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  1. No response for over a month. Obviously nobody is interested in knowing how this diorama turns out. Pity I wasted so much time posting on this forum. They were right, nothing much happens here for ship modellers. To those that did respond, I say thank you . But I shall not return here again. It's too clique. Bye.
  2. @Silenoz, that is such a small scale! I would easily stuff it up in a heartbeat through my fingers. Doing a grand job. I am interested to see how this project turns out.
  3. There is a boat that traverses under the bridge in a straight line. To eliminate the appearance of a normal boat reversing under the bridge, an abnormal boat is required. A boat with two front (bow) sections. To do this, I bought two identical wooden boat kits, so I could build a boat to those requirements. I cut in half (broadest point) of the deck, and from that line I cut the keels and cabin walls. Then joined the bow portions together. The planks were too stiff to just glue onto the bulkheads. A planking iron (heat-bending) was too expensive, but discovere
  4. Thank you @Slartibartfast for your kind comment. _________________________________________________ Painted several figurines (1/72 scale). Half of them are shire council workers in hi-vis gear.
  5. Designing the motor controllers for both the lift-span and the boat pulley systems. Working out how to reduce the speed of the span lift motor. Calculating the amount of motor axel drift after power is switched off. This needs to be compensated for if the span is to dock on the bridge with minimum negative cable tension. Designing the printed circuit board (PCB) for the two motor controllers (on one board). Making the PCB. Well, that's enough electronics for awhile.
  6. Designing a circuit for this brand of servo mechanism. Showing the two different signals for a 90+ degree shift in the servo arm. Designed and built a printed circuit board for the four servos that control the gates. The two blue trim-pots per circuit is for tuning in the servo arm to exactly where the open and closed positions are for each gate. Made wooden brackets to keep both axles and servos at the correct distance for a linkage arm between the two. Microswitches are positioned over each gate axle arm. These enable the cont
  7. Yes I know, and that there is no railing on the other side. They may have closed the footpath, but I have no evidence or heresay to tell me differently. Since 1995, a boom gate, at either end gets lowered across the road. Where the boom gate is, a swing gate closes off the footpath. And, there are no gaps in the railings. Today, another set of gates, at the towers, close off the footpath again.
  8. Thank you @Hajo L., and @Slartibartfast for such high compliments. To be honest, I feel I don't deserve it, but the One that guides me; where the inspiration comes from. ___________________________________________________________________ It was at this stage of the project when I received an email from a museum colleage showing a faint picture of the bridge swing gates. These gates were replaced with boom gates in 1995. Finding photographs clearly showing what the swing gates looked like has been unproductive until now. I used whatever I could f
  9. I think you maybe questioning my skills set. I have to admit, I am always surprised about it myself, yet see many others far advanced than my own. It will always be like that for everybody. My background: Drawing, sketching, drafting, industrial design, diesel mecahnic, fitter-welder, Instrument fitter, electronics technician, and custom designed instrument maker for experimentations. Then I had a break from all that for twenty years until this project was requested from me.
  10. Thank you Bruce for compliment. No, I am not an armor modeller. This bridge project is my very first model. I think scratch-building lends itself to wondering how and what to use that will simulate what is needed. After all, the parts are not available like a kit provides. Also I never ever say "that's impossible", so I am compelled to look for solutions.
  11. Thank you @Hajo L. for your kind response. ___________________________________________ Painted the road. Built the fence that borders the house.
  12. Every room has a LED light. One room gets lit at a time (about 20 seconds per room), as if someone is going from one room to the next.
  13. Thank you @Silenoz for responding. Yes and no. Yes, when considering the task as a whole; and no, when considering the one straight matchstick that needs to fit in that spot. As you already know: If I worry about the whole task, I lack the consideration for that matchstick and end up botching the whole task. If I focus just on the proceedures of matching the matchstick, one at a time, the whole task will take care of itself. When I finish the task, I adjust my focus on the whole task and end up saying exactly what you said, "looking really good".
  14. Thank you @Hajo L. and @Slartibartfast for your responses. ___________________________________________________________ There is a house which partly intrudes into the display area. Researched and took some photographs, and estimated its measurements. Then proceeded to build a house.
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