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  1. $5 for all plus shipping. https://imgur.com/gallery/KsZy8qH
  2. I have the complete sheet. Email or message if still interested.
  3. I have Twobobs 48-039 Email or PM me. I can’t seem to message you.
  4. Aztec A4709. Used two, maybe three times. $60 Sealed in box Monogram Pro Modeler F-15E $35 Prices DO NOT including shipping. I will charge exactly what the Post Office charges. Thanks for looking. Brian
  5. Hello,

    Got your mail about the Twobobs sheet. How much would it be inclusive of shipping to the UK? Tried to Pm you but i think your inbox may be full.



  6. Email sent about VF-31 sheet

  7. Are you looking for the showtime 100 boxing? I have one still shrink wrapped. Brian
  8. Brian, glad you hear you're back in business & good luck with the new adventure. I would like to see some sheets in 1/144. Maybe even a super sheet cover a wide range or show & line birds. Brian
  9. Would like to buy or if you need something send trade wants. Thanks.
  10. While I was browsing around trying to find a different approach to applying a steel color, I came across this. At first I thought about using Bare Metal Foil but steel is not a color in their line up. However I did find Solid Steel Film by Tauro from Italy. I tried looking for a review of some sort but came up short. Has anyone ever used this & what do you think? Does is already have an adhesive backing like BMF?? Thanks. http://www.squadron.com/ItemDetails.asp?item=TU11429
  11. Okay, I've tried Testors Dullcoat right from the spray can, but it started looking yellow so I don't want to go there again. I tried mixing Tamiya Flat Base with Future, it seemed to work out for a while but then started to look to frosty. I was used Pollyscale Clear Flat/Satin but I think I may have ended up with a bottle from the bad batch a few years back & it put a bad taste in my mouth. I've been using Model Master Acryl Flat but again it's looking frosty. What I mean by that is my panel lines that were washed black seemed to have turned white on me after applying the flat finish. So... HELP!!! I feel like I've ruined another model & am close to finishing another & don't want to screw that one up also. Thanks.
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