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  1. Hey all. I have a specific aircraft I am making that a family friend flew. I was able to find the squadron markings, but the tail number is incorrect. It’s for VAQ-132 Scorpirons and is the version of the emblem on the Prowler that had the entire tail stinger. http://www.kitreview.com/reviews/prowlersdecalreviewsjk_1.htm The nose aircraft number is 500 and easy to change. In fact, the decal set comes with a 500. However, the tail number incorporated into the stinger is 162934 which can be found in some paintings online. my question is, how can I modify the stinger decal to show the correct number? My thought is to apply it. Semi gloss coat it and then stencil it off and cover up the numbers as best I can. Then re-print the correct number in gray and apply that as a decal. Any advice would be appreciated. jim
  2. Jimd0586

    1/48 VAQ-132 Decals

    Thanks! Checked and it’s almost perfect! The aircraft number is 500 so I can use that from the sheet! The only problem is his tail number located within the scorpion Stinger is different. If anyone has any idea how I could figure out that, I’m all ears!!!! Just located the decal sheet and bought it! Thanks habu2. again, if you have suggestions on how to rectify the tail number on the stinger decal, let me know!
  3. Jimd0586

    1/48 VAQ-132 Decals

    Hey all, I’m building a model of an EA-6B prowler for a friend that flew one in VAQ-132 Scorpions. It’s the Kinetic 1/48 model. I need decals but can’t find any. Does anyone know if they were ever made and where I might look? Thanks! Jim
  4. Jimd0586

    Badger Velocity Airbrush clogged?

    Thanks all for each suggestion! I THINK I found the culprit: while cleaning the brush last night I removed the tip and noticed a small split at the end. Never thought that could happen and I’m not sure how it did happen. I ordered a new tip (among some other pieces). That puts my model building on hold for a while. Shucks. 😞
  5. Jimd0586

    Badger Velocity Airbrush clogged?

    Thanks for the tip. I’m curious if this is my problem. Considering the spray is fine usually with intermittent splatters, I wonder if it’s less the brush and actually old paint? I will take a brush cleaner/pipe cleaner to the airbrush tonight. I’ll be honest, this entire thing is frustrating. I have a Super Hornet I just finished blackbasing and I really want to do VFA-41 proud!
  6. Jimd0586

    Badger Velocity Airbrush clogged?

    Ok! How would one polish their needle?
  7. Hi all. PREFACE: I have a Badger Renegade brush and usually it works great. I try to run cleaner through it each time I finish painting. I also almost exclusively use Vallejo Model Air paints. Acrylics are easy cleanup so I tend to stick with them. I do realize they tend to dry fast and clog, which may be the problem. ISSUE: Lately, while painting I’ve noticed a consistent stream of paint coming out with intermittent splatters. The main stream is fine, but the splatters are occurring every couple of seconds. I have checked the needle and feel no burr on the end. I just tried adding paint thinner to the paint in the cup and mixing it with a brush but it still splattered. I know I’m not giving you all much to work with, but do you think it’s a airbrush issue or a paint issue? Oh, and my PSI is usually between 20-30. I have always had a problem thinning paints. It seems when I do the consistency drops to that of milk and there is really no paint and just colored water coming out. Any suggestions welcome. - Jim
  8. Jimd0586

    P-3C Orion Decals VP-40

    I am building a P-3C Orion for a navy friend that was a member of VP-40. I ordered the 1/72 Hasegawa kit and thought all was well. However, after asking her if the decals were correct, she told me the tail emblem of the Marlin had changed by the time she got to the squadron. I want this to be as accurate as I can make it. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might go about getting the tail emblem correct? Apparently this is the emblem that was on her plane and of course it is not what is included in the kit: https://www.alamy.com/150814-n-qr600-145-coronadoaug-14-2015-a-p-3c-orion-aircraft-from-the-fighting-marlins-of-patrol-squadron-vp-40-was-on-display-during-the-naval-base-coronado-change-of-command-the-fighting-marlins-are-conducting-their-operational-readiness-evaluation-ore-while-participating-with-the-stennis-carrier-strike-group-during-their-composite-training-unit-exercise-and-joint-task-force-exercise-us-navy-photo-by-mass-communication-specialist-2nd-class-jillian-lottireleased-image215481487.html?pv=1&stamp=2&imageid=0925BC5C-7692-420F-811E-0D380758A8B1&p=652321&n=0&orientation=0&pn=1&searchtype=0&IsFromSearch=1&srch=foo%3dbar%26st%3d0%26pn%3d1%26ps%3d100%26sortby%3d2%26resultview%3dsortbyPopular%26npgs%3d0%26qt%3dfighting%2520marlins%26qt_raw%3dfighting%2520marlins%26lic%3d3%26mr%3d0%26pr%3d0%26ot%3d0%26creative%3d%26ag%3d0%26hc%3d0%26pc%3d%26blackwhite%3d%26cutout%3d%26tbar%3d1%26et%3d0x000000000000000000000%26vp%3d0%26loc%3d0%26imgt%3d0%26dtfr%3d%26dtto%3d%26size%3d0xFF%26archive%3d1%26groupid%3d%26pseudoid%3d%26a%3d%26cdid%3d%26cdsrt%3d%26name%3d%26qn%3d%26apalib%3d%26apalic%3d%26lightbox%3d%26gname%3d%26gtype%3d%26xstx%3d0%26simid%3d%26saveQry%3d%26editorial%3d1%26nu%3d%26t%3d%26edoptin%3d%26customgeoip%3d%26cap%3d1%26cbstore%3d1%26vd%3d0%26lb%3d%26fi%3d2%26edrf%3d%26ispremium%3d1%26flip%3d0%26pl%3d Sorry about the long kinks wanted to make sure you guys could see it. any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! - Jim
  9. Jimd0586

    Painting a stripe on Nose cone 1/48 scale

    I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. Tamiya curve masking tape sounds like a plan in the future. Rpeck, your circle stencil also seems like a good idea. Ultimately I found a few different size marker caps and used those as stencils. This was after a first poor job and sanding. Eventually one day I may get an after market spinner and replace this one (as it didn’t come out as well as I wanted after my first attempt. But that’s down the road. Now I’m painting the bird metallic which is another whole bad of wax. I have white aluminum and dark. I went over everything in white and tonight will mask off and try and darken some panels with dark aluminum.
  10. Jimd0586

    Painting a stripe on Nose cone 1/48 scale

    Thanks Don. I was at Starbucks and saw there big straws. I decided to grab one. After work I will see if that can help out stenciling as well. I will also attempt to mask again using your suggestions. Jim
  11. Hi all. I am working on this Meng P-51 and making headway. I received some custom decal pics for "Baby Mine" from a fellow modeler on these forums. Construction is mostly finished, just now starting the outer coats of paint and detailing. If you google "P-51 Baby Mine": https://www.bravobravoaviation.com/en/north-american-p-51-mustang/285-p-51d-mustang-baby-mine-lt-stephen-c-ananian-505th-fighter-squadron-339th-fighter-group.html you can see the nose cone is white with a central red stripe. I am having a very tough time painting that red stripe. The nose cone in 1/48 is too small the and angle of the nose to steep to mask with tape. I already lightly sanded off my first attempt. I recoated entirely in White. I am out of ideas. Thoughts? I am looking around my NYC apartment for circular stencils but the entire nose at its base is the size of a dime so the whole needs to be smaller than that. I just don't know how to get a straight line on it. Thanks. Jim
  12. Jimd0586

    Canopy Masking/Painting

    Last night I masked off a SBD dauntless 1/48 revel model. It was tedious work and a real test of patience. I used sliced painter's tape and maskrol. I then airbrushed the two canopy pieces. This morning I removed the masking and maskrol and found some overspray on the windscreen away from the frames. Additionally the glass is a bit foggy. I had dipped it in Future before I painted (a day before). Maybe it was the wrong way to remove glue, but I took a wood toothpick and rubbed away the paint where it was not supposed to be. I was pretty disappointed with the final result. I spent a lot of time masking. Any ideas on how to clean up the fog and the paint residue? Thanks all. Jim
  13. Jimd0586

    P-40E and the Flying Tigers Questions

    Ok, so how do I post pics? I tried to but I'm limited to 0.1 MB. Is there anyway around that? I'd like to show you guys my finished P-40E! My phone pics are all bigger than 100 kb.
  14. Jimd0586

    WWII aerial combat paintings? Where to buy?

    Thanks guys! :)
  15. In addition to building models, I also enjoy artwork. While a finished model is a work of art, I would like to augment my collection with some paintings. Does anyone know where I could look for some paintings of WWII fights, planes, aerial combat? I am not looking for prints (most of what I found after a quick google search). Any ideas? Thanks. - Jim