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  1. Jane from the Commemorative Air Force sent me a couple of photos of where they have placed my artwork at the CAF Gulf Coast Wing location in Texas. She said it is at the office at the hangar where everyone can see it. -
  2. Very nice. Unfortunately, Instagram is blocking non-account viewers from seeing your work at that link. Any chance you could post cropped section that would give a closer look at some of the detail? Maybe just the cowling-to-wingroot area. Or is there another site that has your portfolio that the non-IG crowds can visit? I just want to appreciate them more.
  3. Picked up the first giclee print of the B-17 Texas Raiders project and got it in a 10x30-inch custom frame that has been waiting for it. I order non-glare acrylic instead of glass and use an acid-free foam backing. The result is amazing in person and framed is the best way to appreciate this.
  4. Here's a project I did a couple months ago, based on my reference shots of the P-47D 44-90471 “Hairless Joe” that’s part of the Erickson Collection in Madras, Oregon. The digital painting was created in 16-bit color at 500ppi to be output as giclee prints to fit 10x20-inch frame. Here are a few cropped areas that show the level of detail a little better. - - - - -
  5. When the art muse is pushing you along, just keep moving forward and enjoy the ride. I put the final touches on a couple hours ago, having started it on Saturday evening (four quick days, working around family activities and holiday shopping) My family has strong roots with Pan American Airlines, so this gorgeous DC-3 in Pan Am livery has always been a favorite of mine to photograph at Northwest events while it was based at Paine Field, including during final preparations before departure to France for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. This
  6. As I did when we lost Nine-O-Nine, I immediately shelved the current projects when I heard news that Texas Raiders had been destroyed in the tragic air show collision over the Veterans Day weekend. I had my own photos of Texas Raiders from the 2010 Gathering of Fortresses (Willow Run/Detroit) to use as reference. The muse really was with me on this and I hope my pride shows through in the final result. I have not had giclee prints made yet as I don't want to overlad our local printshop because I know they are busy with calendars and holiday cards. I'll catch them after the new year when things
  7. Looks sharp. Very nice. I imagine there are cases where the 3-view drawings look good individually but don't match up when used together while creating the 3D object. It would be interesting to do a reverse drawing after you are finished with your project. Once you have finessed it into looking "correct" as a 3D object, have the CAD program extract the side/top/end views and then compare to the original drawings you were working from to see how much finessing was needed. I look forward to seeing this with the pod and additional details are added. Looks fantastic.
  8. Another special project for me, depicting the Collings Foundation’s B‑17 Nine-O-Nine. I cleared my schedule and started work on this tribute just a day after the plane was destroyed in an emergency landing. I have a special place in my heart for this particular Flying Fortress, as it was the first B‑17 I had the opportunity to fly on, our hometown paper’s representative covering the historic plane’s visit to the Northwest in 1998. We flew from Olympia to Seattle, in formation with the Collings Foundation’s B‑24 (then in the markings of All American just before being painted as Dragon and Its T
  9. This 10x25" at 500ppi project was inspired by the EEA’s touring B-17 Aluminum Overcast that I have photographed on several occasions and even flown aboard. And really, who needs more inspiration than an opportunity to research the subject up close and in action like this? Just a few of the special points of interest include a nice reproduction of the Aluminum Overcast nose art, fine detail on the metal skin, intricate mechanics of the landing gear and a closer look at the engines in the foreground. Here are a few cropped area
  10. Very nice. I really like the surfaces on the profile looks like the paint has been touched by the elements with patches of oily and matte and gloss and retouches all working together. What are the dimensions of the Crossbow Three piece? Very nice.
  11. Inspiration for this project was the BT-13A that I saw at March AFB -- one of nine different Valiants I have seen in museums and airshows. I had started painting and suffered a hard drive failure that cost me a ton in loss of files, stress and ultimately a chunk of $$$ to get a partial recovery. The in-progress psb file was among the salvaged portions of the disk, so I picked up where I had left off five months earlier. I suppose one of the advantages of painting with digital paint brushes rather than oils is that the paint never "dries". The digital painting was created at 500ppi to be output
  12. Inspiration for this project was the gorgeous 1943 Howard Aircraft DGA-15 that I saw during a Father's Day airshow in Olympia, Wash. The digital painting was created in 16-bit color at 500ppi to be output as giclee prints to fit 10x25-inch frame. Here are a few cropped areas that show the level of detail a little better. - - - - - - -
  13. Inspiration for this 2019 project was the GeeBee replica built as the QED II by a local aviator, its completion just months before he lost his battle with cancer. The beautiful plane was awarded recognition during its debut at OshKosh and I had the opportunity to photograph it during an airshow at nearby Paine Field. The digital painting was created at 500ppi to be output as giclee prints to fit 10x20-inch frame. Some personal points of interest include the polished propellers and radial engine, massive struts on the main landing gear, colorful scheme and the rigging. H
  14. This was a special project originally done as a gift to our neighbor in honor of his father, who flew Intruders during Vietnam. My friend has a photo of his father flying in a formation over the bridge at Deception Pass while he was assigned to the VA-128 Golden Intruders, so that is what I wanted to depict for the project. I started the project based on my own photos of the A-6E displayed on the deck of the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point (Charleston, SC). After getting the basics of the artwork completed, I turned to several Intruder experts who helped me backdate the A-6E in my reference pho
  15. Here's a project I did a couple years ago, as a gift for a fellow race photographer who spent his share of time in the Hell Hole of a Skyraider. As I looked through my personal reference shots I discovered I had seen one in the same VAW-11 markings displayed at March AFB so with minimal adjustments it could represent one of the airframes he flew on. My digital painting is made for giclee prints to fit a 10x20" frame at 500dpi. Here are a few cropped areas that show the level of detail a little better. - - - -
  16. Here's a project I did a couple years ago, as a gift for a friend whose grandfather flew Kingfishers in WWII. He wasn't able to provide any photos of any of the specific planes his grandfather flew, so I stuck with the markings I saw in the reference shots I took of the OS2U-3 Kingfisher displayed in the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy collection. My digital painting is made for giclee prints to fit a 12x18" frame at 500dpi. --- Last summer, my friend was able to present one of the first prints of the Kingfisher to his grandfather, CDR James Clayton Sutton Jr., on his 10
  17. Here's a digital project I created based on some reference photos I shot of the 1930 Stearman YPT-9 / Cloudboy displayed at the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum in Hood River, Ore. Just a few of the special points of interest include the subtle leather coaming around the twin cockpits, intricate rigging for the wings and tail surfaces, the detailed radial engine and the wheels and exposed suspension. - - - - - -
  18. I sent this and several others to your BM message, but in case folks here want to know as well: Yankee Lady Looking forward to where the control cables split up for rudder and elevators. Also note the V-shaped brace that the electric wiring is coming through) and Shady Lady when it was at McMinnville. This is looking up through the escape hatch. Note how the cables go back to the pulleys on the arm that actually raises and lowers the elevators. There seems to be a canvas cover for the elevator pole on the outside of the fuselage.
  19. forget the whole "url" and "img" part. Just use the OTHER MEDIA button while editing your post and add the pic address starting at http on through to .jpg
  20. I think this is being based more on the Lyon Foundation's "Fuddy Duddy" that the 447th BG actual 42-97400 that flew from Rattlesden. Certainly more color reference pics to go by if the intent is depicting the modern warbird. Even in the early stages it was amazing enough to get a little highlight in the 447th BG newsletter. I can't wait to feature it more prominently when it is completed (are they ever really finished?!!) By the way, the current 447th BG association president is the son of Navigator George Hoidra with the Peters crew flying Fuddy Duddy at Rattlesden. Aw
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