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  1. Im in the lakota unit out of Boise... If I can be any help let me know! I plan on building a few of these kits lol! If anyone does know where to get decals for these lakotas, please let me know!!! I was going to try to print my own...
  2. I was able to get one from sealmodel. Here is a link. http://www.sealmodel.com/product_details.php?category_id=48&filter=%26fl1%3D4%26fl3%3D27&item_id=5178 They are in stock, and current price is $46 USD. Shipping is not bad, and I received mine in about a week and a half.
  3. RCAFFAN I do have the late D kit from academy that I plan to build for my personal collection. I was just looking for something bigger as a display piece for the unit I am assigned to. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. Got it all figured out! Thanks to scotthldr!
  5. If I could find that kit for sale anywhere other than ebay, and less that $100, I'd be all over it, but budget doesn't allow it right now :(
  6. Does anyone out there know of any update/mod kits for the Hasegawa 1/48 AH-64D? Specifically, I'm looking to update to a late model D (Block II) with the sugar scoop exhausts and M-TADS and PNVS etc. I have looked everywhere I can think of, but no dice. I know there is the 1/48 E model, but this needs to be correct for a tribute piece I plan on making for my unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Looks amazing! I cant wait to start on mine! One question, did you use a flat, or a satin clear coat on it? I like how it looks flat at most angles, but has a slight "oily" sheen at some others.
  8. Chances are I worked on that 1st ACB bird while deployed to Iraq.... I may need to buy this kit now!
  9. These are amazing! I would like to eventually build a few more Swiss Air Force models as well. I have the same F-18 as you!
  10. Not sure if this would qualify as "special operations", But i came across these while looking for something else and thought you all might be interested (if this has not already been brought up) https://sobchak.wordpress.com/tag/hughes-500p/ https://medium.com/war-is-boring/the-cia-built-a-special-helicopter-to-sneak-into-north-vietnam-b1bb0ea35a7b
  11. The tips of the E model composite blades are visually different from the D model. Instead of the leading and trailing edges being swept back to maintain the same chord as on the old style blades, the leading edge appears to sweep back much more on the composite blades, with the trailing edge of the tip having such a small sweep that it appears in line with the trailing edge of the rest of the blade.
  12. It looks like I'm a bit late to this thread, but glad I found it! I had the opportunity to ride on the pods of an MH-6M last summer and it was the most amazing thing I've ever done. I wanted to build a model of the bird I flew on, so I looked around and ended up getting the 1/35 Dragon AH-6J kit and the Black Ops Models MH-6M conversion kit. I wanted to get a set of Mr. Floyd Werner's Nightstalker Decals 35-04 but they are sold out, and will not be reproduced... Would anyone in this group happen to have some spare Little Bird decals they would be willing to part with? (with compensation, of co
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