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  1. Here we go guys in no particular order Kitty Hawk P-39 in 1/32 from the box with HGW seat belts RB Productions Ohka in 1/32 scale From the box HK Models Meteor with Fisher Conversion to T7 in 1/32 scale Kinetic Hawk 100 1/32 with Xtradecals Otherwise from the box Kinetic Hawk 100 1/32 from the box Trumpeter 1/72 Sea Fury with Xtradecal markings Resin Mutley just for a bit of fun although it was a poor casting and took forever to clean up. Bandai 1/16 R2-D2 Bandai R5-D4 1/16 There are a few pr
  2. HI Guys here is one which I built earlier this year and should be in a magazine soon it is of course the Wingnut Wings 1/32 Hannover CLII I added the seat belts set from HGW as well as turnbuckles from RB productions. Fuselage and top wing lozenge are painted. Hope you like her? John
  3. Hi Guys this is the latest from my bench and it is the KittyHawk 1/32 F-86D from the box. She is painted in the new AK metallic paints. This is for publication in a magazine so I am only going to show one image. Hope you like her? John
  4. HI Guys here is one of my latest builds it is the Revell 1/32 Arado 196B with as much extra details as possible.I have used the Big Ed set , HGW cockpit set, quickest exhaust Ali Catz canopy and Master Barrels. painted in Gunze Mr colour and Aqueous paints finished for publication in a up coming book. I have photographed her with the original 196-a1 which was straight from the box and built in 2010. I will only publish one image at this time because it is being used in a book and i would not wish to show her here before the publication in print. John
  5. Hi Guys here is my latest which is built from a test shot of the kit which should appear soon from HK models. I had no decals or instructions to begin with but have added Airscale instrument decals and an MDC Sutton Harness. The markings are from various Xrtadecal sheets and parts stolen from a Revell decal sheet where I got the stencils. I have only published one image as this is for a magazine Model Airplane International . Hope that you like here? John
  6. Hi Guys just finished today in under 4 weeks straight from the box. i had the pleasure of building this kit before it is on general release and I have to say i thoroughly enjoyed this kit from start to finish. She will be the subject of a build review in a forthcoming issue of Model Airplane International. This is the reason for only one image as otherwise anyone buying the magazine will feel cheated seeing the same images as here! Hope that you like her? John
  7. HI Guys this has been finished in the nick of time for Telford and the competition on Saturday I have a couple of minor jobs to do but she is essentially straight from the box. Comments welcome . Only one image as this is going to be a magazine build article in the near future. Now back to the OV-10D Bronco which arrived on Tuesday! John
  8. Hi Guys Kitty Hawk 1/32 AT-6 Texan from the box just finished for a future edition of Mai hope you like her? she builds quite well with no real fuss. John
  9. Hi Guys thank you for the comments , yes she is resin. I am only showing one image for now as this is for a magazine article and I never want to undermine the paper copy before it is published. regards John
  10. Hi Guys here is my latest I finished last night the 1/32 scale HPH Walrus which is a full resin kit with etched brass . She will be a feature article in a future edition of Mai. Hope you like her? John
  11. ZM Kit from the box for Mai . It took me nearly 18 months to finish this one which is unheard of for me! Hope you like her? John
  12. Just a few harriers that need doing especially the first one! http://www.flickr.co...09790/lightbox/ here a few others which are worthy to be made into decals too. http://www.flickr.co...rth/5920984679/ http://www.flickr.co...rth/6157799483/ http://www.flickr.co...rth/5921547464/ http://www.flickr.co...rth/5921545374/ best regards John
  13. Just be careful with the instrument panel and where it fits it will foul the canopy so move it back a little, also take your time to align the side fuselage panels and everything will work out. John
  14. HI Guys I have been absent for a little while . Anyway here is my latest which is the Airfix 1/48 scale Merlin built straight from the box. She will appear in and future edition of Mai. Hope you like her? John
  15. Hi Jim I have altered the nose slightly to be just above dead flat but the angle of the image does make it look much higher. regards John
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