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  1. Hi all. That thing is called UAVX-2. It is a recce UAV, intended to be carried by an F-15 (and also by MSDF's P-3?). After its release, it will fly a pre-planned route (no guided capability), with GPS to correct its position. Landing is done automatically. Measures are: lenght, 5.2m; height, 1.6m and width 2.5m. Apparently it has some stealth capability and its maximum flight altitude is about 12000m. Four machines are to be developed by 2009 on a 10.3 billion yen programme (numbers 1001 to 1004?) 1002
  2. Hi Nev. J 936 was transferred out of the AGR in mid May, and is now flying with neighbour 23SQ. Wonder whether 912 will get a new paint job or its current 'mitsubishi special' scheme repainted after its loan to 303SQ.
  3. Yeah Jackman, same as 6SQ F-2s on the F-2 Section -actually is their motto on fins - (note also both 8WG unit markings on right intake of 304SQ birds) Here's a couple a galleries more (click the pics to enlarge) 1 2 (a tribute to winner 306SQ Senkyo Team air/ground crews -1st formation, CO LtCol Sasaki 'SAKI' is on pic 03 along with wingman 1Lt Watanabe 'HADES '; 2nd formation is on pic 04: leader 1Lt Inoue 'J-DU' -I feel he took part as wingman in 2006 also with 306SQ- and wingman 2Lt Minezawa 'DICK' - )
  4. Updating the topic, winner of the F-15 Section is 306SQ
  5. Hi 6329tsur. Those pics posted by Nev dated 05/29 show both 3 and 6 SQs returning to their homebases (note baggage on the cockpits). I can confirm the Section was cancelled due to bad weather. Worst, the F-4 Section has also been cancelled for the same reason (apparently it was to be held at the same time in Nyuta).
  6. Eagle outfits arrived in Komatsu AB today for the F-15 Section (except for 305SQ who apparently arrived yesterday)
  7. Unfortunately, it seems that the F-2 Section has been cancelled due to foul weather Let's pray for fair weather in Komatsu from tomorrow
  8. Related to that F-2 Section starting tomorrow, here's a pic of one of those 2 3SQ fakers (just in case someone has not seen it yet ) 133
  9. 'Spirit of the Samurai' ;)
  10. You're welcome JackMan, but some links and that translation are not mines. Thanks are deserved by both Nev and 6329tsur These are the intake markings on 305SQ birds: musashi BTW, third 6SQ Senkyo bird, 517, has been noted. The lady on the tail is painted in white. Also, I know this is a little bit off-topic, but might interest someone. Here's a very interesting pic of AGR 912 (just returned from a recent overhaul -note the painted-out areas-) detached to Komatsu AB boasting an AAM-5 training round (head is visible on the inner port wing station) 912
  11. 6WG outfits (let's hope markings will be updated): 303SQ 964 964 (2) 306SQ 957 No markings this far on 203SQ planes. Those of 305SQ (sole J 902 noted) look very much like the ones worn in 2006. I would like to know where and when will the F-4 Section be held. I really don't understand that 'Open participation' remark on the schedule (and why 302SQ will not attend it )
  12. Hi all. Being a few weeks ahead of the Senkyo starting, special machines are noted at several bases. I guess markings are not finished yet, but here's a first glimpse of those worn by 204SQ Eagles out of Naha AB. 944 919 Cheers
  13. Eagles boasting those markings are know as 'fakers' in Japan (not officially, though). They play the role of enemy planes for the squadron while preparing the annual Senkyo exercise, so you could consider them as Aggressors, albeit some temporary ones (not all outfits have them however, and there are many, many variations on that topic -one of my favourites- )
  14. Fortunately, the F-2 Section will be run in Nyutabaru AB, so we'll have good 'coverage' of those markings from local spotters, not the case if it were hosted by Misawa AB
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