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  1. errrrrr. lol. It is because as a model it is almost perfect. The mold line etc is absolutely a tiny thing if you can even notice it. All I can say from your comment is that you did not see the model in your hands. I dont have the tamiya f-14 but I have tamiya F-16 and AMK F-14 has nothing short compared to f-16 and details and single piece missiles actually makes it much better. From what I've seen I think tamiya f-16 and f-14 look comparable. If you can take time off from the crazy toxic environment of this topic and actually look at the model in your hands, it is pretty awesome
  2. Not everyone sells themselves for a $50 worth of plastic. Edit: Also, "Kit purchased by reviewer."
  3. Yeah, you will.. lol. and expected. Give me your address I am going to send you one. πŸ˜‰
  4. @haneto I was going to ask.. is there any possibility that GWH may change how they approach the exhausts? Is splitting them into four pieces really necessary? Can you talk about this with them? Kinetic Su-33 exhaust is comparable and they are single piece.
  5. oh no! :) line is not even visible from here. ! πŸ˜„ When someone highlights the missile and canopy frame "errors" which are the result of packaging or some rare defect during manufacturing process I have right to question the sincerity of that "review". The sample I have has perfect missiles and nothing wrong with the frame or the canopy which are highlighted in his posts like under a magnifying glass. I am sorry but that is looking for anything bad on the kit, it is not trying to review a kit or comparison or whatever. Anyhow... so a "general" bite dust in iraq...
  6. "Problems" you mentioned require a microscope to see. Some of them does not exists at all. You can try to keep the moral high ground by saying "hey look I only draw, it is data", I expected that, lol. However, no one without serious motivation (obsession/vendetta) would have done what you are doing. Some people are smart enough to see between the lines, dude... keep going, maybe you can prevent 5 people buying the kit. that will show them!
  7. You have a personal vendetta against AMK. I used give value to your opinion but when it comes to this. zero.
  8. yeah it is soooooooooo fat. whole 1mm! if tamiya is accurate πŸ˜„
  9. So what? Electric car was from 19th century. We have Teslas now. AMK is the pioneer when it comes to slide mold, FACT. When hesagawa is selling weapons on the side and including almost no weapons in their kits, AMK started to sell Mig-31 with single piece full load R-33s in their kit. You guys keep bashing. time to time, I will stop by and keep defending πŸ˜„ lol.
  10. Haha.. Now, things in this topic make more sense. πŸ˜„
  11. YEahhhhh. how dare you use your brain! πŸ˜„
  12. Of course they will. Any press is good Press πŸ˜„ go AMK!!! Please release a Mig 1.44 or Su-47 in 1/48. PLEASE!!!@!@@!!!! I will buy 10 of them. each.
  13. I pre-ordered the truck πŸ˜„ If the specs holds I am buying the 4WD /300m+ range version πŸ˜„ Stainless steel body was too attractive to pass. Now I need to save money in the coming 2 years 😐
  14. What are you guys even talking about. AMK (or any other company | or anyone on this world other than your very close relatives) does not own you anything. 1) They said *if* they receive 5000 pre-orders they were going to produce the kit within 2017. They did *not*. 2) They said it will the best F-14. So what?? every single company out there claims they are the best. From some perspectives they have the best F-14 kit. Price, details, single piece missiles put it over Tamiya for some, for me. 3) AMK is far from being the only company which misses "deadlines". Trumpeter/Ho
  15. dude, please... If you cover whole california with solar panels it will feed 2 worlds' energy demand.
  16. Yeah, evidently they were unlucky with the demo. Well it happens. It reminded me the network crash in one of the apple demos.
  17. Are you seriously complaining there is not *enough* criticism here?!?!@?!@?!?@!?@@!@?@ wow. We really cannot agree. We have very different brains/logic operating in our skulls.
  18. Did anyone like the cybertruck? Apart from glass fail :] I like the idea of a stainless steel 9mm bullet proof truck. In 2 years I will definitely have a test drive πŸ˜„
  19. Judging from this video, MRP paints look pretty good for Su-35:
  20. In Tamiya, we trust. Even under microscope, it has that crispy.. buttery.. angel tear lubricated smoothness due to alien-AI infused machining technology.. πŸ˜„
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