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  1. Are they ever on sale? Know where can I get a coupon code? I'm happy to buy top quality tools, but it is pretty expensive...
  2. Hung spares on scratch hangers using steel line Also hung a bunch of links down the left fender. Didn't like wasting track links if I can help it. May have faded the numbers too much. Stars look fine though. Tried to scratch build some props for the tank commander.
  3. I use the Tamiya drill, so no problems there. But I do need to sand and cut as needed to use detail conversion kits, PE parts and resin, so I'm guessing some sort of variable speed. Any recommendations? I don't want to spend more than $200.
  4. It was the Tamiya's M5 Stuart https://www.scalemates.com/kits/130067-tamiya-35097-m5a1 No scratchbuilding or aftermarket parts, used tamiya paints with vallejo's wash and pigment. Used gloss clear before and after applying decals and washes, then finished with flat clear.
  5. I think it's done. Still bare, wondering if I should seal the work in with a semi-gloss or flat clear. I am thinking of making my first diorama, which is the M5 cutting through bocage, with infantry behind using the tank as cover. Any criticism is welcome. Don't be polite, give it to me.
  6. I usually add thinner to the actual paint bottle to save time later. I heard of this tip that if you fill a fresh bottle to where the base meets the neck, you're generally in the ballpark to use it for airbrushing. But for one of my bottle, I accidently added too much thinner. How do I thicken it up so that it works once again?
  7. I'm sort of into full interior tank models with clear hull/turret, so I really want to buy this t34/85 AFVclub kit in the link. It's sold out though and I can't find it anywhere online. Anyone know where I could buy one of these? https://www.modellbau-koenig.de/en/Vehicles/Military-1-35/Tanks/Tanks-WWII-Allied/T-34-85-Factory-174-Full-interior-Kit-LIMITED#
  8. I seem to have the most trouble finding figures to populate some diorama ideas. I then wondered if many dioramas on the internet are handmade. Are figures like these handmade?
  9. I tried pin washing models with this stuff but it leaves a lot of tide marks, even when I whisk away the extra paint with a clean brush. I tried diluting it with various amounts of water and still, pinwashing would leave tide marks. Now I'm trying just a full wash, layering a thin, slightly diluted coat of the wash over the entire model. I'm waiting for it to dry, but I thought I'd ask the forums if and how they used vallejo's model wash.
  10. Yeah, it would be nice to see my 35th scale tanks next to 35th scale airplanes, just to have an accurate size comparison among the different vehicles. (obviously 35th scale ships are out of the question.)
  11. I noticed that there seems to be very few airplanes in 35th scale. There are a lot of 32nd scale and 48th scale. Anyone know why the industry shies away from 35th scale for aircraft?
  12. Any model type, Though I stick with 1:35 armor, 1:48 aircraft and 1:700 Ships.
  13. Boy, that Jasmine PE 1/48 Hellcat looks both incredible and extremely fragile, not to mention a bit expensive...
  14. I have this panther from Ryefield and if you look on the bottom right of this picture, you can see how the skin/surface of the tank is clear in order to see the inner details of the tank. I really like this sort of model, as I feel the interior is really interesting and shows a general picture of the engineering that went into these things. So my question is, what other great model kits have this sort of level of detail and accuracy? I am also including ships and aircraft as well as tanks for the clear skinned models. Also, are there model figures out ther
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