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  1. They lost a Su-24 to Turkey. There is F-22s around etc.
  2. This thread is a gold mine of entertainment for me. Some you guys are taking it too seriously. Relax and enjoy the ride man!!! Forums are for discussion, discuss it until you turn purple as long as there is no verbal abuse go for it! 😉
  3. shut up 1/72 guy! 😄 😄😄
  4. I am so buying this kit even just for the weapons. But I must say, GWH single piece missiles are great too. I wonder what will they include in their F-14 ? :) Oh boy I am excited.
  5. It can be off in the back but that green vs purple line comparison is off too 😄
  6. This is kind of cool too: a very short video of J-10 performing "falling leaf". It is really cool, Su-30 does this one nicely. Do Russian's have a name for it? Falling leaf sounds fitting though: What is impressive is Chinese are willing show this in an airshow. It is a J-10B fitted with a brand new engine and it is doing solo flights back to back for 3 days now. That shows a certain level of confidence. Also another interesting take from the show is that there are so many types of UAVs, I would say ~20. Following the developments
  7. Berkut, so predictable you have become.
  8. There is an airshow going on in China right now in which all the cutting edge tech of Chinese aviation is on display. J-10 has a very nice surprise for me. It has a new test subject with a WS-10 engine with trust vectoring and serrated exhaust nozzle. It can do cobra maneuver! I wouldn't have guessed it could. Suddenly I have an urge to built this one: An official also confirmed in a witty way that this engine is already installed on J-20, too.
  9. ? It shows, from top, nothing is wrong. We will see the whole picture soon enough. I would LOVE to see a three-way built of AMK, Tamiya and Great Wall. I hope someone does it in the future. Or at least some side-by-side pictures of the all three. It will be so fun.
  10. I am more excited about the single piece ammunition than the aircraft itself 😄 are they really gonna put all of this in a single box!?
  11. Thank you people!!! I received Grobet cut 4 and it is exactly what I wanted. It is just great. Hope it is long lasting.
  12. err. there seems to be an updated part from AMK. do you think the part in the AMK vs Tamiya comparison picture identical to previous one people referring to?
  13. I agree 100%. I bet from top it is correct. It has a "sharper" edge. I am excited. AMK Mig-31 is a very nice model, if F-14 is anything similar it will be a treat. Looking for the inbox reviews.
  14. haha what?! did they really say that? Enormous LOL hahahahaha ! 😄
  15. They have done that for many of their models. Single piece missiles are the most costly items apparently and sometimes they cut them from certain boxings. I am surprised they cut if from F-15E boxing though.
  16. Me, a 30 year star Wars die hard fan... After the disaster, waste of human and money, vomit of the Last Jedi wouldn't even bothered to see it. Not even sorry about it. Disney can go and enjoy itself.
  17. I dont know what your budget is but believe me if you are "new" with airbrushing, it is actually a better choice to buy a good airbrush. Cheap airbrushes are much more difficult to control and work with. I learnt this the hard way. My 1st airbrush was a cheap aztek, I hate using it almost quit airbrushing. Then I bought an cheaper Harder and steenback I used it much easier and better effect but still experienced lots of problems then I bought an iwata hi-line. It was great I was able to do almost anything I want with plus it was the easiest to control, enjoyed it tremendously. It made airbrush
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