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  1. I sent this and several others to your BM message, but in case folks here want to know as well: Yankee Lady Looking forward to where the control cables split up for rudder and elevators. Also note the V-shaped brace that the electric wiring is coming through) and Shady Lady when it was at McMinnville. This is looking up through the escape hatch. Note how the cables go back to the pulleys on the arm that actually raises and lowers the elevators. There seems to be a canvas cover for the elevator pole on the outside of the fuselage.
  2. forget the whole "url" and "img" part. Just use the OTHER MEDIA button while editing your post and add the pic address starting at http on through to .jpg
  3. I think this is being based more on the Lyon Foundation's "Fuddy Duddy" that the 447th BG actual 42-97400 that flew from Rattlesden. Certainly more color reference pics to go by if the intent is depicting the modern warbird. Even in the early stages it was amazing enough to get a little highlight in the 447th BG newsletter. I can't wait to feature it more prominently when it is completed (are they ever really finished?!!) By the way, the current 447th BG association president is the son of Navigator George Hoidra with the Peters crew flying Fuddy Duddy at Rattlesden. Aw
  4. Being from a 447th BG family. I always love seeing your updates. That just looks better and better all the time! Good catch on the stinger vs. Cheyenne tail. Glad you discovered that in time to make the fix.
  5. That wingfold area really came to life with the color. Loving this build.
  6. Amazing detail they are putting on the photoetch -- and your work on the wing looks inspiring. Too bad they don't have something like this but just pressed into a sheet of styrene so that normal glues would work. Something similar to what they do with balsa wood, but have a bit of texture added by compressing certain areas as it gets die-cut. Still, looks pretty impressive as it is.
  7. Sorry that you hadn't finished it before your father passed. Complete the project and incorporate a nice photo of your father into the display base as a tribute that will allow you to share good memories when people see it.
  8. Amazing... simply amazing. I always appreciate seeing updates on your build.
  9. Fantastic. Set that on a tarmac diorama base and it would be hard to tell it was a model.
  10. What timing... my son and I were at Huffman Prairie just yesterday taking pictures of the catapult (replica) and the field that they did their development at. Learned that the 1600-pound weight they used allowed them to take off regardless of wind direction. I look forward to updates on your Wright project.
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