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  1. Many thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the videos!!
  2. Several more pictures of the completed model featuring... Lit Cockpit. Airbrushed Panel Shading. Replacement springs to reflect the filming miniature. Custom Mixed base coat "off white". Aluminum Engine Bells. Custom launch base.
  3. And...the lights! What one can do with a fresh battery!
  4. Here is a build I actually completed several years ago, I just recently swaped out the plastic kit engine bells for the Aluminum parts.I custom mixed the colors based on my references to match the original 44" Studio miniature as it was seen early first season. The cockpit does indeed light up as all my builds of this kit, but need to replace the battery. I also photographed it on a custom base I made for it and painted it per references of the landing Pads in the series. Ill post updated pics once I change out the battery. Thanks.
  5. Very excited about this! Made Finescale Modelers Gallery section again. In November my 1/72 Falco was highlighted...In The Jan 2021, My 1/12 Bandai Droids Diorama! The first pic is from the Magazine and the second is the actual Image I sent them!
  6. Here is my personal 1/350 Enterprise build. I had to dismantle and remove some electronics to complete another build for a friend. However, Now it's back to it's former glory and then some! Paint. The model was originally airbrushed a custom mix of colors(If you are boring like me and want the model to reflect the actual filming miniature, you have to mix the paint...it can't be obtained from a rattle can), The Original paints were Tamiya and model Master. The repairs were addressed with Tamiya and Vallejo Paints, Again, Airbrushed. Grid Lines(UGH!!!). This is an original release so I had to f
  7. Thanks Vern! Well, I have written articles for SCIFI AND FANTASY MODELER,AMAZING FIGURE MODELER ETC... However, I am not the tutorial type of guy. I personally find them boring and have more fun doing my SPFX Videos.
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