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  1. Hi, RevellAtions is completly (for the moment) independant of RoG or Revell Inc. It's a U.K. based site, primarily for and about Revell past and present and what's coming down the pike in the future? Join us, it'll be nice to get an American slant on things. Paul
  2. Whip round for a 'Bob' for the meter?! :( Paul
  3. O.K. Paul, what's the 'skinny'? I've seen you lurking!!! Paul
  4. 'Silver' sand (as used in childrens sandpits) or 'sharp' sand. Silver is the 'finest' grit, or, as has already been suggested railway scenics. Paul
  5. Gaz, artistic licence granted!! That's one mean looking moggie, excellent build and finished with a hairy stick?!!! Seeing this, mine just moved DOWN the to do pile! Paul
  6. Pre-prep with a solution of PVA / 'White glue' / Elmers? (i'm a Brit!) Let dry, then finish with the paint of your choice. Above much loved by painters of Airfix figures (back in the day! ) Paul
  7. Thank you gentlemen, your help, as usual is great. Might get the chance of a pit-stop, depends on SWMBO! Most time will be spent in / around the L.A. area (only driving around 2500 miles) Doesn't seem to be a great number around the 'bay' area, either L.A. or San Diego, or is it just me? Once again, <_< Paul
  8. Hi all, title says it all, any model shops between the 'windy city' and L.A., or in / around the L.A. area? All info gratefully received, Paul
  9. Just one point, the Lanc refered to above is a Mk.X, main difference was the upper turret, mounting 2 x .50 cal. rather than 2 x .303 cal. and was 6 feet further back (1" in 1/72, 1.5" in 1/48.) and did not have the surrounding 'collar'. :) Paul
  10. Hi Danny, will you be at Scale Model World in Telford U.K. in November? If so, load your vehicle with the new book, something tells me you won't take many back home! Paul
  11. Just to say sorry your moving, BUT, thank you for opening up the auction to international bidders. Now the proud owner of the 'Lanc' sheet of decals. Paul
  12. Hi Les, If Carl T (a.k.a. p-26luvr) doesn't want it, could i have it please? Curious, what paint did you use for the body colour? I was lucky, had an old tin of Humbrol Napoleonic French Blue. Best regards, Paul
  13. I'm sure the Royal Navy and the R.A.F. wouldn't mind you borrowing the term He, he, he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul
  14. IIRC, the latest boxing of the B-17G by Airfix is from the Academy moulds. Leasing of mould, as the old Airfix G mould was 'past it'! The Matchbox kit wasn't bad, just keep a tube of your favorite filler handy! Upshot is, buy the best YOU can afford. Paul
  15. Hi Big Kohona, what scale are you building in? The Martin turret was fitted 6' forward of the original turret on the Mk.X also on the Mk.VII In 1/72 thats 1" in 1/48 1.5". The turret from a Marauder will fill the bill, though with no turret surround. Something else to watch out for is the tail turret, as later production models also changed this from the 4 X .303 F/N to 2 X .50 Rose turret, with larger 'clear view panels' i.e. BIG holes! The following may be useful:- http://www.lancasterfm159.freeservers.com/index.html http://www.warplane.com http://www.kiwiaircraftimages.com/lan
  16. Hi all. just to "pour oil on troubled water". Mikester, i think Vince's remarks were 'tonge in cheek' i.e. a joke. Sorry twisted English humour. I think the meaning behind the first post was aimed at a 'review' without the kit. This is a new tool, just released in the U.K. that has still to find it's way across the pond. The original 109 i can remember building back in the sixty's, at the time it was great, Ahh, age and experience!!! But in defence of Hornby, a new tool at around five and a half quid (err, about $9 U.S.) as against what for a Hasegawa? The Fine Moulds 109 is the one
  17. i'll make the three, though my preference is 1/32!! Paul
  18. Hi all, just a thought, something i found out in the last couple of weeks. Humbrol's re-launches fail to tell the customer information they need to know, to whit:- .....the Humbrol acrylics range is optimised for application by airbrush. If you have a problem with a product, tell the manufacturer:- Hornby Hobbies, Westwood Industrial Estate, Margate, Kent. CT9 4JX. U.K. My moan is that Q.C. DOES NOT WORK over 8000 miles. H/Q - England, manufacture - China! Even though, i think the tender was won by Windsor & Newton. One person crying :P (moaning! ) in isolation means n
  19. Hi Bear, first, WELCOME! Now the bad news, LIFE SENTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Heard a few stories like yours, think it may be down to how old your particular tin is. Hannants are AWARE?!!!! But have failed to issue a re-call. Good customer service, or what?.......................... Not had the problem personally, won't give Hannants money on principle! Probably find out more at www.britmodeller.com as quite a few of the lads have 're-decorated' their modelling rooms, inadvertantly! Paul
  20. Sorry Edgar, but NO! Even midwives can't use the stuff Paul
  21. All will be revealed! in the next update. i.e. Friday / Saturday 24/25 April 2009 :D P.S. Nice to know someone else out there has heard of Skybirds. Paul
  22. Hi Julien, would you happen to know if it's a 'new tool'? or have Hannants got hold of the 'Skybirds '86' moulds? Regards, Paul
  23. Battle damage? :wacko: Ventilation? Na, it wood worm! Paul
  24. Hi Pete, Oh well, another good reason to take up knitting! If i might, a suggestion. You spent all that time on the radar, didn't the original roll out on rails?!! Seems a shame to bury it. Paul
  25. Hi Nicholas, decals first, then the wash. Other way round the paint on the full size item would chip/peel much more readily. Paul
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