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  1. Here now is the Jupiter 2, The most sophisticated Craft ever designed by man... Well, It's my Jupiter 2 build(2) with a ton of Mods! 1248520128_LAUNCHINTERIOR.mp4 22649364_JUPITER2TURNA.mp4
  2. Here is my 1:350 First Pilot Enterprise build! Thanks!
  3. Thanks! The Eagle is a 22" kit available from MPC(Polar Lights). Check Amazon, Mega Hobby or Auto World!
  4. MPC/ Round 2 COMMLOCK & STUN GUN build up... A spent a couple hours finishing these up( for now). I made them so I can remove the chrome parts and replace them with aluminum parts. I weathered the stun gun slightly. I also allowed for the future addition of lighting. The props will be lit as they were in the series. Both models were air brushed with mixed TAMIYA paints. Again, I will be lighting these to reflect their look on the series. I can swap out the sliding stun / kill functions. The chrome parts are held securely in place but can be removed easily for replacement with up
  5. Thanks! Yes, as mentioned in the video, It was gifted to me by a friend. I always liked it, but personally never got around to purchasing one. This was in storage for years.
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