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  1. Heroes! Now I certainly have to get me this kit and I know it's not finished yet. Keep up with these communication for works under construction with all the planned kits in near future. Just another approach, or step along 3D printing, that makes a perfect model available for everyone. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  2. Fantastic! What a nice little bird it has become. Hats of so far, it's not finished yet, but great build! Kind regards, Robert Jan
  3. Admire the skills you have for such a delicate scale to build in. Reminds me of train modelling I did in H0, 1/87 comparing to 1/32 I need a microscope for the first, glasses already need extra scope doing 1/32. But I see it as a challenge to pickup one of those 1/144 kits. See how it works for me. Keep up the good modelling! Kind regards, Robert Jan
  4. As a great fan your work you brought me back to my first model I started when I got my modelling hobby back on track in Thailand, almost four and a half years ago. Following your build of the Spitfire with great interest and picking up tips to get mine fixed. Although in 1/48 scale, it's finally closing the finish line now, since winter came to your part of the world. Thai have winter too, approx. 19 Degrees Celsius during nighttime will be a freeze, but rain stopped, so time to get the airbrush out. Building a Dutch Spitfire during "Politionele Acties" in Indonesia, 1947 / 1948.
  5. Hello experts. Has somebody examples of ladders used to enter a MIG-19 cockpit. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  6. What about the display? It really keeps me wondering why such a beautiful build has no landing gear. Or is there a trick you did not show until the finishing, which is near now. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  7. Thank you for the info. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  8. Hello. I wonder if someone can tell me what the cockpit interior colours are for a Mig-19? Serving the East Germany Airforce in the late Sixties. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  9. Bravo! A real stunner! Hats off for you. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  10. GAF stands for German Air Force. Ordnance list of German Marines (Marine Flieger) shows them. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  11. Hi. I came up to this question, because I saw those bombs on ordnance list for F-104 Starfighters of the GAF. Thanks for the reply. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  12. Thanks for the reply Exgbuloader. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  13. Hi everyone. From Videoaviation there are MK.83 bombs "slick" body available in 1/32 scale. From which era can i use them for a load out? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  14. R/Dutch you better go with an Oven cleaner, that will not attack the plastic and putty. It only removes the paint. Trust me. I had a model train completely losing all of it's detail while stripping with thinner. I use HG Oven Cleaner, foam on and let it do the job. Will get a bit slippery and wear some hand protection (bites a bit). Wash thoroughly with soapy water and it's clean for another try. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  15. Thank you all for the information. The response is always amazing from this forum. Now wait for the book to come to door. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  16. Thanks a lot John. This was the table I was looking for. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  17. About the Rocket Science, what is the formula to scale that up? I'm a Beta guy, so need some help with that.😎 Kind regards, Robert Jan
  18. Thanks for the link to DACO Publications. Checked the reviews so it's on my purchase for October. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  19. Hi all, I want to build a 1/32 scale F-104G Starfighter. Where can I find 1/32 scale drawings, as I want to re-scribe the fuselage and wings? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  20. I like the way you stick to your thrusted equipment. Hope you get the part replaced! Just another level of awe you put to this magnificent build, instruction, masterclass! Kind regards, Robert Jan
  21. Have to copy Joel! Micro Midgets in shifts, hope you pay them a good salaryπŸ˜ƒ I used to do 1/87 scale train, building loco's. Now having trouble seeing 1/48 scale without magnification. Hats off! Kind regards, Robert Jan
  22. You scared me 😱, as like here we go again. πŸ˜…. Admire your work, I'm hooked to this scale, performed by people still having the sight to do. Learn a lot from you, to access practical issues like size, dimensions and scaling. Great job and presentation. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  23. Regarding Imgur, no problems, access within seconds. (what a relief) Robert Jan
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