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  1. Hi all I have the 1/48 Italeri AH-1Z kit which I want to build as a W, the kit contains all the parts to make the W kit but I don't have the instructions for a W. Does anyone have a scanned copy of the W intructions or would anyone be willing to scan them and email them to me? Thanks John PS...if anyone has the Two Bobs 48-035 AH-1W Cobra Whiskey's in the Mix sheet and is willing to sell it, (doesn't matter if some of the decals have been used), I'm after the desert markings (brown and sand).
  2. LOL. I thought that about the salesperson at the original online website that I ordered the kit from. Explained to them that I received the kit in perfect condition but when opening the sealed sprue bags part 93 wasn't there. The person proceeded to respond telling me how my kit was shipped and due to the method couldn't be tracked. What that had to do with my email, to this day I still don't know. Don't worry Keith, in comparisson ur Albert Einstein! Fortunately LuckyModels reads the content of emails and are assisting me, even though I didn't order the kit from them. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Keith Part 93, top of the nose with the buldge and gun vents.
  4. Hi all Can somebody who has the RM F/A-18E kit (5519) handy, tell me what the sprue number is which contains part 93(nose top)? The sprue contains all the nose assemblies and intakes if I recall. Busy ordering a replacement part and the website requires the physical sprue number, I'm at work and don't have the kit next to me. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. John
  5. Hi all Did some searching on Google but didn't get a definite answer, only total payload. I'm looking for the maximum weight each weapon station can handle, can't find this anywhere. To narrow it down further (if it helps), stations 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10 would surfice. Thx John
  6. If I can get so much usage out of them then its worth the $7. Thanks guys.
  7. Hi all I never used Eduard masks (or any aftermarket masks for that matter) before and I'm thinking of getting EX115 for the 1/48 Revell F/A-18E. I was wandering how many times I'd be able to use the masks? ie. how many kits i could complete using them. Would the masks react to canopies that have been dipped in future? Thx John
  8. Hi Liam Definitely 36320 and 36375, just double checked to make sure. The instructions don't actually mention which black to use for the stabilisers. The monogram boxing (have this kit too) for VFA-14 indicates gloss black. I agree with you on the RoG painting instructions, there are so many mistakes. The Monogram instructions are far better and clearer, even indicates FS colours. How the same instruction sheet can differ so much is beyond me. The Daco decals in the RoG boxing makes up for the painting issues IMHO. The ARC superhornet GB should kick-off in May '06 and is working in conj
  9. Hi Liam I'm at work at the moment so I don't have the RoG boxing in front of me but it should be the standard FS36320 top and FS36375 bottom. Dark Ghost and Light Ghost Grey. The vertical stablisers are either gloss or semi-gloss black, not sure what the FS number for that it. Will double check when I get home.
  10. Thanks for the responses, my apologies for only reading this now. Who sells the Flightpath set online? Thanks John
  11. Hi all Firstly, Merry Xmas. Secondly, is the dual launch rail on the A-10 the same one thats used on the F-4? If not does anyone make the launcher in 1/48? Lastly, the rocket pods carried on the A-10 in recent conflicts, are they the same ones used by the AH-1W and AH-64? Was hoping I could use some of my 1/48 Italeri helo kit pods? If not then would the pods from Hasegawa Set A (or is it work? Thanks John
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