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  1. Hello. Just found a photo on airliners.net showing a "F-4D Dowran" with the typical white fin on the fuselage spine. Photo taken at Mehrabad Airport Teheran in 2012. It has received two artworks (which are seen on its engines air intakes) after its fully modernization program. Iranian Air Force is last operator of the Phantom II type in the world, all of its handful F-4Ds are all gathered in 101st Tactical Fighter Squadron in 10th Tactical Fighter Base "Konarak". IRIAF has planned to do this life etxtension project on all of its F-4Ds , which is allowing them to remain in service until 2
  2. Hi Uwe. These are nice links with some information about the IIAF & IRIAF and their F-4's. http://www.scramble.nl/orbats/iran/airforce http://www.iiaf.net/f4/ Interesting stuff. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  3. Hello Uwe, 2005 I think was the year they made the pictures. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  4. What caught my attention is the AN-ALQ 120. Any information on the AN-ALQ 120 is very welcome. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  5. Well it is not killing my dream LOL. I just saw this for the first time. Never knew a 'hard wing design' had a moveable leading edge. What I can think of it must have a speed reducing function or is there a better explanation? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  6. Hello Phantom, Nice to see this airframe from the seventies. Did you go for aftermarket on this one, in particular the radome? Better ask, is this a D or converted J? Found out that the Print Scale decal has a wrong Buro Number for the 3-602. They come up with 67 14370 instead of 67 14870, which is correct. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  7. The Buro Number 3-6713 is available on a FCM decal sheet by the way, but In already decided to go with the one I ordered from Print Scale for my 1/48 build. But it is very tempting to order another decal sheet from TECHMOD, because they do also a F-4D with no chin pod in 1/32, (that is exactly the part that set my Vietnam F-4D build on a hold, because I ruined that piece). Also found this nice piece of artwork: The airframe with the LORAN is cool. The RHAW version is very rare, only 4 were deployed. SUU23A goes under the first 2 blocks 35 & 36 as delivered from Septemb
  8. Here we go: The above F-4D is such a beauty, worth building in 1/32 or 1/48. I love those subjects. Same airframe, look how clean she looks even after so many years in service. With slatted wings. For the last picture, just watch the white antenna. This airframe is, I think a total new F-4D concept from the eighties and captured flying, i think in 2005 over Teheran. Bro Numbers are not visible anymore. From the other pictures you can see they are still there, Left hand side is English, right hand side Persian. Registration of the a
  9. Hi Ben, What I was thinking about, you read minds? There is some creative deviation involving block 37 & 38. Will carry my reference in to Imgur and post them here. Wait for it as they say. It has a reason why they suddenly appear. change of powers and development. I found a F-4 modelling geek site who did a conversion from a J to a D. Changed the cockpit and voila, an almost 100% Iranian D. Like I said, takes a few moments to upload etc.. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  10. Hi Ben, This quote comes from F-4.nl:" With the overthrow of the Shah in 1979 by the Islamic fundamentalist revolution, the shipment of spare parts for Iranian Phantoms was embargoed, and many planes had to be cannibalized to keep others flying". Serial numbers of the F-4D's delivered: 67-14869/14876 McDonnell F-4D-35-MC Phantom (for Iranian AF) 67-14877/14884 McDonnell F-4D-36-MC Phantom (for Iranian AF) 68-6904/6911 McDonnell F-4D-37-MC Phantom (for Iranian AF) 68-6912/6919 McDonnell F-4D-38-MC Phantom (for Iranian AF) So I guess modification by Iranians. Very interesting
  11. Hello all, Just looking closer at pictures I found of the F-4D that caught my attention, I discovered they had slatted wings. How very rare! Very interesting also. Never seen this before. anyone having a clue on this particular version? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  12. Hello Diego, Thanks for looking in Diego, appreciated. Did some more research today and I found out a lot. Thanks for mentioning the chin pod. From a decal sheet by Print Scale I can build 2 versions without and they have the LGBs as load indeed. But Artwork I found show a F-4D from the 7th TFB based in Shiraz in 1976, with RHAW chin and Paveway 1 load. Looks the part, so options. Comes up another question though; did the F-4 D's ever get a cockpit update? Or, what AM resin cockpit is to be used for the 1976 F-4Ds, early or late version? Knowing they had full support & su
  13. Hello Ben, Thanks for the reply, very useful already. Did some search for AM and the XMM seamless intakes look very interesting. Too bad that Hypersonic Models is still offline. The 48ers don't have the replacements for mentioned tail section in which Academy failed, neither from Royale Resin. So will have to wait for that. How is the quality of the exhausts Academy provide with the kit, is it worth to replace them with resins? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  14. Hello Phantoms Wizards. Anybody of you out there have some good reference for building an accurate IRIAF F-4 D? Which is the best kit to choose, what are the differences with USAF F-4 D Phantoms? Picked up a Academy F-4 C Phantom II. Is this the same story, when converting to just change the cockpit with a Resin AM? My 1/32 scale build of a D is on hold, screwed up and have some major failures to restore, which makes me want to build something else while waiting for the spirit to solve those issues. Any information that helps me finding my way in to this subject is ve
  15. Hi. Found the "Polly Grey" decals. They are on the sheet that goes with the first release of the Italeri F-104G kit. Thought AM was an option but could not find anything so far. So if there are people out there, who did not use this decal and are willing to share / sell it? On the other hand it is a long way to go before I need it, so other options may come. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  16. Hi ALF. Thanks for your comment. I decided to go with the Tamiya because the Revell kit has the incorrect nose issue, to straight from what others experienced and write about it The canon seems to be a problem too. So the Tamiya it will be, just want to avoid to much surgery on such critical areas. From what I have learned from building blogs over the last years, is that the F-4E has it's issues too, but mostly on the level of flatten raised panels, adding new and filling panel lines. Surgery is almost nil, except for the wings when adding the detail of slats in forward/down position. There a
  17. I copy Mr. Matt Foley on this. Fantastic detailed build. Looking forward to see the next update. Cheers, Robert Jan
  18. Hello all. This is the start of the first Phantom I'm going to build on this particular site. I come from The Netherlands and when I was young, those big birds were flying right over our school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Phantoms! From what I remember above our town Groenlo they started the low fly zone to their shooting on Vlieland in the north of the Netherlands. I have chosen the 37+65 bird because I saw a photo with "Polly Grey" on the tail. Leeuwarden squadron always had this bird as their Insignia and is a 'sister unit of the JG71 'Richthofen'. Purchased the ADL 008 -
  19. One candy that is.... Kind regards, Robert Jan
  20. Hi. I am looking for decals for ordnance. Aftermarket for 1/48 scale seems to be overloaded with decal sets for ordnance. What about 1/32 scale. Is there any AM company that brings decal sets for Mk. 82. I don't want to buy a weapons set like Trumpeter A. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  21. Most enjoyable what I have seen over the last months, to see this gorgeous lady coming alive. Truly amazing! Fantastic paint and weathering! Hats off for you Sir! Kind regards, Robert Jan
  22. Hi Gary, Great news! Thanks for the quick reply. Will have to wait but that's ok. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  23. Hi Gary. Are the outboard pylons in 1/32 scale for F-4 Phantoms still available, or perhaps planned for a re-stock at Sprue Brothers in the nearby future? Would be great if so. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  24. Hello. I found a drawing of a launcher for the F-15. Can I assume this would be a build-in launcher for the AMRAAM 120? (or something like this was installed in de back launchers of the F-4F). If so, does anyone have a more detailed picture, most likely from an F-15, model or the real thing, so I can replicate this. If not, what is the accurate launcher? Kind regards, Robert Jan
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