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  1. Fasteagle12 hooked me up with some nozzles to finish off a kit. Thanks Gary!!
  2. Hi Brian,

         The decals arrived safely yesterday. I'm really looking forward to getting going on one of those Tomcats in the near future. Thanks again for your help! Fred.


    1. NightHawk


      Thanks Fred!! 

  3. $5 for all plus shipping. https://imgur.com/gallery/KsZy8qH
  4. I have the complete sheet. Email or message if still interested.
  5. I have Twobobs 48-039 Email or PM me. I can’t seem to message you.
  6. Aztec A4709. Used two, maybe three times. $60 Sealed in box Monogram Pro Modeler F-15E $35 Prices DO NOT including shipping. I will charge exactly what the Post Office charges. Thanks for looking. Brian
  7. Hello,

    Got your mail about the Twobobs sheet. How much would it be inclusive of shipping to the UK? Tried to Pm you but i think your inbox may be full.



  8. Email sent about VF-31 sheet

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