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  1. It is far from certain that J-20"B" will be the only version with WS-15.  


    a) Current J-20"A"s might get WS-15.

    b) Current J-20"A" production might continue with WS-15 for some time. 



  2. On 2/24/2022 at 4:16 AM, haneto said:

    Regarding J-16, it has both features from Su-27UB and Su-30MKK, with some original features such as Chinese weapon/pylons.

    So it will need over 70% new tools from modelling perspetive, including the most expensive upper and lower fuselage/wing parts, etc.


    Is it worth the investment considering the market wallet from popularity?

    In my view it is quite doubtful, especially if the price is much more expensive than the Trumpter/Hobbyboss kit which is very inaccurate from shape to details though.

    But afterall, how many buyers will care? Many of them will say "at least it does not look like a F-15 to me", conversation over.


    J-16D will be another story: 

    The overall aerodynamic shape is same as J-16, but many details are different especially the nose cone dividing line is further forward compared with J-16(like Su-35 vs Su-27).

    That means you need another new mold for upper and lower fuselage, which is the most expensitve part of the investment.

    And again, the market demand will be the question mark...


    Market probably is small outside China but Chinese market can be large enough... Great Wall Hobby should have sales numbers for PLAAF Su-35 boxing in China. That will give some clue. Personally I would definitely buy one from both especially J-16D. 

  3. On 7/23/2021 at 8:20 AM, jenshb said:

    Sukhoi seems to be on a winning streak with Flankers, the Su-57 and now the "Checkmate", while Mikoyan-Gurevich seem to have lost the plot or fallen out of favour...The MiG-1.44 even looked like "yesterdays news".


    Blasphemy!!! Mig 1.44 looks AWESOME!


    And it is a crime we do not have one in true scale, 1/48. 

  4. 19 minutes ago, dehowie said:

    Just got my first Minibase Flanker.

    Nice kit but maybe the hype train has built it up to way beyond expectations.

    Directly comparing it to my Kinetic kits to my eye the surface detail on the Kinetic kit is not only finer but far more restrained.

    Minbase has a swarm of small parts that im sure if you can get them off the sprues intact will add hugely to how busy the kit looks.

    Decals in the MB kit are a bit thick where the Crossdekta ones in Kinetic are superb.

    Landing gear etc looks fantastic.

    Overall lovely kit but one will be enough as comparing it to the Kinetic kits which I already own plus resin seats etc im not getting much more and the surface detail i prefer in the Kinetic kit.

    If anything the MB kit shows just how nice the Kinetic kit is and at under half the price i cant justify swapping them out.

    Great kit never the less..



    Kinetic Su-33 is a great model. I love GWH Su-35 but next to GWH, Kinetic surface details do make me happier. I just do not like matt surfaces on models and prefer polished plastic and Kinetic is just sharper. The only significant upgrade (for me) of both GWH and Minibase flankers is the single large piece engine nacelle + intake parts over Kinetic. 


    Having said that, I will most probably buy J-15 because of the new armament. 

  5. Looks amazing. 3D parts can be better than resin as KA Models proves for exhausts (Their F-15 exhausts are better than anyone else's offers). If these are at KA-Model quality/detail levels then this is very exciting. I am already building one Mig-31 and this is motivating me to build a second one. And by the by, 3D parts would be stronger than equally thick plastic or resin... 3D seems to be the future.  

  6. I hate the nose of Academy one so wouldn't have built that one. 


    I love Has. I have 4. The only aftermarkets worth buying are the seat (especially if the cockpit is open, optional eduard color cockpit, I just love them so good for lazy/talentless builders like myself) and weapon bay details if you are going to built the bays open. If the canopy and bays are closed nothing worth buying. 

  7. I have both and no contest, KA Models wins easily in a side-by-side comparison. 


    On its own, GWH exhaust are very good too. They do have all actuator arms as a separate and rather smart single piece. They actually look very good on a finished model, the best of any F-15 model out there. However, the exhaust have an accuracy issue: they are a little bit too long, ~3-5mm. 

  8. On 10/13/2020 at 12:49 AM, B.Sin said:

    Since  Minibase has stated that they would like to release more  Sukhoi subjects, I would

    Like to suggest the following. 

    Su-15 Flagon.

    Su-24 Fencer.

    Su- 17/22 Fitter.

    Su-34 Fullback.

    Su-70 Okhotnik.





    Su-47 Berkut!!!! 1/48, please! Then Mig 1.44 😄 

  9. These ebay sellers are model shop owners in China so yes they probably know when they are going to receive the models so I am pretty confident when they know the date for he shipment. They put ebay listing up hence pretty confident they will deliver in a reasonable time frame. For me it never exceeded 1 month and most of the time the longest holdup is with USPS processing at the "border" which once was 3 weeks. Otherwise delivery to where I live in US takes 1-2 weeks. 


    I just go to ebay, pick he cheapest option with more than 100 reviews and that is it :) 

  10. 10 hours ago, Tapchan said:

    Everywhere it says that item will be sent within 30 days from receiving the payment, so the kit might not be out yet, they left themselves a margin. But I am no specialist, maybe this is typical for shipments from China on ebay.

    Anyway I would not buy it from the ebay page, imagine if some parts/sprues are missing and you have to send it back to China... Nah, I'll wait till it hits local EU market and then buy from legit store. And even then will make unboxing video of the package in case somethings wrong and the kit have to be returned, just to have a proof. GWH kits require special kind of receiving.



    I ordered all my great wall hobby kits on ebay directly from China because it is cheaper and so far so good. No problems in 5 kits, Mig-29, F-15s and Su-35s.

  11. 4 hours ago, Tapchan said:

    That looks like a no.



    But wait... Isn't IRST lens located in the center on Su-27s? It was relocated to side in later versions (Su-30/33/35)?


    Should be like this:



    So this looks like clear part taken traight from their Su-35 (together with terrible distortion).




    No, this looks different than their Su-35 CP sprue. Looks like double no for me then 🙂


    Your ref picture is a two seater. 

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