mounting point. I put the picture to highlight the "edge" of the rear fuselage which has been the main point of the discussion, no? I actually think the lighting is great to show the edge.
  11. foxmulder_ms

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Your reference picture is not a great one due to lens distortion. Look how the circular exhaust look :) what is wrong with the fuel dump? missing a hole? This is an ok picture for rear shape. I think AMK attempt is alright.
  12. foxmulder_ms

    A380 end of production

    wow, airbus dislike is palpable here 🙂 lol.
  13. foxmulder_ms

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Breath :)
  14. foxmulder_ms

    PLAAF Su-35 Weird Load

    Apparently it can be attached to other pylons and, if the load is symmetric, it can be carrying 4 of them: Dont think is is ECM pods. Can it be laser/tv guidance related? Very interesting.
  15. foxmulder_ms

    GWH F-15E vs Eduard boxing of Academy kit 1:48

    Sorry for aggressive language BUT GWH's intake's being under scale is complete BS. They are perfect. If you mean intake "trunks" being too skinny then maybe but they invisible once the kit is build. There is nothing wrong with the overall shape and curves on GWH either. When it comes to details GWH beats anything out there. However, it has two flaws (nothing is perfect): 1) Horizontal tails are too thick. Hasegawa ones are thinner (more accurate for the thickness) but they lack reinforcing plates hence detail that GWH has. 2) Exhaust are about 2mm too long. But others offer much worse details anyway. With these two flaws GWH offerings are still by far the best if money isn't a factor. Ultimate eagle is GWH + Ka models exhausts + HAS horizontal tails. 😄