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  1. Will stop that. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  2. Thanks Jari. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  3. Forgot about the photos, I get old... Noº 1 Noº2 Kind regards, Robert Jan
  4. Hello, I saw some real nice photos during lunch time over the last couple of weeks. I totally fel in love with the F-4 family of the Iranian Air force. 2 photos I have questions about. First one is about the practise bomb dispenser. What type is this? Second question is about the shark mouth. Looks like an almost universal design... Is it? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  5. Hello. Anyone own this kit and give me some info on the decal sheet provided with the kit. Are stencils provided for the pylons on this sheet. Seems to be a very large and complete sheet. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  6. Hello, For business reasons, we are in the middle of a big project, after 2 weeks I'm still kept away from my modelling. No focus and deployed with lots of other stuff, keeping me away from my hobby. Project is so to say on hold, hope to get some bench time as from September. So no cancelling of the project, work, work, work. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  7. That is absolutely fab. Great work! Admire your skills. I'm learning.... Kind regards, Robert Jan
  8. Hi Gary, When will the outer pylons for F-4's be on stock again at Sprues Brothers. Desperately waiting... Kind regards, Robert Jan
  9. Hello Matt, Iranian Airforce ordered in four batches during 1967 & 1968. Straight productions models, identical to the USAF. So regular MB Mk.7 seats. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  10. From pricing their WOII Acs it will be around $160.00 up to $200.00 I guess(hope its less).
  11. Hi Ben, It didn't make to any exhibition so far, like they did with the Lancaster, so indeed fingers crossed for 2019 to announce this beauty, I hope. Then will take another year to release it I assume, so I can finish my current builds😎. Just got my compressor back. Tomorrow I'm in airbrush business again. will speed up some works I've collected in my cabinets. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  12. Wish someone would do this in 1/32 scale. That would be the event of the year in happy modelling land.
  13. Hi all, In my search on the web I suddenly ran into this. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1134050-hk-models-01e11-phantom-fg-1 If this is true, it would be great! Checked HK Models site and found no history of this article so far. Anyone seen this before? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  14. Like that! http://www.airliners.net/index/aircraft-types/McDonnell-Douglas-F-4-Phantom-II/McDonnell-Douglas-F-4D-Phantom-II/8627/33935/4 https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/04/29/560063/Iran-F4-fighter-plane-Army-IRGC-Defense-Minister-Amir-Hatami http://www.iiaf.net/f4/ Have fun! Kind regards, Robert Jan
  15. Comply with that, I was pretty amazed yesterday evening. Now just follow it's travelling across the USA of many Airports, scanning from places I never would have dreamed off. Always big fun to see how inefficient USPS works, before it gets on a plane to it's destination. (Yes I know my Logistics principles are pretty advanced).😬 Kind regards, Robert Jan
  16. Wauw! That's cool! I can finally build a decent Mirage F-1 as from 2019. Still have the original presentation from 1974, I assume, because it is mentioned in the folder this bird will be available as from 1975. Been travelling all over the world with me this nice document. Sorry for the bad pictures taken, will scan the complete folder tomorrow at the office and post in it's full 1974 shades of French colours. Looking forward to the release of this kit. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  17. Thanks Tony for confirmation. In two weeks I guess the set will be in Thailand. Very curious to see what I ordered. Purchased at Victory Models USA, within two hours it was posted, so thumps up for this shop. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  18. Matt Walker, I can't wait for the weekend to come and having a real go with this project. Saturdays & Sundays are my modelling days! Rest of the week it is work that sucks the energy out of me in this tropical environment called Thailand. Peter, thanks for looking in, will give it a real go this weekend. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  19. Hi Ben, Thanks again for the clear explanation. I saw this set, thought about it, as there were only 3 left, when I came home, the one in my shopping cart was the only one left. Lucky me, it's on it's way. Will have to make a mould of this particular set I think. Been looking a long time to purchase this one, never got lucky as 'sold out' came up, everywhere i looked. This brings me another step closer to build a 1/32 IRIAF F-4 D mentioned in my other thread about the Flap / Slat issue with F-4 D's. Only thing now is that I have to cut out the 'Inboard LE flaps". I guess when down
  20. Hello all. I need some information about 'Wolfpack Design 1/32 F-4 Hard Wing flaps down set Tamiya - WP 32024'. When I read the description, this is set is applicable for F-4 E/ E/J. Early 'E' and 'E/J' right? First F-4"E's had the hard wing, later the airframe was changed and wings got the 'slats'. Is the 'hard wing' actually the same as from F-4 'C & D's? Hope to get some information on this. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  21. Thanks for looking in Major Walt, can't wait for the weekend to come and having a real go with this project. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  22. Hi all. Decided to leave my F-4 D in 1/32 on the shelf for a while. Start a new project to get a fresh start in modelling F-4 D Phantoms, which are my favourite. The subject: I bought 2 Academy kits which will be transformed in to these colourful birds. Loads of pictures from Airliners.net to dig in, so I'm hopeful. All AM is on my desk for the kits to give it correct shape. Decals come from FCM and Print Scale. Intention is to build a bird from the IRIAF as well as from the earlier IIAF. This weekend I made a start with the wings and fuselag
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