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  1. Swashplate

    Mil Mi-24P “Hind-F” – Revell – 1:48

    You sir, are a true model master. Fantastic work, for sure. Glad to hear that your health has improved. Look forward to seeing more on this. God bless.
  2. Swashplate

    Where are you going modelwise in 2019?

    To not only build, but detail the crap out of Trumpeter’s 1/32nd scale P-38 Lightening. Also to try my hand at figures. Something that I dread. WITH A PASSION. Happy Modeling in 2019 Regards, Christopher.
  3. Swashplate

    F-14A VF-32, Bicentenial, 1/48 Tamiya

    Looks awesome. Congrats!
  4. Swashplate

    VA-65 A-6E Intruder

    Wow! Very nice build.
  5. Swashplate

    1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18C VMFA-323 Death Rattlers

    Love the weathering. Not overdone. The exhaust covers are a really nice touch.
  6. Swashplate

    1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.IXc, "Kicked Up A Notch"

    👍👍👍👍👍. Stunning work sir.
  7. Swashplate

    New Airfix Bristol Blenheim Mk 1. 1:48

    Outstanding job Nigel!
  8. Swashplate

    Dragon 1/35th scale UH-1N

    Thanks gentlemen for commenting. ccrqw, I was close to doing the same thing, (sanding the soundproofing). I really didn’t want to add any more weight, because of the skids. I took a chance. I used the thinnest sheeting I could get. I wish I could have gotten the upgrade set from Cobra Company. Is it good quality? Thanks for your comment. Regards, Christopher.
  9. Swashplate

    Spraying greenhouse windows

    I know that I'm late to the game, but I use Tamiya Clear Green thinned ALOT with Tamiya thinner. I test the mix on clear plastic sheet before I spray the actual piece. I spray the underside ONLY, as well. Has worked well for me in the past. I also use a Badger 150 airbrush as well. Best of luck on your project. Regards Christopher
  10. Swashplate

    New tooled 1/35th scale AH-1Z

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one. Looks fantastic.
  11. You sir, do some amazing work. 👍👍👍👍👍
  12. Swashplate

    Dragon 1/35th scale UH-1N

    https://flic.kr/s/aHskPzpb4E I had a really fun time working on this one. It took me quite along time to complete it. I spent some long hours fixing the shortcomings in the kit. The main rotor head was the one item in the kit that needed the most attention. The nasty panel on the tail boom was the second major area I gave attention too. I purchased some aftermarket weapons from Live Resin. It is the best I've seen on the market. The minigun that came with the kit was comically out of scale. I also replaced the .50 cal. The PE that comes with the kit is beyond awesome. Saves a lot of time on painting. I covered the quilted material in the cargo compartment with plastic sheet. I also added scrap PE to the walls for additional detail. I added sandpaper to the landing skids to simulate a non slip texture, along with tow brackets. I purchased some gold foil from a party supply store to cover the disco ball. I had to scratch build rails for the gun mounts above the 2.75" rocket pods. The model was painted with Testors Model Master Enamels. After the decals were applied, and sealed, I did a pin wash with artist oils thinned with mineral spirits. I mixed lamp black, and titanium white for the wash. I wanted to thank the guys in my model club (Military Modelers Club of Louisville), along with Brian and Martin at Scale Reproductions Hobby Store for their support and logistical assistance. Some fantastic people.
  13. Swashplate

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 "Fullback"

    Stunning work. I love the weathering effect. Congrats.👍👍👍👍👍
  14. Swashplate

    M5 stuart

    You nailed the weathering. Interesting subject. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Swashplate

    A pair of Colombian Lions

    Very nice build.