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  1. On 11/5/2023 at 1:47 PM, Raptor.777 said:

    So this whole topic started as I was going through my models stash. I have an Academy SU-30MK. The instructions have an option for a Chines version. I thought the chinese version was called something else but pretty much the same thing as the russian version. That's where all this was going




    oh.. in that case it is just Su-30 as well. PLAAF has Su-30 which was ordered two decades ago 🙂  Su-30MKK to be precise. And yeah, you don't need to do anything special. 

  2. On 10/31/2023 at 8:20 PM, Raptor.777 said:

    Was curious if that is the case? Going through a lot of my model kits and have the Academy SU-30MK. Looks like a J-11. The Chinese decals in kit say it is a SU-30MKK. Not sure what the difference is. Any aftermarket decals for this kit any where?




    Do you mean J-16?


    That is more similar to Su-30. 


    It will not be very difficult to build a J-16 out of a Su-30 kit. 



  3. Just received. Very reminiscent of Hasegawa F-22 as I thought. Raised RAM details, inner parts engineering, and layout of parts are all great. Exhaust breakdown is similar to Great Wall Hobby Su-27/35 series with multiple parts which can work but doesn't for me 🙂 


    Overall, I am pleased, should be a fun built.


    Hopefully aftermarket will come up with a nice exhaust and external pylons / missiles / fuel tanks etc.  

  4. It reminds me Hasegawa F-22 a lot with that surface detail. I like it.


    Million pieces of exhaust, I am not fan of. 


    Key is the overall dimensions and complex dorsal body shape of J-20 for me, hope it captures that.

  5. It is far from certain that J-20"B" will be the only version with WS-15.  


    a) Current J-20"A"s might get WS-15.

    b) Current J-20"A" production might continue with WS-15 for some time. 



  6. On 2/24/2022 at 4:16 AM, haneto said:

    Regarding J-16, it has both features from Su-27UB and Su-30MKK, with some original features such as Chinese weapon/pylons.

    So it will need over 70% new tools from modelling perspetive, including the most expensive upper and lower fuselage/wing parts, etc.


    Is it worth the investment considering the market wallet from popularity?

    In my view it is quite doubtful, especially if the price is much more expensive than the Trumpter/Hobbyboss kit which is very inaccurate from shape to details though.

    But afterall, how many buyers will care? Many of them will say "at least it does not look like a F-15 to me", conversation over.


    J-16D will be another story: 

    The overall aerodynamic shape is same as J-16, but many details are different especially the nose cone dividing line is further forward compared with J-16(like Su-35 vs Su-27).

    That means you need another new mold for upper and lower fuselage, which is the most expensitve part of the investment.

    And again, the market demand will be the question mark...


    Market probably is small outside China but Chinese market can be large enough... Great Wall Hobby should have sales numbers for PLAAF Su-35 boxing in China. That will give some clue. Personally I would definitely buy one from both especially J-16D. 

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