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  1. As I said...Replying to your comment against my better judgement. Despite playing the indifferent Modeler, you can't help yourself posting the backhanded and condescending comments. Just to clarify to those begrudgingly following along ,my Reply to your initial comment was a result of you ( and no one else), using several condescending and arrogant words, As mentioned, by those who shame modelers for going the extra step to make their work as authentic as possible. To anyone who actually opens a sealed box and builds the contents gets my respect. There are too many "Know it Alls" who have never even touched the plastic. Kids get more of my admiration as this Hobby will die without them. Kids now or from 1967. Another cheap shot of your responses is the use of kids in your counter arguments... I never said anything about kids building models. SO... The point of my post , AGAIN, is this... If you don't have the skills to achieve the results of other modelers, how about just asking what they did? Don't resort to the usual...It's just a fantasy, It's just a TV Show, It's not real... Now...back to the work bench!!! Thanks! Kirk out.
  2. Major JB. I never made reference to a child building a model kit in the 1960's. My comment was directed to and for current day builders with the resources we have readily available. The colors you keep mentioning and the formulas have already been provided by Gary Kerr. Who is he? He actually worked on the restoration of the filming miniature...no need for the Star Fleet comment. Defensive? Nonsense, just responding to the back handed compliment in your original post. Thanks. Captain HS
  3. So against my better judgement, Im going to respond to this... "Star Trek was just a (warning...spoiler Alert!!!) Fantasy"...NO kidding. Ive noticed a sort of shaming on the part of some modelers, who in my opinion. are either, lazy, not skilled enough and or jealous they can't achieve certain results and instead of being honest, they hide behind..it's only a TV show nonsense. Just because the model isn't a real tank, Airplane or other vehicle doesn't mean you can't research the ACTUAL filming miniature/prop to get the coloring/details right...if That's what the individual wants to do. Some of us find that as part of the fun...your milage may vary. Personally doing the research on any subject is half the enjoyment...I don't care what your building. I also build Submarines, Aircraft and other Military vehicles. Yes...certain liberties can be taken...IF that's how you enjoy your build. My point is , don't make it an excuse not to take it further... because you Know Star Trek is just a fantasy...
  4. Here is my personal 1/350 Enterprise build. I had to dismantle and remove some electronics to complete another build for a friend. However, Now it's back to it's former glory and then some! Paint. The model was originally airbrushed a custom mix of colors(If you are boring like me and want the model to reflect the actual filming miniature, you have to mix the paint...it can't be obtained from a rattle can), The Original paints were Tamiya and model Master. The repairs were addressed with Tamiya and Vallejo Paints, Again, Airbrushed. Grid Lines(UGH!!!). This is an original release so I had to fill in and sand smooth those horrid, way out of scale, ugly grid lines! I did it to the point where you can just make out the faint existence of the lines upon close viewing...as it should be for a model of this scale. Lighting... Originally I used the Polar Lights lighting kit. However I found it not to my liking so I basically tore it down and built my own lighting rig. Special attention was given to the engine lights. I wanted them to replicate the original Miniature's effect as close as possible. As it was seen during the series. The fan blades can spin as fast or as slow as I like. They are wired to a potentiometer and my front defector dish housing is removable to access the control.. The internal lighting was toned down a bit...if the crew needs to walk around the ship with welders goggles, your lighting is way too bright! Weathering... Accomplished with Air brush, paint brush, pastels, pencils, paper towel, tissue, my finger and my Shirt! AND In some homemade SPFX!
  5. Some atmospheric clips of the model in tribute to it's appearance in Star Trek the Motion Picture. Over a flat white base coat, The Aztec designs were accomplished with masks and four iridescent colors(Red,Green,Gold and Blue)through an air brush at a low setting. The model features a fully detailed and lit shuttle bay. The hull spotlights on the saucer are just that, and illuminate the ships registry. The model also features sound and the sequential start up sequence seen in the film. The model was filmed in front of both a Blue and Green screen and was difficult to blend due to it's paints. the score is from Jerry Goldsmith
  6. Many Thanks! Instead of the usual take on How I build my stuff videos, I prefer to make little SPFX showing the build in action....Here is a SPFX clip of my 1/350 Klingon Battlecruiser. Enjoy!
  7. My 1/350 Klingon Battlecruiser. Painted to reflect the ship in Star Trek the Motion Picture...
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