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  1. IAF F-15s are not configured for any target pods, only iron or GPS guided bombs Popeye is exception-it has it's own pod Here's a similar thread https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235089983-israeli-f-15d-baz-loadouts/
  2. Thanks for that!! Do you know who can print these parts? There's also a 4 bladed tail rotor for the scout version
  3. Any ideas as to possibility to convert this one to MD-500(military) configuration? I know a 5th blade should be added,rotor heads have same parts? How different are the blades? Probably 5 blades are narrower than 4?
  4. You just write Dmitry,he's a nice guy(and against the war) He'll tell you what are the possibilities
  5. There is, beside Eduard,a russian producer of photoetch-Microdesign Take a look at their offerings,comparing to Eduard's https://microdisign.ru/products/1-48/mi-8mt-zvezda-eksterer https://microdisign.ru/products/1-48/mi-8mt-zvezda-desantno-transportnyy-otsek https://microdisign.ru/products/1-48/mi-8mt-zvezda-kabina https://vk.com/album-113356638_289776121
  6. Very interesting thread,Gabor!!! Many thanks I see that Zvezda has a MI-8T kit in 1/72-did you see it? Maybe they will upscale it As for multiple choice decals,there are Fine Art of decals( Cutting Edge ),they have 2 big sets https://fineartofdecals.com/goodiess/?p=7341 I don't have them yet(ordered the second sheet with big German Eagle),as I understand-there's no type indication in the instructions Isaac
  7. Revell plastic different decals? https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10885050
  8. yes,that's it maybe the basis can be a G cockpit?
  9. I hope for a spare,Mike is fine,but as you said....he's one and alone,no helpers
  10. for this one apparently bought a long time ago from ebay,it lacks the cockpit completeley can I use the Eduard set for complete rebuild?
  11. They do deliver,but contact lately is bad before the covid there was a lady there-Hanna,she was prompt and cooperative I've been told she retired now,looks like nobody stepped into her shoes,a pity one of the basics of good business is customer support
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