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  1. My 1/350 Star Trek Enterprise build. The first part of this brief video shows the model in it's rawest form, in front of a neutral background. It was lit,Weathered and Painted per the 11' Filming miniature as it was seen during the original run of the series, based on the info and research I have done through the years, Going to great lengths to get the Engine Pods to be as close to the filming miniatures as they were seen during the course of the series.Not how they appear now.I added smaller videos showing my engine pod effect with a comparison of the real miniatures from The Doomsday Machine.The last part is a SPFX video lovingly recreated to reflect the original effects in the series(complete with star bleed ).
  2. Here is my Scott Brodeen 16" Disney Nautilus build. As with most of my work, I like to show the model "doing it's thing" , of course with the Nautilus there are are many choices! My first one is this.
  3. Here is my 18" Diameter Moebius Jupiter 2 build...
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