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  1. thanks, yeah I'm happy. to be honest, I'm not too pleased with the larger black decals... i'm not sure I should've used the ones along the top and altogether they're very dark. This is where having an airbrush to lighten them would come in handy. overall though, they'll be more than fine for my desk.
  2. ended up drilling through the rotor head cap while opening up some holes. Ended up filling that and the cockpit gaps with sheetrock compound because I didn't have any white glue or hobby putty. I let it dry, did two coats, and sanded each time and it came out fine. although I did sand a little much in the aft error erasing a spot of rivets. lesson learned. Next to the 53J pave low body... that will be the next build likely... and almost done...
  3. thanks for the response! I'm leaning toward an Italeri kit... And yes, I broke the all-forum golden rule of posting before searching... once I posted I did some more research. Thanks again!
  4. alright, did a little more research... two front runners right now are the Italeri MH-60K or the SH-60B. Leaning towards the MH-60K but I do like the blade fold option on the SH...
  5. hey guys - what are my options for H-60 variants in 1/48 scale? Preferably a HH/MH variant with fuel probe, FLIR, etc. Let me know, thanks as always!!
  6. Not a whole lot of progress.. touched up the rotor head and applied main blade decals. Still have some paint touchup on the blades to do... can't wait to switch to airbrush.
  7. thanks, will try this. I still have the gap to fix but haven't had time to grab white glue or putty. I was considering trying joint compound because I was doing drywall repair at home the other night haha
  8. alright, made some progress on the 53... masked the cockpit... painted, assembled, and installed the landing gear... painted the leading edge of the tail blades then masked them off to do the rest of the blade flat black. prepping main blades for painting... bent them a little for slight blade droop... cockpit, engine nacelles, and tanks installed... I have one section of gap on either side between the clear cockpit and the plastic fuselage... gonna have to fill it. ANY SUGGESTIONS?? Black Hawk included for reference ;)
  9. For me, the addition of the third engine and seventh rotor blade on the super stallion takes the cake, but the pave low is close behind!!
  10. Quality looks great! HeavyArty is correct though, these are not typically found on UH-60s.
  11. thanks!! Looking forward to finishing this 53E. After that, I have one last 1/72 kit of a 53J Pave Low that I'm going to do blade fold on and then focus on the Academy 1/48 53E Super Stallion kit that Oliver (Rotorman) was kind enough to sell me!
  12. I've spent many days working on MH-60S'... your work and detail nails it!
  13. It's been great getting back into building a couple models... I know these first couple won't be of the caliber seen on this forums but that's fine.
  14. Fuselage halves joined and engines assembled... Engines... I actually had to remove the intakes because they were misaligned. The engines were then fitted to the airframe before re-gluing the intakes/EAPS (as it should be done). See last pictures. Airframe with engines and sponsons attached after first base coat of paint.... for the exterior I will be going with the Marine Warhorse version (grey with red tail). As I previously said, you can see the engine nacelles were removed and have not yet been re-attached. Black hawk included for size reference!!
  15. Seeing the 53K in person is pretty impressive, it's an amazing machine. Seeing the size difference between a 53 and an H-60 is also pretty crazy. Anyway, onto the 53E build... this one is coming along better and easier than the hawk did thanks to some experience under my belt. Interior walls painted... Cockpit painted and assembled... When I received the kit one of the hinges on the rear ramp was broken so I had to improvise... I drilled a small hole and inserted a bent paper clip that was then glued in place
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