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  1. According to their leaflet https://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2019-12.pdf they included two 506th FG ships in Royal Class box P-51D-20, My darlin/ Betty Ann, Little Ann, The Ole Lady, 44-72812, fLt. Ralph R. Coltman, 458th FS, 506th FG, 12th AF and P-51D-25, The Enchantress, 44-72671, 2nd Lt. William Saks, 457th FS, 506th FG, 12th AF
  2. I have it too. Superb kit except the cockpit canopy framing - too thick. It will have to be sanded off and recreated... It's a pitty. The major flaw...
  3. Thanks guys for all that nice comments :)/>/> I am glad you like it ;)/>/> Yes, the folded wing are straight OOB. BUT! for this option you need to install slots and flaps in close posion which is VERY VERY VERY time and labour intensive. The kit is engineered in a way closing flaps and slots is quite tedious. But the result is just awesome ;)/> I have found a poor quality video on YouTube one day. There were several VA-36 A-6Es on a carrier deck being ready for a mission back in 1991... They were all loaded with Mk.83s. Some two or three planes carried Mk.20 Rockeyes. It was the moment which makes me start the build. I had never saw an A-6 loaded with 10 Mk.83s on MERs... Instant love :)/>/> Thanks again guys S.
  4. Decals are from Afterburner - Desert Storm Intruders. The kit is Hobbyboss. I've added also Quickboost seats, Eduard Brassin wheels, Aerobonus MERs and DIY coated Mk.83s.
  5. FINALY !!!! It's finished :) Thx for looking :) Alexandr
  6. Will get mine on Friday. I suppose its based on their 1/32 model, which was VERY good. Hope this one is similar.
  7. I think the reason is very simple. The gun pods and rockets vere done originaly in 1/32 scale for Revell G-6. They probably just sceled those down to 1/48. But the plastic pods are done for this bigger Gustaf which is in 1/46 scale- so they are different ... Souns logic ? ;)
  8. Based on the measurement of the real model here http://ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=38182&page_d=0&idp_d=0&idc_d=1&show_html= Eduard 109 seems to have wingspan 7 mm bigger than it should be in 1/48. It corresponds to about 1/46 scale.. The fuselage seems to have similar problem... S.
  9. Hi, I have some progress done last week. First I've tackled intake trunks. Those are a bit tricky but quite nice after some sanding and a bit of miliput. Next is the cockpit. I've added a few wires to the area behind the cockpit. Also added are a few bits and pieaces to the cockpit tube itself. Based on photos and a video I've decided to add the shield to BN instrument panel. Not sure if it is 100% correct but looks OK for me... ;) Today I've put some paint on and did some very light weathering. Instrument bezels are from Mike Grant's decal sheet. A few parts from Eduard's PE set are also used in this cockpit. There is still no set dedicated to HB model. I am using the sets intended for Kinetic and the usability is extremely limited. That's all for now. Thanks for looking. Rgds Alexandr
  10. Hi Clif, I did actualy :) But it realy need s just a little bit. Hi David, It is done using Tamiya White Putty. I will do some resin copy and will let know about availability - just in case you will be interested ;) Regards Alexandr
  11. Hi Scott, Thanks a lot for this valuable info. Now I understand my confusion when looking on all the pictures... But I wanted to replace kit's fences anyway as they are quite thick. So I can still put the replacement to original position or relocate them. I quite enjoy such a small changes on my models to be honest. Regarding my choice - yes 536 really looks cool. You've mentioned 533 being heavily used. Do you have by any chance some pictures? Maybe I could change my mind and build her :) Thanks a lot Alexandr
  12. Hi, did some progress during last weekend. First some work on fuselage... [/url] [/url] Then I could not resist to try the mix construction of landing gear [/url] [/url] Also I started to relocate the wing fence [/url] And the last but not least - my first try on USN Mk83 bomb with protective coating. I am still trying... [/url] Rgds Alexandr
  13. Clif, Aires has separate cockpit sets for Revell/Monogram Prowler in the catalog (items 4395 - Early and 4398 - Late). HTH S.
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