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  1. yeah, the duraluminum does not resist water at all... accidentally dropped water on a painted surface and had to completely repaint the section I may have just gotten a bad batch of that color, who knows
  2. On the plane, at least overnight. On my test subjects, I sprayed it then used a blow dryer on medium heat for a few minutes
  3. Ladies and gentlement, I request your collective wisdom. I'm in the painting process of a P-51 in NMF. I used Mission Models Duraluminum(MMM-005) as the metallic. I then tried to use Alclad Aquagloss as the gloss coat so I can start decaling. The problem I ran into was that the Aquagloss crazed and cracked. Looking for a solution, I took a piece of styrene card. I primed it with my usual Grey Stynylrez then painted it with Mission Models Duraluminum (MMM-005). I then tried a bunch of different combos of Vallejo Acrylic Gloss Clear, Mission Models Gloss Clear, and Aquaglos
  4. Fayetteville was a little far from where I grew up so I never really went there. But if Hayes Hobby House is as good as they say it may warrant a visit.
  5. I guess Amazon is gonna be my goto for kits and the Mission Models Paint that I've fallen in love with, after the move, then. I've been spoiled with a few pretty good hobby shops here in Los Angeles, while I've been here.
  6. So, I just took a new job which will bring me home to NC. I'll be in the triangle area. What are some good LHS's in the area?
  7. Are you in the US? If so, I highly recommend Coast Airbrush in Anaheim.. Excellent customer service with fast shipping and decent prices.
  8. I think the Meng M1A1 AIM kit(TS-032) is amazing. Edit: Sorry for resurrecting a year dead thread....but I'm building this one now and the thing fits together beautifully, has a fully functional suspension with torsion bars and is incredibly accurate.
  9. I thought the instrument panels were different.
  10. I already bought the GWH F-15K, but what needs to change from the F-15I to make it an F-15E?
  11. I figured by your name that was the case. Everything I've read said that the GWH Eagle is the best and I've been meaning to build it. This gives me a reason. I already nabbed one of the D-Corp Slam Eagles off of eBay.
  12. Are the short cft stub pylons included in the box, too? Or do I need to find resin ones?
  13. Otherwise, visually, everything on the F-15K is the same as the F-15E except for the engines?
  14. By non-extended cft stubs, you mean the port and starboard side weapons mounts that were replaced with shorter ones because the originals were cracking?
  15. Thanks for responding. So Revell kit it is! I already have a Hasegawa weapons kit, so I'm only concerned about the OIF updates to include GPS and the LAU-128 missile launchers....And decals, as the ones provided with the kit are garbage.
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