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    Memorial Build for a Lost Tracker

    Greetings John, I hope you will post on this thread any progress on a future memorial that might evolve. I would definitely attend any dedication ceremony. I am only a couple hours north (Maine) and am planning a visit to the area sometime this spring. I noticed a couple of those memorial bricks at South Weymouth dedicated to Captain Thomas Hudner. Being from the area I'm sure you are familiar with his and Jesse Brown's story during the Korean War (If not, I could remedy if you'd be interested). Wouldn't that make for a great memorial model build? Maybe you would know if one has already been done? Not being a modeler myself, I'm fast becoming a fan. Regards, Dave

    Memorial Build for a Lost Tracker

    I just started and finished reading this 6 year long story- all in one day. I was searching for the name of the LCDR on the flight, Kenneth Mariott, whom I worked at Weymouth. For some reason CDR Skip Bailey's name had always stuck with me and while I don't remember meeting him I had already heard good things about him. I believe he was our new Personnel Officer. I remember when the crash happened I was at the base softball field waiting to play a game against the Medical Department. Some of the Med Dept came running across the field carrying stretchers. They said they were responding to an A/C crash. While my memory is vague on all the details of the next few days, I remember late that day giving a ride home to the crewmember from the helo which was flying high trail at the time of the crash. He was an AW friend of mine who was one of the first at the crash site after landing in the field. I also remember standing security watches at the crash site. I was also a member of the Honor Guard at the time and believe we rendered honors at at least one of the funerals. I remember most it was a very sad time for awhile. I was a member of the VP-SAU and flew with VP-92. Like JPK, my father was stationed at Weymouth in the 50's and 60's and my brother and sister were both born at South Shore Hospital. John, thank you for the great story of "176", both the beautiful model and the real life tribute to the pilots who flew her. It could not have had a more fitting or heart warming ending by your presenting the model to CDR Bailey's family. Regards, Dave Wilson