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  1. The B-1 uses a different engine. (Oh, my God; it hurts!). Cheers, Onigiri PS: Hi, Mark!
  2. Not the correct set of photoetch to start with, Matt. You can imagine I started with some simple 1/48 P-40E photoetch flap set (or was it Hurricane?), and I completely fuc**d up... Anyway, the most complex PE set of all I tangled with so far has been the Metallic Details 1/48 B-29 flaps; it scares the living sh*t out of me. Humongous pieces to fold up, and a zillion PE parts to glue on them once folded. Instructions call for CA glue, but I think some assemblies might as well benefit from some soldering instead. What kind of soldering does one use for PE anyways...?
  3. Oh, never mind, Janne; we all, modellers, are going down that same route, and we're all going to be this big band of blindf**ks! Seriously, it doesn't seem so, but this hobby + the Interwebz play havoc with your eye sight! And I'm just 25... Cheers, Onigiri
  4. Dave, seems to me that you have never seen what those exhaust look like up close and personal... It was such a bad thing that you had gotten rid of those jewels, 'cause they were the most exact representation of the real things. Will prove to you what I'm speaking about. As said before, none of the resin bits to replace the plastic exhausts on the 1/48 F-15 kits have come close to being as thin as the KA Models bits, which I acquired sometime in the late past year. Until then, every other resin manufacturer which resins I saw I didn't like for being much too coarse a
  5. Nice build, Janne! (that's 'til R2D2 raises his ugly head, at least). Those your glasses in the background, Grandpa? Cheers, Onigiri
  6. Thanks, Zachmo, but I've liked the Furball ones a lot more than Fightertowns. You see, I fancy the pikes on the VF-41 tail badge without being surrounded by the playing card on it. Cheers, Onigiri
  7. Hooker, mate! I wouldn't have space where to display a monster with her wings spread like that! They may be complex to build, yeah, but no way they're unrealistically thin. In fact, the only resin feathers that are as thinner to them are the new KA Model ones that I purchased a couple of months ago, and those are the best resin feathers I've seen so far. All the rest are unrealistically coarse.
  8. Brad, Argentina flew the A-4P/Q and C versions of the Skyhawks during the War for the Falklands, which used the Douglas Escapac I A-1 seat. Ten years + later after the war (1995?), they acquired the A-4AR (M), which used the Escapac I G-3 seat. Which version are you building? I'd try and graft the Aires cockpit onto your HobbyCraft kit. Cheers, Onigiri
  9. I don't think displaying the Revell 1/48 Bone kit would take that much space, unless you wanted to do something like this: I mean, as if the beast were not big enough with her wings swept back! Geeeez... Onigiri
  10. And have we got a link to those, Zach, mate?
  11. I've got it as well, the 2mm one, and it's a great tool which I combine with the Mission Models 1mm Micro Chisel for removing unwanted detail on my kits, i.e., I removed the raised panel lines on the Monogram 1/48 F4F Wildcat kit without removing the raised rivets. Excellent tool; considering buying another one. Cheers, Onigiri
  12. I couldn't care less about it...
  13. Nice idea, MoFo, although I think it won't be long until the mods on this forum start deleting any pictures posted on AMK's private club on Facebook, as it began happening over at Britmodeller and Z5.
  14. Nice! I've ordered one of the FDS 4808, VF-41 sheets. I've been looking for decals of this Squadron for quite a long spell now.
  15. I recall having had an Aires 1/48 A-4C/L resin cockpit set some time ago, which I think was devised to go with the Hasegawa kits. Back then I had both the Monogram (Blue Angels boxing), and HobbyCraft (Falklands boxing) Scooters. I can tell you that the forward fuselage in the HobbyCraft kits seems to be wider in the area of the cockpit, so the resin needed a lot of fiddling to fit (not that you had to file and sand, but the other way round; I had to measure the inner space left in the cockpit area between both fuselage halves, filling it with plasticine dough to check how much I nee
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