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  1. Swashplate

    Trumpeter P-38 Lightning 1/32 Virginia Marie

    Amazing detail. Museum quality model for sure!
  2. Swashplate

    Lakenheath F-4D

    Love the builds. Especially the diorama.
  3. Swashplate

    Yak-130 'Mitten'; Zvezda 1:72

    Amazing work. Love the paint job.
  4. Swashplate

    1/48 Monogram F-14A Tomcat

    Great build Darren.
  5. Swashplate

    1/48 Monogram A-37B FAS 427 "DRAGON"

    Really cool build Charlie. Great job.
  6. Swashplate

    F9F-3 Panther

    Nice build John. Congratulations!
  7. Swashplate

    Academy 1/35th scale OH-58D

    Thank AlienFrogModeller and crackerjazz.
  8. Swashplate

    Academy 1/35th scale OH-58D

    Thanks Hooker169.
  9. Swashplate

    Academy 1/35th scale OH-58D

    Thanks gentlemen.
  10. Swashplate

    Army Aviator Flight Gear

    Viking73, that is some really cool flight gear you have. I love the orange instructor flight suit. Everything that you see in my pictures were given to me from a good friend who did two tours in Vietnam as a crew chief. He picked up the mannequin from a department store near his home that was going out of business. They gave it to him. He picked it up in the early 80s. The survival vest pockets or filled with folded up newspapers to make them look full.
  11. Swashplate

    Academy 1/35th scale OH-58D

    https://flic.kr/s/aHsmeEpyxZ. I picked this kit up some time ago from a Flea Market close to my house. Still had the plastic wrap on it. Only $15.00. I’m somewhat leary of getting kits from Flea Markets. It’s more or less a gamble of what you might find inside the box once you open it. This time, the gamble paid off. Everything in the box was in fantastic condition, considering how much dust was on the box when I picked it up. The build itself went great. No fit issues. Decals were great. I used Rest-oleum camouflage specialty paint for the body, and Testors Model Master Enamels for everything else. After I sealed the paint with Testors Dull Coat, I did a pin wash with artist oils thinned with mineral spirits. Two areas of this build that I would change if I could, would be the cockpit color, and main rotor mast assembly. With out checking reference photos of the cockpit, I used Flat Gull Gray instead of flat black. On the main rotor mast assembly, the rod connectors that go from the Swashplate to the rotor head should have been glued at an angle. All in all, a fun build.
  12. Swashplate

    Trumpeter 1/35th scale Mi-24V Hind-E

    Thanks a lot R Spreckley.
  13. Swashplate

    Completed - 1/48 UH-1D

    Love it!
  14. Swashplate

    1/35 MH-65D Dolphin

    Looking forward to seeing this one complete.
  15. Awesome work!