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  1. You just write Dmitry,he's a nice guy(and against the war) He'll tell you what are the possibilities
  2. There is, beside Eduard,a russian producer of photoetch-Microdesign Take a look at their offerings,comparing to Eduard's https://microdisign.ru/products/1-48/mi-8mt-zvezda-eksterer https://microdisign.ru/products/1-48/mi-8mt-zvezda-desantno-transportnyy-otsek https://microdisign.ru/products/1-48/mi-8mt-zvezda-kabina https://vk.com/album-113356638_289776121
  3. Very interesting thread,Gabor!!! Many thanks I see that Zvezda has a MI-8T kit in 1/72-did you see it? Maybe they will upscale it As for multiple choice decals,there are Fine Art of decals( Cutting Edge ),they have 2 big sets https://fineartofdecals.com/goodiess/?p=7341 I don't have them yet(ordered the second sheet with big German Eagle),as I understand-there's no type indication in the instructions Isaac
  4. Revell plastic different decals? https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10885050
  5. yes,that's it maybe the basis can be a G cockpit?
  6. I hope for a spare,Mike is fine,but as you said....he's one and alone,no helpers
  7. for this one apparently bought a long time ago from ebay,it lacks the cockpit completeley can I use the Eduard set for complete rebuild?
  8. They do deliver,but contact lately is bad before the covid there was a lady there-Hanna,she was prompt and cooperative I've been told she retired now,looks like nobody stepped into her shoes,a pity one of the basics of good business is customer support
  9. You forgot this thread? Or it doesn't help? http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/314633-correcting-148-f-111-tp2-intakes/&tab=comments#comment-3021043
  10. while waiting for Lone star to reissue
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