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  1. Frame is bigger? You mean general dimensions? What did you mean by "frame"? Just to be sure, you mean this one, right?
  2. What a model. Exceptional. wow.!!
  3. ???? Hobbyeasy prices for AMK F-14 is = *428* HKD , Tamiya F-14A = *649* HKD. Plus shipping for both.
  4. Of course you know more but from the past releases of GWH, it generally took max 1 year for GWH to come up with the plastic after the announcement.
  5. Problem is the attitude. There is a crusade against AMK. I dont like it. No one cares this much for other releases from other companies. The "issue" is really not significant and burying all the PLUSES of the AMK kit.
  6. No way. That is not accurate, in my opinion, Where do you live? Tamiya is only cheaper in Japan vs AMK. That is.
  7. Cross post from another forum: 🙂 A little bit history here: SMKs were built following the Algerian order back in 2006 but it was cancelled in 2008 because Russians tried to sell planes which were built back in cold war days They were just upgraded to Mig-29SMT version. These aircraft then were brought by Russia and become part of RuAF. So these planes have been painted three times in last 10 year. 1) Algerian colors: 2) 1st Russian colors: Green tones.
  8. I like this comparison very much too. Thanks for sharing. And again this shows the differences is around 1mm. Seriously if this 1mm bothers you that much all the power to you. I am definitely not going to dismiss a kit for this "error". The edge is just sharper in the model and hard light is not helping either in case of the model picture. Daylight (diffused light) + lighter gray paint and weathering, it will look pretty good imho. At least we are not discussing the top view anymore. I take it 😄 As I wrote before. I love to see a 3-way comparison once the G
  9. This is *great* comparison. Only one I find here close to "apples vs apples". If you don't mind could you start both red and blue line at the same height then it will become apparent the "difference" is maybe only 1mm.
  10. That is what I said. Just for comparison sake this should kept in mind when discussing the geometry pf the area.
  11. Also, I remember a picture I've seen years ago which had the perfect angle. Couldnt find it today but will dig it up.
  12. "Twisty".. no?? Bladder rubber height to edge ratio should be around 1/3 when the rubber is extended to "full". Also, please look at this picture where rubber is pressed with the wing on AMK kit: looks pretty spot on to me:
  13. It seems an attack for me too. Why? Because of the kits GWH delivers. Their F-15, Mig-29 and Su-35s are among the best kits out there. I even dare to say Su-35 is THE best model out the for 1/48 jets. So I prefer to focus on the product. Approach can be analyzed when product has problems. Same is true for AMK Mig-31 and by the way it has curves too. Upper intake of Mig-31 is rather complex and AMK is perfect with this area.
  14. This is *not* a fair comparison at all due to different angles. I will share a better picture when I have time.
  15. Video of the D-day F-15s. Somebody please 1/48 decals. Emergency 😄
  16. Zombie thread: I never posted my finished model, here it is: lol 🙂
  17. You deserve this more 🙂 😛 Seriously dude, please... Not same angle, not same lens/distance, it is even missing *huge* part. Get real. Pictures I saw last 2 days erased all the question marks in my mind. This kit is looking gorgeous.
  18. Rear is perfect. From the pictures, AMK model is better than Tamiya.
  19. Thanks, this pictures closed the case for me. Much appreciated.
  20. :P Cannot hold myself :P No offense just joking. I like your posts mate.
  21. Looks amazing. I prefer this over Tamiya -just looking at pictures, dont have either in hand. Let's see what will Great Wall bring :D:D:D:D:D
  22. P.S. I actually LOVE to have decals for these two Es and one C. I really liked the special pattern on them. Someone hopefully will produce them in 1/48. I think great wall has a 1/72 boxing already.
  23. It is not have glass. It is just special paint for D-Day celebrations.
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