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  1. Hey guys, need a little help. I'm working on a 1/48 little bird but the CMK conversion is lacking in directions. To see what they have in mind here's a pic from the CMK site What I'm looking for is how/where is the weapons plank installed to the rails on the floor in the main compartment? unfortunately I haven't been able to find some decent photos showing this specific area. Any help? Thanks, Mario
  2. Amazing news and Ray if I may ask for us that don't have the possibility to visit the museum, could you set the pics somewhere to be seen/downloaded for reference? Thanks
  3. Got mine yesterday and can't say anything less than spectacular :) I love the conversion and is worth it. Keep up with the great job of building yours for the rest of us.
  4. Great progress and I have the greatest respect for doing this. What do you plan to use for skinning the frame? Will you fill the frame with something to avoid sagging?
  5. Unfortunately no. Our DoD has financing issues like every other AF in the region but we have decided we will recycle our existing MiG's well into the next decade or so. They will undergo extensive repairs and upgrades in near future by Ukrainian or Romanian companies like they did before and nothing new or second-hand will be procured any time soon... the fate of poor small AF's is not very bright I'm afraid.
  6. Excellent news. Looks like shapeways printing or some other service? I hope they get the printer lines to a minimum...
  7. Hey Jon, did those AH-64 decals ever work out with 2bobs? I mean the ones with the grey SC birds? any chance that will see the sequel to the first part? I got those but I'm still waiting for more...
  8. Well better get onboard while there is still somewhere to get on :D I'm in. It will be worth it since I have almost every set you released so far...
  9. I finally picked up my boat and this is the extent of the PE. Some details still have to be redesigned as I don't have accurate measurements for the engine cover handles and the side armor cut-outs. If anyone has an idea about these, I'd be more than happy to hear you out. My friend really has great skills with PE, and I can't thank him enough and if you have a project that needs PE stuff like this, I'd highly recommend him just let me know. Anyway enough bragging about him, here's what I have so far:
  10. I'd love to see that... Hopefully your project would turn out to be a conversion kit or something for the res of us!
  11. Unfortunately the only other kit is the 1/72 scale MH-47 from Italeri. A 1/48 version would be very welcome for the D kit also available from Italeri...
  12. Well here's a bit of a sneak preview. It's a late update but it was worth it. A friend (an exquisite modeler himself) helped me out with the PE. There's a boat load of detail (pun intended) and I can't wait to get my hands on it this week... More to come soon!
  13. I'd suggest waiting for Live Resin figures. Yaroslav announced the release of various helo crew figures, and I thin they are worth the wait judging by the figures released before...
  14. Yes, but am still waiting for the PE to be finished. I had a few snags on the design of the PE so it's being worked out. To see the extent here's a few pics: Just a test piece to show a friend how the PE will need to work aroun the corners... the green will be covered by antislip and all the hatches and handles will be added separately. It will take a few more days until I get my hands on the boat. Thanks for the interest
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