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  1. That wingfold area really came to life with the color. Loving this build.
  2. Amazing detail they are putting on the photoetch -- and your work on the wing looks inspiring. Too bad they don't have something like this but just pressed into a sheet of styrene so that normal glues would work. Something similar to what they do with balsa wood, but have a bit of texture added by compressing certain areas as it gets die-cut. Still, looks pretty impressive as it is.
  3. Sorry that you hadn't finished it before your father passed. Complete the project and incorporate a nice photo of your father into the display base as a tribute that will allow you to share good memories when people see it.
  4. Amazing... simply amazing. I always appreciate seeing updates on your build.
  5. Fantastic. Set that on a tarmac diorama base and it would be hard to tell it was a model.
  6. What timing... my son and I were at Huffman Prairie just yesterday taking pictures of the catapult (replica) and the field that they did their development at. Learned that the 1600-pound weight they used allowed them to take off regardless of wind direction. I look forward to updates on your Wright project.
  7. I photographed the Wright Flyer III in Dayton this summer, which I believe used some of the components from the Flyer II (after they burned much of the II). Your diorama is an impressive project and I look forward to following your progress.
  8. Like I mentioned on Britmodeller, this is really nice to see. I am often in touch with the current president of our 447th BG, whose father flew some missions on Fuddy Duddy out of Rattlesden. I will have to send him a link to your project so he can enjoy it as it will have extra special meaning to him. Of course any Fortress with those yellow/green markings catches my eye. Keep up the great work -- I look forward t seeing your progress.
  9. When I started in on this post I said to myself: this will be a fun one to watch... and bang! You're already done. That's some really nice work and creativity -- interesting to see the steps as it all came together. Great looking chopper.
  10. I want to echo John's comment regarding concern for your hand and hopes for some relief and recovery. I just found your thread and have been marveling at the endurance you have put in to bring the project so far. Hope you'll get a chance to continue soon so we can see her all painted up.
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