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  1. Hi, I am interested in the Hasegawaˇs F-4F. Postage to Czech Republic?
  2. Hi, do you still have some of the decals listed here? I´d be interested in some of them. Jan
  3. Up - anyone with an offer? I am especially after the number Three - with the blue special from Wildenrath.
  4. Fellow modellers, I am looking for these sheets from Aeromaster. I will be happy with either of the 3 parts, that being said, part nr. 3 will make me the happiest :) If anyone wants to offload these, my interest will last. Thanks for offers.
  5. Gentlemen, I am looking for these decals sheets: Syhart Decal 1/72 nr. 72-040 These are for F-4F Phantom II in the anniversary colours of German Air Force Edited 18.2.2019 - Got the TwoBobs sheet. Still in search of the Syhart sheet. Thank You all for offers.
  6. Ken, thank you. I know, it´s two years old, however, I am willing to try it out anyway, as there are sets I have been trying to get for years :) And understandably, if Steve is so busy, I need to respect that and wait for the reply when he gets to it. So no trouble there :) Thanks for checking for the number, we´ll see how this plays out. Jan
  7. Hi Dan, do you still have the F-14D Black Lions´ Last Cruise for sale? I´d be interested. I am from the Czech Republic, can pay via PayPal. I would be looking for the 30-35 dollars price, but I will respect your quote. Jan
  8. Hi, lads, is this still on? I have written emails to Steve at both addresses (even at Noth American Hobbies) but to this day no reply :(
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