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  1. I will be using the following colors for the su-27ub above: TESTORS 2144 Gloss White FS 17925 TESTORS 2031 Blue FS 35109 TESTORS 1705 Insignia Red FS31136 TESTORS 1747 Gloss Black FS 17038 What do you think? I am not so sure about the blue.
  2. Hard core, I am jealous... Congratulations...
  3. BTW, I am still open to any suggestions about the compressor:)
  4. I will build the following so I need your ideas about colors. I think to use Model master standard gloss black and whites but as far as I know there is no such thing as gloss blue. Which blue do you suggest and do you thing the standard gloss colors are ok or shoul I use different ones?
  5. Thanks for all responses... I want to ask a few more questions, until today I have used regular brushes to paint my models. I want to buy a compressor, what are your suggestions? My limit is about 200$.
  6. I think we need a 1:48 Mi-28 Hear me Academy, Revell...
  7. Thanks for your time. It is very helpful.
  8. First of all, I am sorry to asking you about something that probably discussed here before but I couldn’t find exact answers by search engine. So I will buy a brand new airbrush and want to build a few Russian planes in 1:48 scale. (I have done in 1:72 until today) I want to buy the best kits out there for Su-27, Mig-29, and Mig-21. What are your suggestions? If you have time, additional information about "after market" pieces will be welcomed, too
  9. Hi all; I have a short question: Which is the most accurate Messerschmitt Bf 109 in 1:48 scale and what other accessories do you suggest for it? Oh, I see there are two questions:)
  10. Why don't you do a P-42 by this method??? Yu do not need to paint on that beautiful covering job. definatelly, Do a Su-27 model kit as a p-42...!!!
  11. Hi, currently I am working on same bird. However, I cant be sure to use which colors on it. can you help me? :wacko: (especially it vill be perfect for me if one can tell the model master names...) Thanks for answer.
  12. keep going my friend what a project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D and money! :unsure:
  13. Thank you very much everbody.............. I am very pleased for your answers................. :D :D :unsure:
  14. Hi all; This is my first post as I said... Also i am a newbe on modelling. If this question was asked before, sorry anout that: I wonder how you can do that facsinating weatherings on the models. thanks for your time and answers..... fox......
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