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  1. Hi Quixote, you’re right, its a different pod. Cheers
  2. Hi Sarathy, Hasegawa weapons set VIII https://www.amazon.com.mx/HASEGAWA-35113-Aircraft-Weapons-VIII/dp/B004KVZGUO This include the “alíen pod” used by agressors/adversary squads. Cheers. P.S. As Quixote state si a different pod.
  3. Micro Gloss, it can be brushed with an soft "artist brush".
  4. And wich kit will be better for represent a "BombCat"? Thank You. Cheers
  5. Look this thread in a spanish forum: https://maquetas.mforos.mobi/2065625/11285663-referencias-pintura-f-18-espanol-modernizado-ef-18m/ FS35237 "médium gray" photo courtesy of "Locutus" user. This colour table is painted on spanish hornet's, cheers. P.S. Viva España!
  6. Hello Gentlemen, I have two Questions about this pod (fixed on right wing) designation? is available in 1/72? ( Included in some F-16 kit or hasegawa's weapons set) Thank You. cheers.
  7. Well, just mesure youre machinegun, multiply for 35, then divide between 32, an thats what must be long in 32, You decide if it work
  8. Beautiful decal set, some distributor in México? Thank You
  9. Hello Gentlemen, asking to Flanker Experts, as there some match for this paint scheme? This awsome particular Flanker,red guards badge, cool blueish scheme, and christened as a Soviet Union Heroe (look the air intake, sadly isn't a clear image). Thank You for read. cheers
  10. Hello everyone, thats the ICM kit in 1/72, with the Amodel kit, decals for national insignia, and some decal bashing, rudder flag is hand painted, finished using RLM71 and RLM65 from modelmaster. Thanks for watching, cheers
  11. Some chance for make the peruvian version, using this new kit?
  12. P and PD are relativelly common kits, revell and kittyhawk, "R" versions are more exotics
  13. Somebody know release date for MPM Vampire FMkIII version? azure, special hobby and xtrakit are available since many mounths ag. Thank You. Cheers
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