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  1. Greetings modelers. I’m having some trouble with the Bandai kit decals for the 1/144 Millennium Falcon. The decals are on the thick side, however not terribly thick. I can’t get most of them to conform to the little ones bumbs, humps, etc all over the model. I have tried multiple applications of MicroSol, Solvaset, and even some Tamiya X20A thinner (flory mentioned using this. I can’t find anyone mentioning problems with these decals nor has this been mentioned in any of the build videos I have seen. Questions… does MicroSol and Solvaset get old? I’ve had both for at least a
  2. Tried to PM you and it says you cannot receive messages.
  3. Okay, same issue. I’m keeping watch in this thread for a good resolution. The Flory wash actually did really well inside the gear bays. The rest of the model is giving me trouble. Is your Future a newer bottle? Mine is about 15 years old. Not sure thats an issue. Flory bought a bunch of bottles when they stopped making it for a while and is still into that stash as he was stating in a recent video about Future it Kleer as it was called in the UK.
  4. What are you putting it over? Gloss, flat or on top of your paint? I have some old bottles also. It’s not clumping up, it’s sort of beading up and not always wanting to get into the panel lines. I’m laying it down over a coat of Future. I have used the sludge wash for years without any issues. I remember when I bought it I had issues and just put it away, but giving it another try. I’m just picking this back up after about a decade break.
  5. Fasteagle12 hooked me up with some nozzles to finish off a kit. Thanks Gary!!
  6. Hi Brian,

         The decals arrived safely yesterday. I'm really looking forward to getting going on one of those Tomcats in the near future. Thanks again for your help! Fred.


    1. NightHawk


      Thanks Fred!! 

  7. $5 for all plus shipping. https://imgur.com/gallery/KsZy8qH
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