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  1. Hi KEB, shipping wont be an issue. BUT, I realized the wingtip pylons I have are from Kinetic Su-33. I can still ship them if you want to use them on the Su-35. They are very similar. Here is the picture of what I have:
  2. One thing to note, PS770 is heavier than infinity. I like this feature of it too but some may not. I seriously dislike infinity trigger. I assigned it for just general coverage stuff with .4mm needle πŸ˜„
  3. I may help you out. PM your zip code to me. I will check the shipping.
  4. I *really* like my PS770 from Mr. Hobby. 0.18mm. It is better than my infinity 100%. Infinity triggers are flimsy. I think it is also better than Iwata Hi-line HP-CH which was my go to for many years.
  5. I love ghost in the shell. So I feel you! πŸ˜‰
  6. In an alternate universe, it is F-23 killer. LOL :) I would love to park it next to my YF-23 model. It is supposed to be almost as big as that one. It had cool engines too:
  7. What is this list? A wish list or rumors of the kits under development by Great Wall Hobby?
  8. We should have 1/48 Ka-52 and Mi-28 by now... Lazy model companies..!
  9. 15? wow. I had no idea that many produced. I thought the couple were just Su-27 converts. I had no idea there was production line for the type. Anyhow this is the one I would love build. I wanted to use a kietic su-33+academy su-27 etc and make a conversion but didn't dare to start πŸ™‚
  10. Hoping for an eventual Great Wall Hobby one. If you look at their F-15 and Mig-29 models, they go for the *whole* family and do not shy to have new molds! :) This was the main reason for my excitement when I heard their Su-35 release. I knew we will at least get vanilla Su-27. We will have our 1/48 canard flanker. Well, we have the Su-33/J-15 but in addition to those πŸ˜‰ Actually, the most desirable one for me is the "old" Su-35, single seat canard one. It had I think 2 examples build. One in desert camo the other one in blue. I would love to build that one.
  11. That is like your opinion man... I like R2D2 there a lot!
  12. wow, I am not as sick as I thought.
  13. It is already on the market! at least at ebay :) Isn't that quick for a model I asked yesterday, hahaha.
  14. Is there any rumors about a PLAAF specific Su-35 boxing from GWH?
  15. The *feel* of the resin in your hand is better. πŸ˜‰
  16. Future airbrushing: A gentle mist then *hose* it WET. It is amazing. Best gloss.
  17. I can deny it :) There were some eggplant Su-34s but never Su-35s.
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